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The Old Church

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Reviews of The Old Church Number of Positive Reviews 35 Number of Neutral Reviews 3 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Hashemite from USA. Sent 16 Jul 2013.
Back in 2003, I went to this spot to specifically try the Royal Cream Hash and was not let down. Funny shop, in many ways kind of touristy but secluded. Also damn near in the middle of red light district but right next to a historical church. More of a cool your heals kinda place. The Royal Cream is the best even after a decade. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a high that makes you feel like royalty. One of my favorite shops.
Positive Review DW from USA. Sent 17 Dec 2010.
They let me smoke weed I already had but only because it was not busy and only after some discussion. They did seem to make a big deal of it, and after asking I did notice a couple of signs touching on the issue. There were only four or five other customers there and I purchased a 2 euro water just to smoke a quick bowl while resting my feet from all the walking around I had been doing. I really don't get that rule and I wouldn't recommend it since its small and had an unfriendly vibe about it.
Negative Review Anon. from Slovakia. Sent 13 Jun 2009.
Be careful: Not allowed to smoke your own ganja brought by you! So if you don't buy ganja there, it will be not allowed you to smoke there. Unfriendly atmosphere. Don't wanna go there again. One of the worst coffeeshops in Amsterdam.
Positive Review Dambuster from UK. Sent 2 Dec 2008.
This is an old favourite and I visit every time in 'Dam for the amazing Icolator joint made of ice hash priced at 10 euros.
Positive Review Kenny from UK. Sent 2 Apr 2008.
This is one of my favourite places to chill, it's in the RLD, but is very quiet and chilled, good seating upstairs, and the weed is great, especially the Royal Cream, mmmm the best hash I have ever had, soooo creamy you just want more, a bit pricey at 16E a gram, but ohhhh what a smoke! One of those places to visit the first of the day, and the last of the night!
Positive Review Dambuster from UK. Visited Feb 08. Sent 4 Mar 2008.
This coffee shop is a perfect example of the saying 'appearances can be deceiving'. I walked past it a few times n thought it looked like a boring sh*thole from outside, how wrong I was. This is by far one of my favourite coffee shops and I went back many times. For 10 euros you can buy a pre-rolled ice spliff and it is the nicest smoke I have ever had, so smooth in taste yet gets you wrecked. Also try the very tasty chocolate space muffins. The gal behind the counter was friendly aswell and quite tasty too. Seating is also very comfortable and it was always busy but never too busy that we couldn't get a seat. No faults at all with this place I cant wait to go back!
Positive Review Zack from Canada. Sent 11 Aug 2007.
Nice patio and cozy inside, two nice ladies working the counter. Very friendly and helpful although the toilets were "broken" when we visited. Nice milkshakes and the Haze I tried there (can't remember which one) was great. Added bonus was being able to watch horny men walk in and out of windows with soiled looks on their faces. 7/10
Positive Review Dave from UK. Sent 17 Jun 2007.
I always make sure I go here when I'm in the RLD. It's on a cobbled road next to the church just near Caribbean corner. Really chilled out place with 2 floors although I've not been upstairs. Friendly woman behind the till with tables and chairs at the front in a sort of big porch with windows all round, at the back there's a small couch area, good for if there's a few of you and you want to be alone. Never bought weed here.
Positive Review James from UK. Sent 17 Mar 2007.
This place has been one of my firm favourites since my 2nd visit to Amsterdam 2 years ago, the staff are friendly, drinks decently priced, but the weed and the shop's location are great. The Ice and their White Widow are great clean tasting very strong sativas. At 14 euros for 1.9 grams is for me great value. You will wobble on the way down the stairs I'll bet. The shops interior is chilled deep purples and blues with Marley pics on the walls, I think. I only got back 2 days ago and I can't fully remember - I blame the Ice!
Positive Review Lindser from USA. Sent 14 Mar 2007.
In the off-season was the most appealing for chillin' and smoking. Great view of the Oude Kerk from upstairs, clean bathrooms, great White Widow nugs! Perfect for getting away from the red light without getting away from the red light district.
Positive Review Doody from USA. Visited May 30-June 7. Sent 27 Jun 2006.
