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Take Away
coffeeshop Haarlem
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Freewheelin' Franklin from UK. Sent 19 Jan 2008.
Is this place now called the 'Take Away'? Looked like a handy kind of place for a quick purchase for the Dutchman on the go. Our pockets were stuffed however so nothing sampled.
Epsilon from USA. Sent 21 Jul 2004.
Small neighborhood shop on the outer ring of the Centrum, maybe a 5-10 minute walk from the Grote Markt. Fussball table, friendly. Comfy table or two. Music at decent volume. Give it a smile for friendliness, though decor not particularly inspiring.
The Edinburgensians from Scotland. Sent 15 Dec 2003.
Small shop on a street corner, with a clean, mainly white-tiled interior and only a few tables, but a large liking for banging house music in all its forms. A Photoplay is the only other feature of note, apart from the friendly staff.