coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Noon Number of Positive Reviews 40 Number of Neutral Reviews 6 Number of Negative Reviews 3
Positive Review Ben from Ireland sent 21 Nov 2021
Top coffeeshop, friendly staff, nice vibes. 3G of Blueberry for €25 it was great smoke. Will be back.
Positive Review Alex from UK sent 23 Nov 2017
Spent a few days in a row from morning till lunch time. I found it to be quite my vibe with the coffee shop being more 50/50 locals/tourist for a nice balance. I felt like at home simple as that to make the long story short. Smoked some of the best flavours in there but my vote goes for Vodoo Haze. Probably the best coffee shop in Amsterdam for many reasons you just have to find it!
Positive Review Degs from UK sent 3 Feb 2016
Great shop. Me and my mates spent 5 hours here. Great bud, great hash.
Positive Review Davy Kushman from USA sent 28 Jul 2015
Very friendly staff and very laid back atmosphere. It was a bit loud in there because there were some Dutch guys chatting with the budtender but it was fun. It has the vibe of a local place. Their Blueberry 4 gram deal is the best! Great smoke just before the Rijks museum!
Positive Review Marcel from Netherlands sent 9 Aug 2011
One of the better shops in Amsterdam with great quality strains, and great discounts when buying in large amounts. Their Blueberry at €23 for 4 grams remains one of the best deals you can find, their Amnesia at €8 a gram is the best of its kind, and their S5 Haze at €12 a gram is one of the greatest buds I have ever smoked. Recommended.
Positive Review Dim from Greece sent 13 Apr 2010
Sympathetic coffee, worth a visit, good quality with reasonable prices. Blueberry was good but nothing special.
Positive Review Laughing Buddha from UK sent 5 May 2009
Amazing little coffeeshop! Only managed to visit once on our visit. Bought a gram of their famous Blueberry for 9/E which they weight out in front of you. This stuff was top notch. Baked me out so much the guy behind the bar commented on the state of my eyes haha. Nice vibe, few locals chilling which is always a good sign. Go to this coffeeshop =] 10/10
Positive Review Tyler H from USA visited June 07; sent 4 Feb 2008
This place was decent cant really complain. I picked up their rendition on Blueberry which was not very Blueberryish but it was still a good smoke worth the price. Got really faded then walked out to go to the next place as it was just average.
Positive Review Kokoshka from USA sent 10 Nov 2007
It was reasonably close to my hotel and I wanted to check out their Blueberry. The proprietor was businesslike and polite. The place didn't look too inviting however, dark and quite packed with Rastas. I purchased 2 grams of Blueberry Haze @ 10 E each. Later learned it was the Blueberry non-haze I really wanted, ant took it back to my hotel. Avoid the hazes unless you're ready to call it a day and go mindless for several hours.
Positive Review Stoner Association from UK sent 9 Nov 2007
By unanimous decision this was by far the best coffee shop in this part of AmsterDamaged. They are tourist friendly, even to us Brits, which we found to be rare. Try the Blueberry Haze!
Positive Review Dave from UK sent 17 Jun 2007
This is one of my favourites, there's a young bloke serving and sometimes an older fella who were both sound as. Got the Blueberry Haze it was my second spliff since getting there and my best smoking experience ever! Really sweet and happy high. Also went back one night and chilled in there watching Southpark. Brilliant!
Positive Review Lizard King and Ginger from UK sent 7 Apr 2007
This is definitely the place to visit for an exceptional toke. 4 grams of Blueberry for 23e. Dark and v smoky. Perfect the weed was so good, we were left wanting more. The dealer was polite and easy going - perfect for the non drinker. Gorgeous teas from all around. Worth trekking to see. 10/10
Positive Review Got lost in Adam (s+f) from Germany sent 9 Oct 2006
This year we had been in this shop the first time. We only were there for "shopping", because we had no time to stay, but the shop seemed quite comfortable with a lot of TVs. In the evening many people were there and watched an English film with Dutch subtitle. The dealer was very friendly and the hash and weed - wow - we were surprised! We bought Blue Berry a pretty good weed (very cheap - 5g/23€) and Blue Berry Skuff (6€/g). The Skuff was great: a long, long, strong - very strong high (after an attack of long, extreme coughing). Nearly the best we smoked this summer in A'dam. You should visit the shop and try to get it!
