De Overkant Hortus

coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of De Overkant Hortus Number of Positive Reviews 11 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Neutral Review Courtjester from USA sent 15 Aug 2006
If you've visited here before, or seen their menus on the Internet, you should note that there are no more 3-for-2 or Big Bag specials. The budtender said they compensate by offering cheaper single-gram prices, which is true, except I'm generally a multi-gram buyer, so that doesn't necessarily suit me. Anyway, we were pleased with the Super Skunk (1G/E6.50), which is the main thing. As noted, there is no seating, just a couple stand-and-smoke areas, so if you're looking for a chill area, keep looking.
Positive Review Valo from England sent 17 Jun 2005
The shop with no seating - Makes for a very spacious (but small) shop. The dealer was not very talkative, but still considered him as a friendly guy who was happy to advise me on a weed purchase. Not the best menu in my eyes but I was happy with the Sticky Fingers I bought here (very cheap price I thought too at €6,50). Nothing greatly special about this shop but I loved the short experience here and would certainly go back for more next time around.
Negative Review Bear from USA sent 13 Nov 2004
After reading lots of positive reviews here and on The Channels, I decided to stop in here for some hash. I ordered some of their "high end" hash. The dealer seemed friendly enough and more informative than most, although he seemed to act like I had never seen a coffeeshop menu before. Nothing could be further from the truth, I just never saw their menu before. The first warning sign was when he handed me the hash and apologized for the crumbs of hash, explaining it was the "end of the batch". Most dealers would, IMHO, give you the option of getting something else. Anyway, I was just buying "to go" so I paid and left. When I finally got to smoke it, it turned out to be the worst "hash" I have ever smoked! I had clearly been ripped off. The mess he sold me had little aroma when unlit. When lit, it flamed way too high, like no hash I had ever seen. It smelled and tasted like burning tires. This was vile, evil and quite possibly adulterated shit! Do yourself a favor and steer well clear of this coffeeshop. I am one pissed off, disgusted ex-customer!
Positive Review John from England sent 17 Oct 2004
When I visited this shop the dealer was really friendly and offered ideas to get the best type of hash for what I wanted and had a long talk. Well worth a visit here before the hortus gardens. Shame there was no seating but I guess that minimises the crowds!
Positive Review Rob from USA visited 1-10 Oct '04; sent 12 Oct 2004
Nice spot, no chairs. A local grab-and-go place, had a good deal on the Zero Hash, 5g for 20 euros. Real solid buzz. Friendly staff.
Positive Review Ben from UK visited August 04; sent 9 Aug 2004
Found Overkant Hortus by using the map on this sight (worth printing and taking with you). The best thing about this shop is that it's across the road from a really nice park and it sells great grass joints.
Positive Review Johnny from Netherlands sent 20 Apr 2004
Absolutely fantastic, great weed collection and a great hash listing. Wow, I was on cloud 27. 7 stars.
Positive Review Gasper from England sent 18 Feb 2004
You'd be forgiven for not recognising this place as a coffeeshop unless you spot the green and white sign in the window. A very local feel to this place, no bright signs or fancy interior. A great place to stop by if you're staying at Hotel Hortus as it's just around the corner. Lean on the bar by the window and watch the world go by while you have a smoke. Haven't tried any of their smokes though, I've always had too much on me by the time I get there.
Positive Review Bonnie and Clyde from USA sent 2 Feb 2004
Great service and atmosphere. Had the cleanest bathroom and environment of all shops in Amsterdam. Non-tourist environment. Great weed (try the Butterfly, best on menu) and great selection of hash and weed.
Positive Review Dil from Scotland sent 30 Jan 2004
Undergone a name change - it is now called either "De Overkant Hamster" or less likely "Hortus Hamster" anyway a hamster is significant as wee beasties are stuck all over the old menus. This is another regular port of call and usually has good weed/hash at not bad prices with special prices for 5 gramme deals. I went for the "Santa Maria" weed this time 25 euro for 5 grammes and have to say I was disappointed, not up to there usual or now perhaps old standard. Having smoked this strain before I thought the buds given to me were the dregs, there going to be saved for cooking.
Positive Review Csenorchurls from USA sent 21 Jan 2004
Reasonable prices, cool atmosphere, friendly staff. Picked up some wicked White Widow and some Temple Ball hash, then got baked and checked out the nearby Artis zoo. I will definitely go back here next time even though it is off the beaten track.
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 30 Oct 2003
If you are in this area of town you must stop in "De Overkant Hortus" as well as the other quality shops in the area, "Het Ballonettje" and "Greenhouse Namaste." Just look for the "Leaning" buildings on the Nieuw Herengracht canal (#71) and you wont be disappointed. Actually I find this a much better part of town to coffeeshop hop, as it is less touristy and pricey than the central areas, but you make up your mind. I was walking by "De Overkant Hortus" one day and the smell I got wafting out onto the street was unbelievable, I told my band mates to hold up a second as I had to investigate. I went in and asked the friendly lad behind the counter what he (or the only two other people in the place) was smoking, laid down 5 euros and asked if I could get a joint of it. In just a few seconds he produced one for me and I was instantly relaxing on a barstool looking out the beautiful windows there, enjoying some of the best tasting bud anywhere. After I smoked half I said thank you, and left to find my bandmates and share my discovery with them. I must admit, I had already spent the morning down the street at "Het Ballonettje" and didn't remember what was in the joint as I didn't write it down and was already on cloud 9. The young lad there showed me most of his buds though, and they were all high quality!!! Very nice place, clean and great ambiance; lots of light due to all the windows, straight across from the botanical gardens and right on the Herengracht canal, beautiful!!! They don't serve booze, but there are several places close by. Also just down the street at the Waterlooplein is an amazing outdoor market. This place might seem out of the way, but once again I must say that I much prefer the shops in this part of town to the central shops, plus the Albert Cuyp area and all it's secrets are just to the South of here. A stop at "De Overkant Hortus" will definitely be worth your while, 3 and 1/2 stars!!!!
Positive Review Nathan from Canada sent 8 Oct 2002
Outer Limits is no longer there! now it is some place called De OverKant, and they have some mean buds!