This place can be very crowded at times, but this trip I got to sit upstairs in the lounge, staring out the huge windows, in the middle of the day, all by myself. This really is the best place to chill in the RLD if you can get the upstairs window seats, or terras seats. I tried the "Ice Skunk" at 12 euros for 1.9 grams, and it was one of the best buds of the trip, a must try! I have never seen this strain, and didn't see it anywhere else. The menu had 11 wiet choices, and 7 hasj choices, they still have the "Royal Cream" award winner hasj. A touristy shop, but well worth a visit. (see my other review below)
Positive Review TWoz from USA. Sent 3 Apr 2006.
1.4g of Ice Skunk, Excellent bud. 1.8g of Blueberry for 12e, again excellent bud. Very friendly staff, nice view.
Neutral Review Enrico from Germany. Sent 8 Jan 2006.
I think I was on the wrong time here, at 31/12/2005, 22.30h the place was overfilled and all 10 seconds says the bargirls sry upstairs is full, and this in 20 min 50? or 100x sry upstairs is full to everyone wo come in this shop. Sry stupid. We got a skunk chocolate, is fine, this is not enough- no turn!
Positive Review AzLaker from USA. Visited 10/17. Sent 24 Oct 2005.
Went in at the end of the day after hitting the RLD. Nice place right next to the church. Bought a gram of WW Nice taste and smell.
Neutral Review Sam, Ben, Jon from UK. Sent 25 Mar 2005.
Not a bad place to stop for a spliff & a tea/coffee, didn't try upstairs. Nice Bet Lynch style sofa.
Positive Review Uncle Ghost from England. Visited Feb 11-14. Sent 18 Feb 2005.
Bang in the centre of the RLD, we came in here last year and the Old Church Special weed was awesome. Didn't sample any this time though, shame. Can get really busy, but the seats by the window are great for people watching. Quite spacious and an upstairs area too. There was a pregnant woman working in there with a big fat joint, which was quite an unusual sight, but she was extremely friendly and dealt with some ignorant French tourists really well. I'll be back in here next year no doubt.
Positive Review Bubba from Australia. Sent 17 Jan 2005.
As you suggested, it was an unashamed touristy place, but it made us both feel comfortable. The surrounds were a great view out into the square, and into the Red Light District. Upstairs being full, we grabbed the table at the window near the front door to catch some air, as inside was very smoky. And besides, and we could do a lot of people watching. The woman behind the bar was helpful and I grabbed 2 coffees with marihuana for 3.80 Euro each, and 2 pre-rolled of Skunk joints for 12 Euro. They were a large roll too! It also rates as one of the best doobies I've ever blown. As a result, we spent two very nice hours of talking, sitting, sipping and looking, followed by some paranoiac meandering back to basecamp. I saved the second doobie for later in the evening!
Positive Review J.C. from USA. Sent 19 Nov 2004.
Yes, it's right next to the Old Church. The dealer was one of the nicest ones I've met, very helpful and very relaxed. Got some great Northern Lights x Haze. One of the best smokes around.
Positive Review H&S from UK. Sent 9 Aug 2004.
We're coffeeshop first-timers, and the Old Church had the most welcoming atmosphere to us, its chilled out, easy-going clientele outside drew us in. Had a pre-rolled joint of "Thai", which was terrible, tasted like hash and we didn't enjoy it at all. But then we tried the "Old Church Special" nederwiet, which was truly excellent, and we will definitely go back again. Just avoid the pre-rolled joints.
Positive Review Hessenmob from Germany. Sent 23 Jun 2004.
Small shop, but calm and nice to sit around there. Bought some "Blueberry" for 12€, it had a nice taste but the high wasn't very strong.
Positive Review Joe from USA. Sent 8 May 2004.
This place had some great hash (Royal Cream). Great view from upstairs of battleship row! (ha ha).
Positive Review Old Hippie Dave from USA. Sent 7 May 2004.
One of my favorite shops Loved sitting upstairs with those big windows open watching the world go by.
Positive Review Jiffa from Scotland. Visited 14-17 April 04. Sent 27 Apr 2004.
This was the HQ for our last adventure in the Dam. Try and get a seat upstairs at the windows and have a big fat spliff and watch the world go by! The woman dealer is very helpful, they sell the marijuana cakes I've had the pleasure of munching and you've got to try the Skuff - nice mellow smoke. This place for me is as close to 10/10 as it gets.