Positive Review Courtjester from USA sent 15 Aug 2006
Two things stood out to us. One, the 5G/E23 Blueberry special simply is not to be missed, excellent weed at a price impossible to find elsewhere. Two, Mahmoud, who is one of the budtenders, was one of the friendliest people we met anywhere during our trip. He's from Egypt, visited Amsterdam 25 years ago with three friends, discovered the freedom of the cannabis culture, married a Dutch girl, raised a family, and never left. Neither did his three friends. We went to The Noon three times for the Blueberry special and saw Mahmoud twice. On the second occasion, he pulled out the biggest Blueberry bud he had, tossed on a small one to flesh out to 5G, and forked it over. Too cool. Our picture with Mahmoud is one of our treasured personal possessions from Amsterdam. He said 80 percent of the weed sold here is Blueberry!
Positive Review Rayman, Nat, Pykee & Stace from UK sent 17 Oct 2005
We were cautioned earlier in the week by a safe guy from Barney's about how some coffeeshops were passing off some 'Melon Haze' type stuff as Blueberry but told us to check out Noon for the real deal, he wasn't lying! Along with phat bud came a really sound guy behind the counter who we chatted with. When we asked if we could use a bong he passed us 1 of many beautiful colourful glass bubblers but as always we had our own homemade 1, with which he was surprisingly impressed with! The menu wasn't massive but it was packed with quality bud and hash, I tried some Honey Hash from there and it was sweet!
Negative Review Steve from USA sent 3 Apr 2005
Felt uncomfortable here. Dark, smoky, and a bit dirty. Blueberry joint was worthless.
Neutral Review Stephen and Sonja from USA visited Mar 14; sent 21 Mar 2005
We purchased the Blueberry and went to the back of the shop to twist one up until we noticed what appeared to be vomit on the bench seat adjacent to us. We left immediately. The dealer seemed pretty friendly, however. The Blueberry was nice, but I would not go out of my way to return to the Noon. Dirty shop.
Positive Review Andy from UK visited 27-30 Jan; sent 13 Feb 2005
Loved Noon, Noonshine & Blueberry were ace.
Neutral Review TrippingOverGod from UK sent 6 Feb 2005
Small with good bud, but had a feeling like we weren't that welcome - quite a local clientele. Great White Melon though, and were playing some awesome classic hiphop and had a surprising painting on the back of the door, but not a comfortable enough atmosphere to really relax in.
Positive Review Naman from USA visited Jan 05; sent 8 Jan 2005
This is a great place to drop into before or after trips to the art museums. Had the classic Blueberry one trip - always good. Bought half a gram of Noon Shine our second trip in. Far and away the best hash of the trip. Rich, deep taste and a mind splattering high. This is a comfortable shop to lounge in especially the front window area. Our friends have had difficultly finding this shop. Here are a couple of insights to go along with Lemming's map: From the front of the Rijksmuseum (facing the canal) cross and walk over two major streets Stadhouderskade and Weteringschans. Look for a modern art gallery on the corner of Weteringschans. Turn left after the art gallery onto Zieseniskade. Noon is on your left a few buildings down from the corner.
Positive Review Luke from UK sent 7 Jan 2005
The atmosphere varied, sometimes feeling more hospitable than others, but always relaxed and polite. Full of locals, playing chess/cards etc most of the time. They do like their TV, however there's much to see here as the decor is really wonderful and the music is very chilled.
Neutral Review John & Jo from England sent 19 Dec 2004
My wife thought that the guy was a little pushy with the weed menu, but he seemed ok to me. Bought some Blueberry for 7 euros which was really good. Quite relaxed with comfy seating, mainly locals in there. Slightly out of the way, down from the Leidseplein but worth a visit.
Positive Review Jul-Kev-Stev from France visited 22-26 Nov; sent 1 Dec 2004
A little place near the museum quarter! First visit in this little shop, and it was so great. They do have a great special - 5g of wonderful Blueberry for 23 euros or 2g for 11€, it's really a great deals cause Blueberry is very good and strong! We loved Blueberry, great taste! We test their Noonshine hash for 15€ 1g - oh oh crazy Nederhash & for this price you can buy it! You don't loose your money for these product but it's not for the novice.
