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Neutral Review Rafiki from Germany sent 19 Aug 2019
Sampled the White Fire OG. Budtender was friendly enough. Place is small but very modern. Flower seems clean, price seems fair. Scale is hidden and needs to be asked for. Fishy fish koi?!
Positive Review Matt H from Canada sent 5 Jul 2009
Probably Amsterdam's best kept secret. Reason being is their lounge was constantly closed when I visited. However Marko the bud tender let us in just to buy some stuff after closing which was really really nice. He was probably the nicest and friendliest bud tender I have met in Amsterdam. The Old Amsterdam has the best hash I ever smoked. Silk screen Red Lebanese a rare treat and I highly recommend you buy this hash. The White Cheese is quiet well done too. It's off menu so you will have to ask for it. Shhh it's a secret.
Positive Review Courtjester from USA visited 14 Dec 07; sent 7 Mar 2008
This is an understated treasure. Not a place you hear much about, but on two visits in 2007, one in spring, and another just before winter, we got two of the finest knockdown indicas we've ever smoked, Sensi Star and White Russian, both former Cannabis Cup winners, both 1.6g/E12. Mrs. C.J. and I brought one of my friends for his maiden voyage during the spring, and we all agreed the Sensi Star from Old Amsterdam was the best indica stone we'd ever enjoyed. We left there, spent a couple hours at the wonderful big greenhouse, and were all still vegetated afterward. In December, when Mrs. C.J. and I returned, we got the White Russian, settled into that tiger-striped couch near the front window, and rolled half of it into a joint. Two German couples were in the seats nearest the window, having a grand time with their smoke, too. We sank deeper and deeper as the hammerhead effect kicked in, until we were almost sitting on our backs, with only our necks propped up. I don't know why we've never had a trip with multiple visits to Old Amsterdam, especially since we stayed quite near it in December (although there were a number of coffeeshops in the area we also wanted to try). It is not a mistake we will make again. The menu is enormous, too.
Positive Review Kokoshka from USA sent 11 Feb 2008
This was my favorite place on this visit. I went there several times this trip, not just because it was right next to my hotel but because the owner, Peter who used to live in Canada was very nice. This was where I decided that the munchies were not optional but mandatory while visiting Amsterdam's great coffeeshops. If you let your sugar levels drop too low you can black out, like I did here after smoking my Orange Bud and walking around this great town. It can cause an embarrassing scene. But thanks to the owner giving me some sugar water all was well very soon.
Positive Review Tyler H from USA visited June 07; sent 4 Feb 2008
A place that is easy to find, so I stopped after passing it many times. I tried the "Santa Maria" which was your standard light green buds with orange hairs as expected. Smells sweet and fruity, with a mostly bland yet smooth smoke, amazing value at 2.2G/12E but the place was not as cool to sit and relax I felt like an "outsider" being an American as some places can be like that. Still worth it.
Positive Review Pthomas from USA sent 22 Oct 2007
Simply great. The gear is high quality, like the Dampkring but I think a little overlooked. I found this on my first trip got so ripped, I forgot how to get back on my next two trips. But on my last trip I was lucky to get out of the cab and notice is was just next door to the Eden. The shop owner is great, I told him my story and he gave me a lighter, so that it would not happen again. Decent beverage selection, clean restrooms, and just big enough to get a decent crowd, but not a loud one. They also have a microscope so you now they got the goods.
Positive Review Zack from Canada sent 11 Aug 2007
Great shop with a mellow atmosphere. Budtender was a little stoned but was very friendly and helpful with the selection. Has a huge menu and although they were out of quite a bit of stuff, their weed is quite good. I would recommend the Super Skunk (very strong even to a potheads standards) or the California Orange. 7/10
Positive Review Sven from Australia sent 3 Jul 2007
Situated 150 metres from Rembrandtsplein. Walking towards Amstel River, the shop is located on the left several doors down from the Eden Rambrandt Square hotel (which I also recommend). The Old Amsterdam coffee shop in undoubtedly one of the greatest coffee shops in town. I've visited the dam 5 times in the last 15 months and this place kicks arse. The menu definitely has the most extensive selection of top class weed and hashish I have seen in Amsterdam. The menu has 22 weed and 22 different hash varieties to choose from, all with explanations of potency. What else could you ask for? My lady and I bought a gm of Santa Maria (sativa) on the advice of the forever helpful lady bud tender. Fantastic high. On returning in the evening, the owner recommended the Old Amsterdam weed and the Caramello hash. Wow. Super stoned. And the grass and hash tasted lovely. The shop has plenty of tables and chairs, cool cumfy veg out sofa. TV and great bongs to use, if you can handle it. If you're serious about having a good choof whilst you're in the dam, this place is a must visit. Reading the menu is an adventure on its own. Get in there, get wasted and enjoy the Old Amsterdam coffee shop experience. We certainly did. ozzy ozzy ozzy.