Positive Review Darren from UK. Sent 28 Mar 2004.
Highly recommended, good deals and average ready rolled if a little weak! It's small inside but very friendly, we stayed in there for about 3 hours, plenty of weed was smoked and the drinks were cheap too, we left on a good high!
Positive Review DoughGirL from England. Sent 7 Mar 2004.
This is a very nice cafe just to relax in. We sat upstairs watching the world go by listenin' to some classic tunes being watched by the eyes of the massive Bob Marley painting on the wall. Staff were polite and didn't mind us bringing our own smoke and blazing up. They don't serve alcohol but they do serve an array of soft drink including hash and weed milkshakes. (7/10)
Positive Review Lynn and David from UK. Visited Feb 25-28. Sent 28 Feb 2004.
We visited a few coffee shops around the tourist areas but none of them match the atmosphere and the very helpful friendly staff. This was the very first time we had dabbled with any kind of soft drug, and the Old Church made it an experience to remember. All sorts came into the shop from what appeared to be regulars of all ages, then the tourist of all ages and all nationalities. Best memory was watching around nine prim and proper female school teachers walk in and leave like giggly school girls. You must try it, I know we will again Soooooon.
Positive Review Will and mates from UK. Visited 4-7 Feb 04. Sent 15 Feb 2004.
A top smoke can be found in this place, Open the windows upstairs and sit there with a fat spliff and a bong watching the day go by.
Positive Review Flyski n Skinz from UK. Visited 2-4 FEB 04. Sent 5 Feb 2004.
This is a nice quiet coffee shop in the heart of the Red Light district. Situated in Oude Kirk Plein, this light and airy coffee shop offers a good selection of marijuana and the 1g of Afghan hashish was a surprisingly good smoke. It's nice to be able to buy hashish that doesn't consist of diesel and plastic sheeting and the staff were friendly and helpful in making our choice of smoke.
Positive Review Bob from USA. Sent 19 Nov 2003.
Nice menu, great coffee, and so well located. It is surrounded by some of the nicest window shopping in Amsterdam.
Positive Review Doody from USA. Sent 12 Nov 2003.
The Old Church is in the very heart of the Red Light District, so getting there can sometimes be quite interesting depending on the crowds, but if you're in the RLD (and who isn't if in Amsterdam) it is worth a stop. It has many outside terras tables where you can smoke, and a very nice interior with tables upstairs that have an amazing view out huge open windows, and there is always an interesting view, great place to chill and people watch. The staff was also very courteous for how crowded the place was, no complaints there. I went to Old Church for the Cup winning "Royal Cream" hash which I got a gram of for 12 euros. It was very light blonde in color, great aroma and very smooth, great for mixing into joints!!! It wasn't the stoniest hash I have had in A'dam, but don't get me wrong, it was very tasty and it did the job. I didn't try any of their weed just the hash, but the buds I saw looked pretty darn good. They also have a bar here, coffee drinks, and 'shroom tea if you wish. Right around the corner is the original "Bulldog," another shop you should check out if in the RLD. Good hash, drinks, entertaining views, good ambiance, space cakes, 3 stars.
Positive Review Kim from USA. Sent 24 Sep 2003.
Was there 09/03. The nicest staff by far. They are pretty close to #1.
Positive Review Ant and Saz from UK. Visited 7 Aug 2003. Sent 8 Aug 2003.
Found this place almost by accident trying to get out of the heat but would definitely go back for the seating on the 1st floor, open window excellent view, mind the stairs on the way down! We bought a Thai ready rolled almost as an afterthought on the way out to smoke between there & the airport, easy fella!!!! Only one bad thing to say about the place, the music was happy hardcore, euro trance, that sort of shite. Beware!
Positive Review TG from UK. Visited April 2003. Sent 3 Aug 2003.
I'd passed this place on numerous occasions on a previous visit as it is prominently located on the corner of one of the main routes through the Red Light District. The shop itself is a reasonable size. The downstairs has a bar to the right at the back with chairs and tables scattered around. It is no alcohol but it must of changed recently as the beer pumps were still there. There is a spiral staircase by the bar which I'd imagine has claimed untold victims over the years. The upstairs is nicely laid out with two big windows which overlook the action out on the street.
