Taverne Oasis

coffeeshop in Groningen
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Positive Review Antti from Finland sent 23 Oct 2010
When it comes to the quality of the herb, Oasis is the absolute best in Groningen. It's situated a little walk away from downtown, but it's well worth the visit. The weed and hash comes in bags of 5€ or 12,50€ (apart from some special hashes that are sold by the gram) and there's a promotion on Fridays and Saturdays: three 5€ bags for 12,50€. The prices for bud are usually around 9€, but it's the best weed in town by a long shot. The selection of strains changes quite often and the mood and decor of the place is laid back. The area is small, but rarely full, and we found the music, in all its variety, to be very suitable to the tastes of any stoner. With great bud and a laid-back cafe atmosphere, Taverne Oasis should not be missed by any visitor to Groningen.
Positive Review Dim from Greece sent 13 Apr 2010
Small but great! One of the best all over Netherlands. Fine quality and very good prices for weed and hash. Excellent joints, friendly service, weekend offers! Top shop!
Positive Review John from Faroe Islands sent 4 Oct 2009
Great. Extremely good Haze and can get a weekend special and a weekspecial really cheap for the quality of the product. Great creedence music and small and cosy. Would be a great with a soft sofa in the corner instead of those old cinema chairs. and think someone smoked cigarettes and could sell weekend specials (6gram) at the time so it's really laid back. The service is really good and the shopkeepers smoke all the time and bothered to ring for a taxi for me when they closed :) also tried the prerolled Orange Blossom but didn't really feel anything because I was bombed after the incredibly strong Haze I smoked a cpl. of hours ago.
Positive Review Hundekotze from Germany sent 4 Oct 2009
This place is my favorite coffeeshop in NL, and I've done many years of market research! It's just a comfortable neighborhood hangout; more like a 'pub' feel. A bit small, but immediately felt at home. Weekend deal as described below still in effect. This place is worth finding, it's a cute area off the beaten Groningen tourist path.
Positive Review Peter from Poland sent 3 Dec 2008
It's a very good coffeeshop, low prices 5-6 kinds of weed and about 5 kinds of hash. Prices about 4-9 e per gram, but they give you bag of 5 or 12.5 euros. Still actual Friday/Saturday promotion get 3 small bags pay 12.5 euros.
Positive Review Tom from USA sent 27 Aug 2007
This was the best coffee shop of the trip. The prices of the weed are listed on a menu by the counter but the weed is sold prebagged in 5-euro bags. The weed and hash is already cheap but on Fridays and Saturdays you get 3 bags for 12,50 euro instead of 15. Nederskuff is especially nicely priced at around 7e a gram. I went on a Friday and picked up two bags of Orange Sunshine, one bag of Bio-Crash, and 3 bags of Nederskuff. I sat down with my friend who was with me on this trip, began to skin up a joint, and joined in a conversation with a couple of regulars from the shop. We had a good conversation and smoked a couple of joints before we all left to get something to eat.
Positive Review Chevalier from Finland sent 15 Dec 2004
After spending five months in Groningen, I personally have to say Taverna Oasis is the best koffie shop in there! Too bad I discovered the place rather late, after spending lots of time in the Glory and Reykjavik. Wiet is absolutely fantastic in Oasis! It is very very powerful and the variation is big! One thing I loved was the fact that the salesperson (also) happened to like Richie Blackmore's Rainbow! So the music is a bit different than the basic reggae. Oh yeah and the atmosphere and the prices! And the toilet was cleaner and better than in a hotel! Lovin' it.
Positive Review Devi from Netherlands sent 1 Dec 2004
Supplies excellent hash and sometimes Skuff too! (Oasis has weekendspecials, more weed/hasj for less euros).
Positive Review Nikki from Groningen sent 26 May 2004
The best shop in Groningen. They sell good stuff and have a lot to pick from. They also have a lot of different joints there ready to take for 2,50. Can get 5 euro and think 15 or 12,50. On Friday and Saturday you get 3 times 5 euro for 12,50.
Positive Review Thorsten from Germany sent 17 Aug 2003
One of the smallest but also one of the best shops for quality and low prices (Groningen is the cheapest town for good stuff in Netherlands in our experience). You're going to find very special and strong, but also high sorts, these sorts are delivered by local growers out of +++ seeds, the quality is every time +++. Also the sorts of hash are very rare inside Netherlands. It is located in a "foretown" of Groningen, far away from the "tourists" and in a "homy-style" interior. In the "daily lists" there are up to 25 weed and 20 hash sorts, most of them changing as the seeds over the time.