De Os

coffeeshop in Leeuwarden
Reviews of De Os Number of Positive Reviews 6 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Negative Review Felix8 from Netherlands sent 25 Aug 2011
We went there with 2 American people who wanted to try the spacecake for once. I went already to de Os before, only half a year before, and I took a piece of cake, which was very good. We ordered 3 muffins from the Os this time, because the man over there told us that this would be lighter than the cake. 2 days later we took it. At first we didn't feel anything (only me, but I took a whole muffin, the other 3 people only a half). After a couple of hours we all got a very bad trip; I got hallucinations, catatonic movements and I was very sick of it. After me, the 2 American people got the same; we almost had to throw up. But one thing was even worse: 1 of the American people was a woman of 62 and she almost died; she collapsed, so we had to call an ambulance. It was our last day with our American friends and it turned out to be like hell, instead of a nice, funny day. Now, 2 days later, I still feel a bit sick of the stuff. Luckily, the rest feels better now, but we were very shocked about the stuff; we think there was something wrong with it. Maybe too much THC? We can't complain anywhere of course, because nobody wants to know about drugs. 3 of us had drugs before, but never such a bad experience as this time. We will never do it again. It spoiled our last holiday with the Americans.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 27 Jul 2011
Large shop on two roomy floors. Pool table upstairs. Large smoking room downstairs. Classic rock music. The girl working the bar got our vote for favorite budtender of our recent trip to the NL. Would go on any top 10 list we would make of favorite shops in the NL. Pure smoking at the bar area only, but this shop is so big that shouldn't matter.
Positive Review Dim from Greece sent 18 May 2011
Very good shop, perfect value for money weed and hasj, enjoyable also to have a drink there. Friendly vibe. One of the best in the city. Go there!
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 9 Aug 2009
Located just across from CS Miami, this 10 AM opener would make a top 10 list for favorite shops in the Netherlands. Very roomy, located on two floors, with some odd seating and pooltables upstairs, and a large glassed room downstairs (didn't notice a closed door between counter and room though). Weed selection included Master Kush, Amnesia, PP, Jack, Bubblegum, etc. Master Kush was our favorite Leeuwarden Smoke. They sell prerolls by strain, and the M-Kush Joints were mighty fine, as well as the pure. Heroes and Villans by the Beach Boys playing as we entered, which evolved into a Soul Music thing as our stay lengthened. Another enjoyable Leeuwarden shop.
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 18 May 2009
They have Ice-o-Lator hash available. Stuff is very good, with normal prices.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 3 Jul 2005
Nice shop on two floors with growshop on top of that. Very busy, happy vibe on a cool Sunday afternoon. Friendly, lots of seating, pool table upstairs, computers, recommended stop. Seemed like a local crowd, only heard Dutch spoken.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 25 Jun 2004
Big place, right across the street from Miami. Friendly, with growshop on second floor (in Euro sense of 2nd floor). Odd ergonomic seats, as well as regular chairs. Fussball table, Internet, modern looking, clean.