Positive Review Bear from USA sent 13 Nov 2004
The Blueberry was excellent. This is not a coffeeshop that I would really care to hang out at, it's a bit too small and smoky. All the same, the excellent weed quality is more than enough reason to return.
Positive Review Rob from USA visited 1-10 Oct '04; sent 12 Oct 2004
Not hard to find if you have the ACD map! First place we visited, as it was right near our hotel. They do have a great special - 5g of Blueberry for 23 euros, but 5g of Blueberry is quite a lot, and I ended up carrying it around for days! So strong, so very tasty. Tried White Melon, too, tasted great, burned my brain a little, in a good way! Top notch weed, totally local place, dealer was friendly and let us borrow a bong, two thumbs way up.
Positive Review Damien from USA sent 8 Sep 2004
This place was cool. We were the only American's in the place. Everyone was speaking Dutch. I ordered the famed Blueberry and it didn't disappoint. Best tasting weed in Amsterdam. I wanted try their "Noonshine" (Nederhash made from Blueberry) but it was 50 euros a gram. Ouch. Great shop, two thumbs up!
Positive Review Chris from British Columbia sent 18 Aug 2004
One of the top 5 coffeeshops that you must visit in the Dam. I love it because it's out of the tourist area, for the most part. It's a coffeeshop full of interesting locals. Their prices are very fair, and their product is always above satisfactory. Especially the infamous Blueberry Bud. Their other buds, which include many "fruity buds", are very good. I never purchased hash here because in my opinion, it is a grass only place. Many people complain about this place because it isn't tourist friendly, or anything special. If you don't act like a tourist and just enjoy the Noon for what it is, you can meet great locals in there and get all the insider tips. A small coffeeshop to chill in a nice area of town, with great coffee and juice. Just a relaxing atmosphere. Cant get much better than this, can it?!
Positive Review Stella from Canada sent 10 May 2004
I would just like to mention how much enjoyed the Noon coffeeshop and perhaps clear its name after that last review! Flea bites?! Come on. I spent some quality time on those comfy cushions this past April '04 and came home flea-free! I made Noon my little morning grass, coffee and orange juice HQ for about a week. Very nice to stop by at about 10am to get a good head start on my day in the city! There are hostels close to Vondelpark and the Noon shop is nice and close. I guess if people are looking for "better" service, they should find some McCoffeeshop somewhere. At Noon the Blueberry was nice indeed, the staff were friendly, they played some excellent DVDs and music, they would always let me select from their little shelf of glass bongs. The fresh OJ is the best I found, and the cheapest.
Positive Review Mr-Internet 47 from England sent 19 Apr 2004
Staff ok (mainly he was too stoned to care) no tourists only locals talking Dutch (probably about the oldy me) so who cares. Got flea bites from cushions (bummer). But was rolled a joint of Blueberry (with filter paper end nice touch) I was so disappointed as it was a wee bit harsh not great tasting and I thought lousy weed then...BLAM! I had to settle my bill and run out the door I was so stoned leaving half a joint of lovely Blueberry. Though I have smoked more than my weight in dope in my lifetime, I was out of my depth and out of practice. I can't wait to go back...
Positive Review Mike from USA visited Mar 04; sent 27 Mar 2004
Convenient if you're near the museums. I tried the Blueberry, my buddy tried the NYC Diesel. The Blueberry was okay. I liked the Diesel a lot better. It truly does taste just like it smells. They had the best OJ in town. The comfy couch seating is pretty cool too. Great bud, funny looking stoned-ass dealer, and decent tunes, what else do you need? Our only problem was that we got too stoned to go to the museums!
Positive Review DJ Keck from Spain sent 6 Jan 2004
The best weed is the White Melon exclusive from there.
Positive Review George from Greece sent 6 Jan 2004
A nice little coffeeshop located in a very calm street. When I went in I saw mostly Dutch people, who were smoking and chilling in a very relaxed atmosphere. The seats were very soft and comfortable and the buddha, dragon etc. decoration was very inviting. I bought the famous Blueberry and a crap that they called Thai (which reminded me of the Albanian weed we smoke mostly here in Greece). Overall I had a really nice time in there and I recommend a visit to those who will be passing nearby.
