coffeeshop in Breda
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Positive Review Mike from Belgium sent 14 Sep 2011
Probably the smallest shop in town, but this establishment has always delivered me premium quality herb at a reasonable price. The friendly (Dutch) staff is very helpful and patient, and it's always a good sign to see locals buying their stuff here. I bought the White Widow at 9 euro's/gr. The herb was very potent and had that specific delicious White Widow taste. I'll be back :)
Positive Review Mississippi_Bullfrog from Belgium sent 21 Nov 2010
The comments on this shop need an 'update', imo; though not much has changed. Small shop (& smoking area), but cosy - their bar is enjoyable. The staff is very friendly - and you get good stuff for not too much money. I'm a satisfied customer; always happy to go there. I speak mainly for the black, Asian/ Middle Eastern hashes. But I'm sure the rest of the menu has equal value.
Positive Review Skabouter from Belgium sent 29 Dec 2008
This really is Paradijs (Dutch for paradise). A nice, cosy shop in the middle of town. It's quite small, a few sofas and a big counter with 2 beautiful girls behind it. 2 screens show you the menu, which has about 20 different choices. I got 2 bags of 20 € Jack Herrer. A giant bud in each bag, well dried weed, with a good taste and a great effect. We smoked it in the park, and I was insanely high. Definitely worth a visit.
Positive Review Van Cauter from Belgium sent 1 Aug 2008
It's a nice and great shop. Bit like Checkpoint style with the colors and screens. Clear and lighty. Few seats and tables. Quite nice. And main thing the weed! Man, the weed is really, really great. Truly, I am from Belgium and buying several year from everywhere in Holland around border. Breda, Maastricht, Goes, Vlissingen (there is a great, great shop too, named The Purple), Terneuzen, enz. But Paradijs is and stays one of the very best and not too far from my place +/- 85 miles or 127 km. Vlissingen 100 miles and border payment in total of 9.20€ Checkpoint is great, but you need hours of time too risky for cops. No Paradijs got it all. The prices are normal around 8 & 9 €. But the weed is superb, even if it looks not so nice, the quality stays very very good. I got Super Haze bit pricy for 12.5€ and looking nice but not super. But I can assure you it gets you high above the clouds and walking on the tips of my toons. You must been there once believe me that you will return to the shop. The weed is already in little and different bags but the weight is perfect. I double-check it more than once.
Positive Review Smokey44 from Belgium sent 5 Jul 2008
A little shop but one of Breda's finest. The service was perfect, could not be bad with such a beautiful, friendly lady behind the bar ;) After seeing every kind of weed they had in store I bought White Widow 6/g and some Northernlight 8.25/g. The weed was very good: dry, crunchable, nice flavour, good THC%, for the right price. I bought a prerolled joint also for 3,5e and I could not believe my eyes what joint I got for that money - not normal size, a little bigger and very good filled ;)
Positive Review Barry from Belgium sent 19 Jan 2008
Quite reasonable prices and good quality weed. They have good milkshakes and the atmosphere is nice. In the summer, you can enjoy a nice spliff in the park, which is just around the corner, but watch out for police vans.
Positive Review Noe from Germany (living in Breda) sent 29 Sep 2006
Small but good coffeeshop with good weed. It's in the center so if you're partying in Breda go to this one :) A local has been smoking there for over 10 years now and he said it's the best.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 15 Sep 2006
Located a block or so off the Grote Markt, this is a small, friendly shop. Enjoyed the Master Kush. At 10 Euro a gram it was one of the top smokes of our 06 trip through the Netherlands. This is a rather small shop a few barstools, a three sided couch, with rolling table but it was comfortable and the locals seemed willing to share their space with us, we had some friendly chats. Detected no anti-American vibe at all, quite the opposite really. There's ample reading material, including some interesting Dutch history books (with lots of pics), which always suggests to me that one is welcome spend some time. This was in the midst of World Cup time so can't really report on their music as a game was always on. We visited 3 or 4 times over a three day period.
Neutral Review Scott from France sent 8 Apr 2006
Very small shop. It's in fact just a room! You walk in, the bar is 3 or 4 meters in front of you across the back wall, and there are 2 medium sofas cornering a low square table. Nice scenery if I remember correctly. Enormous menu with very interesting weeds such as the Nevill's Haze, or the Master Kush and of course the all winning Maroc Special. Fair prices, worth buying there. I don't know about staying. I just bought a gram of Special Maroc and a gram of Master Kush and left 'cos there is just not enough space! :) OK shop though.
Positive Review Miriam & Michael from Germany sent 8 Mar 2005
Lovely & familiar atmosphere; best prices and quality, best fresh milkshakes ever and really nice and interesting people! Highly recommended! ;-)
Positive Review Joy from Netherlands sent 27 Dec 2004
This is the best shop in town, excellent quality for low prices. Paradijs is also a milkshake bar and they have great coffee too. It is a small shop in the center of town. Maybe it is not the kind of shop where you want to spend your day but it is nice to smoke while drinking your shake.
Positive Review Romain from France sent 23 Jul 2004
Cool and not so expensive. A little small but the guy is really cool and welcoming (try his Special Haze).
Negative Review Yoeri from Breda sent 13 Mar 2004
Bad shop, I personally think.