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De Muze

coffeeshop Tilburg
De Muze
coffee shop De Muze, Tilburg, Noord Brabant for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, Facebook, reviews, map, inside view, picture
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Reviews of De Muze Number of Positive Reviews 9 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Jesscass. Visited March 2018. Sent 8 Mar 2018.
One of my favourites in town! Very friendly Moroccan guys there always had something nice on and it was great to see not much changed there in the meantime. Bright place providing about 20 seats. They are more focussed on grass than hash but latter one isn't that bad but there are better options in town. They offer around six to seven sorts of wiet and hasj each. My mate got some boring Amnesia for 12€/g and it was quite good for such an overly available strain. Also looked at their best Moroccan Honing (10€/g) but even though looked nice enough I didn't indulge. Always worth a look here!
Positive Review Big J from Belgium. Sent 14 Feb 2011.
Friends of mine told me to go for the Super Silver Haze, well after trying it out I've got to say that it taste nice but you can let the super behind, maybe I had some bad luck. The buds could be even more dryer and I think that would have done the job, on the other hand their Killerqueen was great. The shop was for a part under construction.
Positive Review Ganja-X from Belgium. Sent 23 Feb 2010.
The best shop in Tilburg (it's like Dampkring in Amsterdam).
Negative Review A dude from Belgium. Sent 20 Sep 2009.
This shop seemed to be closed when we arrived (discontinued?)
Positive Review Ganja-X from Belgium. Sent 9 Jul 2009.
Really one of the best coffeeshops in Tilburg. The staff is always nice to everyone, to regular customers as well as to tourists. They have a large menu with very nice weeds on it like: Moonflower, Jack Here, Santa Maria, White Widow, Misty and lots more. The normal weeds cost from 7.5€ up to 8€ / gram the haze weeds are more expensive! If you buy there you should try their Jack, Misty and Moonflower, they are just amazing good. The other weeds there are good as well, hash i can't tell because I never buy hash. If you buy for 25euro then you get free filter and smokingpapers! Nice if you ask me. The dealer there is always prepared to help you out even if you ask to see the weeds that no problem! It a nice coffeeshop on the outside as well as on the inside, all do it a small shop but that is compensated by the service and weeds. Really blowers this is number there in the list of best shops in Tilburg! 1 Grass Company 2 Toermalijn 3 Muze.
Positive Review Fred from Belgium. Sent 13 Jan 2009.
They always have been very nice people. Easy & correct bags of weed and the cheapest Maroc hash there is! Awesome shop. Very close to the bus & train station. Very good weed!
Positive Review Skabouter from Belgium. Sent 11 Sep 2008.
A small, dark shop, but worth a visit! A real nice choice, with weed like Misty (8€/g gets you relaxed stoned), Jack Herrer (7,5€/g excellent quality), and every haze on the chart (like Super Silver, Demolition, NY Diesel) makes you first real high, and then you get stoned as hell! However, they always have Spoetnik as a deal (3g for 15€). This is a rip off! That Spoetnik is the worst hash I ever smoked. The guy behind the counter is real nice, and the drinks aren't expensive either! Also, you can play chess and backgammon.
Positive Review Lewis from Wales. Sent 31 Aug 2008.
Old-school, dark and functional - deliberately so, I think. Not a tourist or big group place, but everyone was friendly. As for weed, a decent selection of all the old classics. Jack Herrer was fine, did the job, don't remember the cost though. Has a pinball machine but was on the blink.
Neutral Review Barry from Belgium. Sent 19 Jan 2008.
Good weed for a fair price. The drinks aren't very expensive either. If I recall correctly they have rotan chairs, which are not that comfortable too sit in for a longer period of time. Very friendly people behind the counter. Indifferent.
Positive Review Quzem from Belgium. Sent 21 Apr 2007.
This shop came highly recommended from all my friends, I also recommend it. It's only 10 minutes walking distance from the train station. The interior is a bit dark, but not in a threatening "basement" way; rather cozy. The music was pleasant at an appreciable level - not too soft, not too hard. The vendor was very friendly, polite and helpful. They don't have too much choice, some weed and some hash. Still, it's satisfactory. They have sorts like Super Silver Haze, K2, etc. They always have some special offer, for example their Spoetnik hash is always on offer (3g for 15 euro! very cheap price for a great, quality hash). I got a complimentary joint smoking kit, rolling paper and a booklet of filter papers!
Positive Review Matt from USA. Visited 23/05 - 02/06. Sent 12 Jun 2005.
Just spent two weeks with friends in Tilburg and smoked here several times. Nice and roomy, which seems the norm for Tilburg coffeehouses. Smoke was comparable in price and quality to the other shops in town, which means quite a bit cheaper than Amsterdam. The wait staff was friendly, rather energetic, and served a decent Coffee Verkeerd. Not much of a theme going on, just a comfortable place to hang out.