Positive Review Anon. sent 4 Dec 2003
The picture above does not do it justice. Inside is a really cool place, maybe a bit small but the seats are totally soft and laid out amazingly, also the Blueberry was amazing I had to have five grams and smoke all of it within a day. By far my favourite place of all.
Positive Review Gunns from USA sent 27 Oct 2003
I was treated to wonderful service, great Blueberry, and surprisingly great coffee. I was very comfortable there. When I sat down to smoke and drink my coffee the owner lit the candle on my table and made sure the volume on the TV was right. Everything was perfect there. SO I don't understand why you gave them a 75% rating. It should be higher that at least a 90%. It was much more welcoming than a lot of coffeeshops that got better ratings. I went to about 30-40 coffeeshops and this one of my favorites and the Blueberry is my favorite weed in Amsterdam.
Positive Review Mikko from USA sent 24 Jul 2003
The High Noon is a modest looking coffee shop from the outside, but ask anyone and they will tell you that the High Noon is the place to buy Blueberry buds in Amsterdam. And boy are they right! After looking over the menu and taking a whiff of the container my hand gravitated towards one specific big sticky bud... I knew I had to have it. I asked the barkeep to throw it on the scale and hit me up for whatever the damage is... at which point he enlightened me by suggesting I get the 5 gram/23 euro High Noon Special. I took his suggestion eagerly, and didn't regret it once. Although the bud was a little too sticky to roll pure joints out of, it tasted fantastic out of the wonderful glass bongs they have for general use. The taste was rich and fruity, and the high was more intense than some more "chill" strains but not too much as to totally incapacitate you, even after several rounds of bong-hits. I didn't try any of the other weed they had but we bought 2 different kinds of hash, super Afghani for a friend back home and a nice smelly dark Moroccan (can't remember the exact name) for ourselves. The atmosphere is chill, friendly, the music isn't too loud and they definitely offered the most comfortable seating in the form of a wrap-around sofa that took up most of one wall. The High Noon was also conveniently located very close to vondelpark, where we were staying, making it too easy to stop there first thing every day for some bong hits and cold fanta before we ventured into the city. Not the absolute best for quality of bud, but overall one of my favorite coffeeshops and the Blueberry is worth trying.
Positive Review Jeremy from USA sent 15 Jul 2003
It took me forever to find this place. I don't know why but just couldn't get orientated in this part of the city. The best way to find it is to come over the Singelgracht from the Rijksmuseum and take a left on the tiny alley; Ziebeniskade. You'll find it down about half a block on the left side of the canal.
It's fairly simple but cool inside. As you enter there is a dealer set up to the left with the bar having tables and chairs along the right side. There's some type of communal seating area at the rear just before you hit the restrooms. They have TV's suspended from the ceilings, which distracts from the overall effect somewhat. I mean this is the one place I would like to go without watching the tube.
Still it's the stuff you come here for and the stuff you'll get. I'm not a big fan of the "Blueberry" strain, but if you're looking for it, come here. They have the best variety of it in all of Amsterdam. It is a bit wet and sweet smelling and looks great. Personally I was forced to add some hash to the mix to get a good strong buzz. Their menu goes on and on like many others but everyone said go there for the "Blueberry" so I did.
Negative Review Professor Horsecollar from USA visited Jan. 2, 2003; sent 11 Mar 2003
Unfortunately, I concur with recent reviews. Major bad vibes. In five previous visits the staff was always very friendly, and the decor had been steadily improving. I wonder if this outfit has changed hands. This trip, the dealer was someone I had not seen before - and would just as soon not see again. Go there, score some Blueberry, enjoy it in more pleasant environs.
Positive Review Mark from USA sent 19 Feb 2003
After walking pass it three times, I found it. I had read the reviews, and made it a must see on the list. After looking at the menu, I ordered 1 gram of Blueberry for 7 Euros, it really lived up to the review, tasty, and colourful, About then a guy walked in and ordered 5 grams Blueberry for 23 Euros, the Noon special, this I said is the way to go, however I must say the guy at the booth was not very helpful, he acted like I don't care at all about anything, never offered the free bong hit, or told me about the free internet, one thing I can say for the good of all is, read the menus carefully, take your time, look for the best deal, many times they wont tell you anything, so don't jump at the first choice, and ask questions.
