coffeeshop in Amsterdam
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Positive Review Ramon from Argentina sent 27 Aug 2018
I found this place from the web page and it's amazing. The people that serve are very kind and the environment is perfect. I recommend this coffeeshop 110%! You must visit this place, cheap weed and beautiful place.
Positive Review Erik-Marié from TVBC sent 21 Jun 2014
Previous commentators speak of this being one of the cheapest coffeeshops in Amsterdam and, sure enough, the prices are very good. What's more it's conveniently located near the ferry terminal. Useful when coming by train from parts of the Netherlands where the shops were closed 5 years ago. Knowledgeable staff are always up for a pleasant chat and keep the atmosphere sociable and relaxed.
Positive Review Urban Hippy from UK sent 20 Nov 2012
I visited The Stork 4 times during my 3 day visit to Amsterdam Proper. The frequent free ferry (Ijplain) departs from behind central station, it takes about 5 minutes to cross the Ij which is probably longer than it takes to reach this CS from the port along an easy route with only 2 turns. The prices are really reasonable for both drinks and weed making it the cheapest all-round CS yet visited. Comfortable non-smoking front room and a back room for smoking, fussball, and pigeon-fancying. the decor is awesome, painted in 2003 by 2 Russian artists, the walls, ceilings and furniture throughout are a surreal jungle theme with lots of interesting little thinks to catch your eye anew visit after visit. The tekno I thought was pretty good although better some days than others, and was not to intrusive for me to read. Definitely a locals place like the CSs in Haarlem so if you want a break from Bulldog tourists this is a complete antipode within easy reach. Weed = Not tried, Atmosphere = 7/10, Price = 9/10
Positive Review SeniorHippies from USA visited Sept. 09; sent 3 Dec 2009
One rainy day the SeniorHippies took a ride on the fast ferry up toward Ijmuiden. We intended to visit the "Joe Cool," a well reviewed shop. It rained even harder when we got to Felsen, so we had tea at the shop by the ferry and came back on the next boat. We were down by the ferry docks so we decided to take the ferry to A'dam Noord to go to Ooievaartje (the stork). It only took 5 minutes to find. When we walked in there was a nice open shop with a small number of tables by the front windows. You could not, however, smoke anything in that portion of the shop. No tobacco, no weed. We were courteously directed to the back room. We doffed our packs and coats and went to the smoke counter. They had a reasonable number of choices and I selected one or another from the top of the weed selection. The tender suggested I might like something other and I acceded to his wisdom. That was a good decision it turned out. We ordered a couple cups of tea and adjourned to the smoking kamer. The smoking room has black walls with psychedelic wall paintings in a green jungle theme. The floor is wood and there are no soft surfaces apart from the barstool cushions. Nor are there any windows. All the light is from the ceiling fixtures and ordinary bulbs. The real result of all the hard surfaces was the pool table sounding like the thunder at the end of the world. There was a guy determinedly practicing, to no obvious good effect, the whole time we were there. He also muttered to himself rather angrily, though we never felt he was going to get crazy. In spite of this, we had a good time at the shop. The bud-tender was very helpful; his recommendation was right on the money. Another fellow served the tea, inquired how we came to be across the river, how we were enjoying Amsterdam, and was pleased to hear we were not new to the city. He also came back to see if we wanted more tea and how we were enjoying the weed. He seemed quite happy to know we concurred with the tender's opinion. When we were leaving I stopped at the counter to thank the tender for everything. The other guy came out of the "kitchen" to say good-bye and bid us quick return. We will go back when next we're in Amsterdam (March and April of 10). Though we were the only folks in the shop that early afternoon (except for pool table guy) the staff made it a good time.
Positive Review Wotuwant from UK sent 4 May 2008
A small cafe located in the noord area of Amsterdam, Situated about 5 mins away from the free ferry at the back of central station. The bud-tender was very friendly, explaining that they are a bit cheaper than the cs's in dam. He also apologised for the price of the Black Widow Haze at €13 for 1g and advised that this was very nice hence the price, he was not lying. Not a huge selection of weed/hash but enough. Plus there is a pool table too. I would have liked to have spent more time there as it was more local based then a lot of the cafes in dam and will defo visit there again on my return trip next September/October time.
Positive Review Ana8639 from Brazil sent 24 Jul 2007
The cheapest coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Really, really close to Central Station - basically, after taking the free ferry (which doesn't take more than 5 min), you just blink and the coffeeshop is there, a little hidden place you just can't miss. It's insiders only, the kind of place where speaking English may sound weird but a friendly staff (the dude behind the counter) is there to help you - and they honestly do it. Nice stuff, fare menu, good prices and the environment, well, way different from the clean bright touristic places you may be used to, but not that bad - they even have a pool table. Definitely worthed.