De Palm

coffeeshop in Apeldoorn
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Positive Review Jesscass sent 30 Oct 2017
You need to get buzzed in here to get to the area of the dealer. Then you proceed to the smoking area through another door. Clean place is like a Dutch bar including photo play, billard and kicker table. Around 30 seats. Wiet on the menu was Star (12,75€), Kosher Kush (11,5€), NLX (9,60€), Northern Lights (8,9€), White Widow, Gruis (7,45€), Lemon Haze (11,5€), Amnesia (11,75€) and Brons Haze (14€). Hashwise they had about six varieties including Lebanese and Zweef (12€/g) on. Think they weigh everything up here as far as I remember. Friendly young Dutch tender showed me their best Moroccan which looked decent (about 10€) but opted for that expensive Brons Haze which, apart from that ridiculous price, was the best wiet I came across in Apeldoorn. Not bone dry as usual or too wet but just in-between with a beautiful taste and smell which transferred good to the taste, nice enough potency as well. Bit of a surprise but way too expensive considering being in Apeldoorn, a city which has not much to offer coffeeshopwise, let alone everything else.
Neutral Review Elliott from USA sent 15 Jun 2005
You could probably walk right by this place and never know you had gone by a coffeeshop. And you'd probably be better off for this. The door is locked at all times and requires you to hit a button and hope to get buzzed in. Mediocre in every sense of the word.