Noorderlight X

coffeeshop in Etten-Leur
Reviews of Noorderlight X Number of Positive Reviews 6 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 5
Positive Review Anon. from Belgium sent 6 Aug 2019
About the negative feedbacks on this place: the girl at the bar was very cute, I doubt she would be working here if the boss were handsy, just my 2 cents.
Positive Review Bassjunky from Belgium sent 2 Apr 2009
It's a nice shop and it was the first one to install a separate smoking-area (after the law of no smoking tobacco in public spaces). They have a nice choice in stuff. Recommendations: NLX (houseweed), Diesel, Special (hasj).
Positive Review PuffMaN from Belgium sent 27 Apr 2008
I can't believe I'm reading this :o this is my steady shop for over 2 years now and I have nothing to complain about! I have visited a lot of coffeeshops and I like this the most! All the indecent things I read here, I have seen none of them and I visit this shop 2 times in a week. The weed is from good quality, the reason it's a little more expensive is because its the only shop in town (won't u do that if u would be the only shop in town?) and the haze has difference, u are noobs if u say it's the same! There is a big difference! I surely recommend this shop, thumbs up!
Negative Review Ganja-X from Belgium sent 26 Feb 2008
Very bad coffeeshop, no service and they rip you off, the weed is of very low quality and sometimes really wet. The dealer is not friendly and is a fucking ass. Or maybe he likes getting fuckt at the ass :-) The police is looking out for people there too. So for the quality of your weed go to Azul Roosendaal!
Positive Review James from Wales sent 2 Jan 2008
This place was quite a cycle from where I was staying in Breda, but was definitely worth it! There is only 7/8 tables in here that can hold about 3 people on each, and a few seats at the service counter, but the staff are very friendly. They don't speak great English, but it's understandable as they are Moroccan (I think), and I can't speak Dutch, but we could communicate successfully! Tidy interior, and the selection of drinks is good. The weed menu is small but of good quality. I bought 4 grams of NLX for 32 euro, and 2 grams of El Paso for 20 euro. NLX - pure class! Rating: 9/10.
Negative Review Snelle-Ruf from Belgium sent 11 Oct 2007
This week on Monday we visited it! Once we were in this shop my two friends Exo-Girl and Dragon-Man told Ultimate their name at the shop. At this moment this guy called Ultimate (shop owner) comes to our table and starts to make problems for my friends! He told my friend that if they tell one more thing about his shop he will visit them at their home in Belgium and if they visit the shop they will get their ass kicked! After this incident we left his coffeeshop, but for me this is totally bullshit! This guy Ultimate is talking this way to a lady? What kind of an ass is he? Then there is the haze problem there the Amnezia, Maximum Haze, and Silver Haze are the same! Only the prices makes the difference!
Negative Review Dragon from Belgium sent 2 Oct 2007
Noorderlight x is a shop that is not good for the people! After more than a year of not visiting this shop we went back this week! Once there we bought 6 different kinds of weed, we order this: 15€ Amnezia 10€ the gram, 15€ Silver Haze 8.5€ the gram, 15€ El Paso Haze. We ordered three different kinds of haze and we pay a different price, and then when we smoked it they are all the same weed for a different price! All kinds of haze we have order are Amenezia haze! The other kinds of weed are good but not so good it can blast me. The dealer still is too stupid to understand the word respect for his visitors.
Neutral Review Ultimate, the shop's owner sent 27 Feb 2007
This shop stands for quality service good prices. We have 5 different kinds of haze: Maxxximum, Amnesia, El paso, Mexican, Silver Haze, priced from €8,50 to €12,50 and it's the bomb especially the Maxxximum and Amnesia. 4 different weed: NlX, Pepsi, White Widow and Noorderlight priced from €6 to €8. 9 different hashich from €5 to €10, the best hash my opinion is The Special. I don't understand why Dragon always has problem with this shop I come to this shop almost 5 years now and I most say Miami in Bergen op Zoom or Azul in Roosendaal or Africa in Tilburg or Catweazel in Tiel are nothing compared to this shop. You know what they did in December in Noorderlight X if you buy 4 grams of hash you get one gram for free I mean tell me one shop who did this to his customers. Exo-girl and Dragon come and visit Noorderlight X I promise you you wont be disappointed. I'm there almost every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday ask for me and I buy you a drink.
Negative Review Exo-Girl from Belgium sent 15 Dec 2006
If people are looking for a good shop to get your weed, this is not the place! Reason one: high prices. Reason two: quality of weed is not so good. Reason three: this fat guy that is the dealer and for what we know the boss, is not good for the people! This guy is never friendly and give always little bags of weed. And that's not all! Some time with female visitors this guy is not able to keep his hands to himself! One time this person was always talking about my boobs and ass and asked me if it was possible to feel my boobs! This is not a way of handling things with a lady. I told him to get lost and never will visit this shop again.
Negative Review Dragon-Man from Belgium sent 26 Nov 2006
In Etten-Leur there is only one coffeeshop and that is Noorderlight X. But we tell you blowers please don't visit this bad shop. The prices are very high and the weed is not that good. Their service is bad, the fat guy is never friendly and sometimes he will give you not what you asked for. This is the most bad shop we have ever been going to. And we will not visit this shop any more. So if you people are going there please stop putting your money where it's not respected! At 10 minutes you are in Breda and there you can go to Mediteranee or in Tilburg shop Pasha, and for Roosendaal go to Azull. The fat guy must learn that the customers are the boss and not him. Too fucking fat to listen to anyone or too fat to get his fat ass off his seat.
Positive Review Tenzo from Belgium sent 3 Jul 2006
The stuff is good but the prices are too high for some of the stuff (Silver Haze 10€, El Paso Haze 10€, Pepsi 7€, Nlx 6€, Noordelight 6€). The El Paso is the same as Super Haze and Ammezia Haze. The people there are friendly but don't expect to get more than 5 grams of weed. There is parking near the shop and a shoarma store. For people that are sick of Mediteranee, this is the right place to go. If you do visit this shop ask for the Pepsi or for the Silver Haze because these two are the best at this shop. You can find Etten-Leur Near Roosendaal. If you are coming in to Roosendaal take the highway going to Breda (A58) 10 minutes later you will see the sign Etten-Leur. When you are in Etten-Leur ask some one this is the only shop in this city so normally every one knows it.
Positive Review Nonkelwied from Belgium sent 18 Jun 2004
The only shop in this city! But for the only shop there it really is a joy to come there. If you come in to the shop first you got the bar where you get a drink (not requested). Then in the back of the shop is the window where you can get weed. Then you pick a weed out of the list they got and, trust me, you get really nice in this shop. €100 for 22 grams of weed and very friendly people. The stuff they got is excellent and includes NLX, Pepsi, Bio X, Super Skunk and Noorderlight. Top weed for a top shop! Please visit this shop! Superb cool stuff!