Negative Review Epsilon from USA sent 14 Sep 2006
Located on Amstel, between the Blue Bridge and Rembrandtplein, this attractive looking shop, was not an attractive stop on our 06 trip. The only shop we've ever encountered the you must buy weed/hash from us to sit in our shop thing. We entered and approached the bar to order thee/Looza and were given that message. The menu was on the pricey side, (even by AMS standards) and we were well stocked, so we left. Too bad, I might have liked the place otherwise.
Positive Review Gael from UK sent 17 Apr 2006
One of the best, just off Rembrantsplein, in the direction of Waterlooplien market. It is pretty quiet during the day and is ideal if you want to chill out or for anyone’s first time in a coffeeshop. I highly recommend the Californian Orange, cant remember:) the quantity, but it's quite a hety bag to keep you going! This became one of my fav's almost immediately, no way at all did I ever feel scared, so it's perfect for those who prefer a less busy atmosphere. It's also about a 3 minute walk from the hotels situated on Rembrandt square, not too far to wonder home for the night! There is also at the end of the bar a cool leather sofa to chill out on, the toilets are just the left and you're also in front of the TV. 10/10 for decent weed, 10/10 for atmosphere, 10/10 for service!
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 8 Jan 2006
One of my favourite shops! You can buy different 22 hash and 22 weed, you can chill, this shop is from Rastas (Portuguese) to Rastas. I purchase 1g. for 30 € of Old Amsterdam Hash ->Ice-O-Lator<- this was the hammer, I made from 1g. over 10 spliffs and get over 10 high times!
Positive Review Ron from USA sent 17 Oct 2005
Old Amsterdam is my favorite. The owner is cool, the staff are great. Every time I'm in town you're sure to find me there. Keep in mind there are a lot of more popular coffee shops. This is the place I feel I can call home. 5000 miles from Chicago. I love the place.
Positive Review RT and NH from USA sent 21 Jan 2005
Another great place. Day time bartender was very knowledgeable about their extensive menu. Just take a look at the menu, at least 40 choices of weed and hash at reasonable prices and good variety of bioweed and hydro as well as indicas and sativas. I think it was 12 euro for 2 gram of the Jack Hareh which was o.k. but it looks better than it really is. Plenty of room and you gotta love the couch and it was dead at 14:00.
Positive Review Kane and Hannah from UK sent 25 Jun 2004
This was our second and best ever coffeeshop experience, and our 'local' as it was fairly close to our hotel. We spotted the place because it had a really cool looking 'zebra-couch' and a hookah water pipe in the window. The Scottish guy that worked there was a very sociable and likable guy who was very open for questions and such. Over the course of the week we ended up purchasing the Blueberry (One of our favourites of the trip!), Sensimilla, White Rhino (very good) and two pre-rolls (Skunk and Super Polm) and they were all excellent. The menu was extensive and we always got a seat. Great place!
Positive Review Jon and Shell from UK sent 6 Mar 2004
Great little coffee shop, very comfortable and friendly, not always busy, but that can be a good thing! Good weed and coffee, great sofas and a well chilled place. Well worth a visit!
Positive Review Alessandro from Italy sent 16 Aug 2003
During my stay in Amsterdam (2 weeks) I visited this coffee shop many times. The dealer is very nice and available for questions. The menu is substantial: 10-12 types of hash and likewise of grass. The prices are lower than the other coffeeshops and the product is always very fresh. Air-conditioned, no alcohol, but a very nice espresso coffee: very important for an Italian!! ;) This coffee shop is one of the few that offers good discounts for bigger quantities: for example, Super Polm is 8 euro, but if you spend 115 euro you get 20 grams (5.75 euro per gram - a bigger discount than most coffeeshops offer). The max quantity for one person is 5 grams so for 20 grams you need at least 4 persons. Good music (a mix of different types), comfortable couches, satellite TV and the films and shows are always amusing and interesting. The ceiling is covered with a pic of old Amsterdam and the coffeeshop is 150m from the Waterlooplein Metro. This is my favourite coffeeshop and I recommend a visit. One of the best!!