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The Otherside

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Reviews of The Otherside Number of Positive Reviews 13 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 3
Negative Review Q from Amsterdam. Sent 29 Dec 2010.
Overpriced crap, that's what they sell there. They have written behind every strain - medium high, heavy high - but it's all shit. Only the hashish is reasonable.
Positive Review Batorsk-international from Netherlands. Sent 15 Jun 2010.
People call this place the "gay" coffee shop but it isn't a "gay' coffee shop. Amsterdam is a liberal city with many and various alternative lifestyle people. Your most normal 'looking' person in Amsterdam could be your 'kinkiest' and most 'perverted'. We say live and let live here. That being said, the coffeeshop is located on the street with many gay bars and cafes so therefore, many gay and other people do go here. If you can get past your own uptightness you will find a cool atmosphere, a very nice menu, very good music, an eclectic crowd working and visiting this place and easy to get to. A little more expensive than outside the center. Tram number 1, 2, 5 from Central Station: stop KoningsPlein, near a supermarket Albert Heijn, pizza places and restaurants on the street from expensive to cheap frites w/mayo. From there have a nice 'high' walk to the Leideseplein. And just a few more steps you can go to the Dampkring. Ask the staff and they will gladly direct you from there. Place is small inside so you do have to buy weed at their shop to sit at the tables then you can smoke your own stash. It is a business policy from shop to shop. Don't be put off by different rules at different shops. Yes, it is a business and they are trying to make money. If the 'gay' thing is going to bother you that much it's best not to come to Amsterdam.
Positive Review Smokestaxlitenin from USA. Visited July '08. Sent 7 Jan 2009.
Known as the "gay" shop. The weed is anything but. Picked up some killer Jack Herer @ 10 eu/g. This place is just down the block from my favorite Amsterdam eatery - Sichuan Restaurant. A nice combo of food and smoke on the Reguilardwarstraat(?).
Negative Review Stoner Association from UK. Sent 9 Nov 2007.
This place was well and truly the other side. On arrival me and the mrs felt a bit out of place and being caned couldn't put our finger on it. People were looking at us like they wanted to tell us something, then we realised it was a gay coffeeshop and left.
Positive Review Jimbo from UK. Sent 15 Jan 2007.
We stumbled across this coffeeshop and popped in. The missus and I felt very comfortable in here. Excellent chilled out tunes and vibe. Didn't know it was a gay coffeeshop, not that it mattered. The fella behind the bar in the evening was sound as was the geezer in the daytime. Tried the Cristal, not all that, and the missus tried the Purple Haze, which was ok. Recommend this shop highly as it has 1 of the best vibes in Amsterdam.
Positive Review Clive from England. Sent 28 Jun 2006.
Me and the wife visited The Otherside on our most recent trip to the Dam (4th-7th June 2006). We knew its a gay bar but so what? Tyler H from the good ole homophobic U S of A is surely missing the point. Why on earth do some people bother. Us two thoroughly enjoyed getting stoned there and the place was proper friendly. I wonder if Tyler's woman wasn't there and he saw 2 women making out would he have objected to a bit of chick on chick action? Grow up Tyler, the coffeeshop scene don't need rednecks like you. Why don't you people just chill out and enjoy what's available while it's still there and stop whining, That's the point in going to Amsterdam's wonderful cafes isn't it?
Negative Review Tyler H from USA. Sent 16 Jun 2006.
Maybe it's just me, but "The Other Side" doesn't tell me that it's a gay bar (until u think about it). I walked in and didn't notice it was a gay bar until it was too late. I bought a special chocolate muffin, and a gram of Purple Haze, both of which were very bad. Then I saw 2 guys making out, and noticed all guys and all girls were sitting together, as I was sitting with my girlfriend. We quickly left and trust me we shall never return.
Positive Review Uncle Dan from USA. Sent 25 Jan 2006.
I was in Amsterdam over the holidays and dropped by this location. When I explained to the barrister that I wanted some herb that would allow me to view art, walk endless miles and not turn into an immobile puddle, he recommended a tasty variety of smoke known as "Crystal." His suggestion was spot on, with just the right degree of psychedelia to enhance the art, traverse the snowy streets and enjoy the Indonesian food. I'm an American in his fifties; no stranger to smoke, but grateful to find a variety that wouldn't put me out for the count.
Positive Review Will from USA. Sent 17 Jan 2006.
A very relaxed coffeeshop that draws in all kinds of customers. Everybody seems to enjoy the mood, music, hot chocolate. Pre-rolled hash and pot is top notch. I especially liked the nightshift fellow working bar, Jan. He's warm, engaging, rolls a good joint and has great music coming out of his Ipod Mini. Great place.
Positive Review Ross from USA. Visited Aug 23-30. Sent 8 Oct 2005.
One of my favorite coffeeshops that I visited in my 7 night stay in Amsterdam. The dealer/barista was friendly and sweet. Very warm and festive atmosphere.
Positive Review Scott from France. Sent 23 Sep 2005.
A white, small shop. On a good day, the shop can probably hold a max seat number of 20 (counting the 4 seats outside). There is nothing special in this shop (gambling machines, fussball table or pool table); but it's just a nice little cosy shop, with a nice bartender, good prices for weed and it's not far from a school, so you have a lot of little Dutchies going by it. This coffeeshop is a nice place to sit down with a baggy of stach, and just look out the window, smoke up and enjoy the moment :) I wouldn't say this shop is a must, but if you're in south Amsterdam, you should come across it.
Positive Review Richard from Canada. Sent 20 Sep 2005.
The service is fantastic, the bearded counter guy is one hot boy and the weed was excellent. Great atmosphere!
Positive Review Allan from Scotland. Sent 2 Aug 2005.
A gay coffeeshop just off the Leidsestraat, the best coffee in Amsterdam, was also able to get Purple Haze which I hadn't got anywhere else.
Positive Review Uncle Ghost from England. Visited Feb 11-14. Sent 18 Feb 2005.
Another nice coffeeshop with a good atmosphere and great ambient music. The ginger guy working in there looked a bit like the singer from Queens Of The Stone Age, and he seemed really friendly and cool. Great selection of gear on the smoker's menu, and big windows for people watching! Bought some 'White Widow' in here (one of my personal favourites) and got me suitably smashed. The prices here were good too, I have to add. Great value, great staff, cool place!
Positive Review MailDan from USA. Sent 18 Jan 2005.
Amsterdam's only gay coffeeshop - hetro friendly. The perfect pink joint can be found in this bright, modern, friendly place.
Neutral Review Mary from USA. Visited 2-8 Nov. Sent 9 Nov 2004.
Gay friendly. Wanted some info on the chick only bars and picked up a bag of Purple Haise. Awful weed, but thanks for the info, found the bar!
Positive Review Prashant from England. Sent 13 Dec 2002.
My favourite coffeeshop in Amsterdam which I've been visiting for years ! The Otherside is the only named gay coffeeshop in Amsterdam, although it always has a really good mix of gay/straight, locals and tourists. It's quite small (approx 25 seats). Usually plays dance/techno sounds, the grass here is really good, especially the Superskunk (46€ for 9g).