Neutral Review N_Mo from USA sent 27 Dec 2002
I went to the Noon while staying just behind the Rijksmuseum in a small family-owned hotel that only accepted cash!--try it, the Hotel Van de Kasteelen. While in Noon I thought about getting the special 5g of Blubrry for 25e's, but instead got a g or 2 of something else that was pretty good. Small and quiet, but definitely some oddballs popping in and around this place. Go here if in the area but avoid if just in the city.
Positive Review Zunki from UK via South Africa visited frequently; sent 15 Dec 2002
Really out of the way but worth the trip for the blueberry bud. The place itself very comfortable and a pleasant place to enjoy a smoke and soft drink.
Negative Review Dani from UK sent 14 Oct 2002
Provided us with some Blueberry - wasn't keen on either the grass or the place. I see that Blueberry has won lots of awards so this is obviously a personal opinion. Noon was full of some quite rough looking people at lunchtime. The guy behind the bar was very frinedly but I also got bitten on my leg by something extremely painful in there which put me off somewhat.
Neutral Review Nathan from Canada sent 8 Oct 2002
A good little place and the blueberry buds were nice, but the guy seemed like he didn't want us there at all. Bad vibes.
Positive Review Tom and Clairey from UK visited 9 - 12 Aug 2002; sent 14 Aug 2002
Decent lighting inside, very good deals, not very comfortable seating, great selection of weed and hash. The only reason we visited this coffeeshop was to try the highly rated BLUEBERRY weed. If you haven't yet tried the Blueberry weed then my friends you are badly missing out, this stuff puts the coffeeshop on the map.
Neutral Review Pedro from USA sent 26 Feb 2002
Very nice owner, good product although I was disappointed with the Blueberry. not as good as I had hoped.
Positive Review Holf from UK sent 21 Oct 2001
In particular, I was extrememly pleased with the Blueberry at Noon. It really is a wonderful smoke.
Positive Review Dank from USA
The Blueberry I bought there was out of sight. The high lasted longer than any weed I've ever smoked, and it was very trippy. The atmosphere is a little Spartan, but the staff and the locals there are very nice. The owner seemed to be a bit of a jerk, but I was there just after they opened, and the bartender said the owner is quite cranky in the morning. I met the guy that is constructing a lot of the interior--it sounds like the place will get much more hospitable in the future. I'll be back in a few weeks, so I'll find out what's been done. At any rate, I'd give the weed a 9.5/10, the staff & patrons a 9/10, and the atmosphere a 6/10. Definitely recommended.
Positive Review Professor Horsecollar from USA sent 2 Apr 2001
This is another hole-in-the-wall no-frills place that was standing room only midday Saturday. Their clientele was much younger than yours truly, and of the body-piercing and grunge persuasion. I went straight to the dealers pulpit and yes, they would be happy to bag up 10 guilders worth of Blueberry for me. Barkeep told me that it was a mostly local clientele but that owing to their proximity to the Leidseplein and the success of their Blueberry in the CC, they did a good tourist traffic too. And the Blueberry is definitely a champion. This is I guess the perfect smoke. We're talking colorful and happily-trippy, just the perfect false sense of well-being that we all crave. I would put the Blueberry from the NOON and the AK-47 from Greenhouse Centrum at the top of the heap and probably "as good as it gets".
Positive Review Ev from USA sent 6 Sep 2000
The Noon was just my kind of place. I'm 31 so maybe I'm slowing down a bit but they had a perfect atmosphere. They had smokes that I hadn't seen in 10 years. It is frequented mostly by Americans living in Amsterdam and native Amsterdamers. They were the only shop in Amsterdam carrying Blue Berry Bud and their Hash was superior. It was very quiet and not touristy.
Positive Review Mike and Lorna from UK
They were very welcoming and had a good choice, they were a bit 'tucked away'. It seems to be a place that's just starting out - but I could be wrong. It's quite small but cosy, it was candlelit when we visited, the music was quite chilled.