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New Comments 16/1/2021 - 16/1/2022
23 Dec 2021: Someone wrote about Coffeeshop 010 Rotterdam.
21 Nov 2021: Ben from Ireland wrote about Noon Amsterdam, Greenhouse Centrum Amsterdam.
18 Nov 2021: Freinetard from France wrote about The Pink Eindhoven.
23 Oct 2021: Vinc from Netherlands wrote about Jamaica Den Helder.
18 Oct 2021: Smokeze from Netherlands wrote about Purple Vlissingen.
10 Oct 2021: Unknown from Germany wrote about Miami Enschede.
27 Sep 2021: Someone wrote about Ankara Emmen.
04 Sep 2021: AS50_big_mac wrote about Sharon Enschede.
03 Sep 2021: Jesscass wrote about Aarden Vlissingen, Demo The Hague, Purple Vlissingen, Fly II The Hague.
25 Aug 2021: Radar from France wrote about Atlas Amsterdam.
21 Aug 2021: Frank from USA wrote about De Bommel Amsterdam.
25 Jun 2021: Someone wrote about Kinky Corner Bergen op Zoom.
27 Apr 2021: Jim From Surrey from UK wrote about The Other Place Amsterdam.
25 Apr 2021: Someone from Netherlands wrote about Asilah Dordrecht.
22 Apr 2021: Jesscass wrote about Het Binnenhof Zwolle.
25 Mar 2021: Paul from Netherlands wrote about Casa Zoetermeer.
19 Mar 2021: Someone wrote about Cool Eindhoven.
08 Mar 2021: Someone wrote about Eastwood Amsterdam.
02 Mar 2021: Someone wrote about Groenewoud Leiden.
14 Feb 2021: Jesscass wrote about Caza Tilburg.
05 Feb 2021: Jesscass wrote about Maashaven Rotterdam, Charlois Rotterdam, Boere Schuurtje The Hague, Happy Days Hoensbroek, Countdown Rotterdam, Space Ball The Hague, De Grasspriet Rotterdam, Moonlight The Hague, Kings-Town Rotterdam, Inpetto Rotterdam, Skunk Roermond, Sky Roermond, Space Rotterdam, Sultan Rotterdam, Out of Time's Puck Rotterdam, New York Rotterdam, Bilbao Rotterdam, Ras-Elma Rotterdam.