I was really there to check out the cannabis cup winning hash that they sell, Royal cream. I bought 1 gram for 12 euros and sat down outside for a smoke. I don't really smoke a lot of hash but this was nice and not too harsh. However, I was going home the next day and I smoked a couple of joints during the morning mixed with weed and I found the taste of the hash to be a bit much.
Overall I liked the Old Church. The best thing about it is the location and the sizeable outside seating area. I'll probably go back again and maybe try some of their weed next time.
Neutral Review Brew from USA. Sent 2 Aug 2003.
Cute neon signage. Great white widow bud. Mushroom tea for a few dollars a cup although it wasn't too potent or maybe I was too stoned from sampling bud strains all day ?! Nice beverage selection, Looza and what not. Mmmm, love that Looza . Seemed to be lots of gay fellas hanging around. Whatever.
Positive Review Jeremy from USA. Sent 15 Jul 2003.
This was the shop that won 1st in the hash category. Since hash was only voted on by a select panel of Dutch judges, I figured they knew their shit.
Located in the middle of a busy square sits this coffeeshop with a huge bright neon sign. There are plenty of tables outside and space galore inside. There are several tables as you enter on the lower floor with the bar in the middle of the shop next to a staircase that takes you up to a neat loft. Additionally there is some kind of recreation room towards the back with yet more seating and other fun stuff.
I went right up to the bar obtaining a gram of the cup winner in hash and a gram of Jack Herer hoping the latter would equal the fine Jack Herer I had smoked up in the loft of Sensi Seeds Coffeeshop during the cup. Went upstairs to the loft and rolled a joint of the hash and weed together while looking out the large picture windows over the square. I wasn't too impressed with the Jack, but the hash was grand! Very light blond in narrow strips that made for easy toking.
Positive Review John M. from UK. Sent 18 Jun 2003.
Quite like this place right in the heart of the red light. Fairly large place with outside seating again, right next door to a pub/bar so if you like a beer with your smoke. Sat outside at the end of another hot day and rolled up a nice 'L' with 3 different types of gear we had bought that day. The menu is large enuff to keep most people happy mainly middle of the range weed, and a friend bought some of their Nederhash, was quite nice for a hash real smooth and not too harsh on the throat. also fun watching the tourists walk by and seeing who's givin business to the ladies of the night.
Positive Review Henri from France. Sent 11 Apr 2003.
I come regularly ( one or two time by year ) to Amsterdam and I like to go to the Old Church for many reasons : the first one is the place in itself, opened from 10.00 till 2.00, it's music, it's walls with the painting of the beautiful barmaid ( is she still there ?, I didn't see her the last two time I came.. ), the second reason is the quality of buds, of course Famous Jack Herrer, but the rest too... there you can have mushroom or cannabis tea. Nearly paradise, the old church is well located in the heart of the red light district ( just have a walk in the very small streets around.. ).
Positive Review Jeff from USA. Visited April '02. Sent 15 Mar 2003.
I'm going to take pics of this place and send it to you. I love it! It's located on Oude Kerksplein 54 (open 10-1) right in the heart of the RLD. It's right across the street from a church. The Jack Herer made my eyes slit faster than any weed I ever had (good thing I was in my hotel room when I smoked it). Go up the spiral staircase and get a seat by the window. The view at night is amazing! It's like postcard. There are cool murals on the walls. One is of Mick Jagger and Gerri Hall. Only in A'dam can there be a coffeeshop, church, girls in windows and a bar within a few meters of each other. God bless the Dutch! I always stop in at least once whenever I'm there. Very cute little place. The Prostitutes Union is right around the corner. I'll have pics for you when I go in November.
Positive Review Jeff from USA. Sent 7 Nov 2002.
I love it. It's right around the corner from the Prostitute's Union. The Jack Herer made my eyes shut faster than any weed I've ever had. Knocked me on my ass! Good thing I bought a gram shortly before I went to bed because I would've had no other choice but to pass out after that killer strain. Very cute little coffeeshop. I always stop in at least once whenever I go back to the motherland.