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Reviews of Paradox Number of Positive Reviews 26 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Zagan from USA. Sent 25 Sep 2018.
The shop itself has no separate smoking area and is quite narrow. The owner is very friendly. Tried the space cakes and found them to be quite mild, other products were much more potent. Multiple vaporizers are available for use.
Positive Review Tom from France. Sent 26 Feb 2018.
Very nice little shop in a pleasant place. Can't say much about their weed as I didn't really try them but their hash was nice. The Super Polm is decent (even quite good compared to the average in Adam): tastes like a Moroccan should taste with a nice relaxing and energetic high. Special quote for their Alaskan Ice - not very tasty but pure and strong.
Positive Review sNc from Wales. Sent 16 Apr 2017.
Nice little shop, very old school style cafe type set up, but makes you feel comfortable. Good quality product and half gram deals are a nice touch so you can sample some strains before committing to larger purchases.
Positive Review Sam from Wales. Sent 26 Feb 2013.
Nice man who owns the shop, good weed n cheap prices.
Positive Review Micky W from UK. Sent 1 Jun 2009.
A small pretty little shop in a very quiet street close to the Jordaan area of town, as you go in there is a large L shaped comfy seating area to the left with a large cartoon mural on the wall behind it, to the right there are about 3 tables and chairs that lead up to the dealers/beverage bar area, to the left of that there are another couple of tables and chairs, they have a few board games and there are Dutch newspapers all over the tables for the locals to read. The hash and weed menu was fairly extensive and so was the drinks menu, they also do soup and toasties amongst other things. I purchased 1.5gms of Ace on recommendation from the nice lady budtender for 11euros, a nice clean/smooth smoke with a nice light trippy stoned feeling, I ordered a couple of hot chocolates for me and the missus and they were served in huge glasses with a good helping of whipped cream and were only 1.80euros each. We liked this shop a lot as it was frequented by mostly locals around our age group (35-45) and had a really nice relaxing vibe, nice place, recommended.
Positive Review Doody from USA. Sent 24 Jul 2008.
Beautiful little shop, in a very cool part of town, off the beaten path. Located on a very picturesque and narrow street out west in the Joordan part of town, there is a small bench out front to sit and soak it all in. The front of the shop is open air, very nice feeling as it invites you in amongst bamboo plants and flowers. It opens to a fairly spacious room with ample, comfortable seating at tables with chairs, as well as padded couches along the walls. There is lots of art work on the walls, candle chandeliers, and sculptures etc., nice strategic lighting, good music, they were playing Cuban tunes, very chilled vibe. The wiet/ beverage counter is in the back. On my visit I was the only person in the shop, so the service was amazing. There was a very friendly gal serving drinks who also was the bud tender, actually the only person working in the whole place. The menu here is small, but good. I got .7 gm of "Chocolata" hasj at 5e, this stuff was great! I also got the "Puur Ace" pre-rolled (3e) and it was one of the best I had this trip. They have a very wide variety of beverages including very good "Milkshakes". You can also get light food, including toasties, broodjies, vege burgers, and different soeps. Right down the street from Paradox is "Cafe Chris," reputed to be one of the oldest brown bar cafes in Amsterdam (anno 1624).
Positive Review Tyler H from USA. Visited June 07. Sent 4 Feb 2008.
I picked up some "Power Plant" which proved to be crystal covered. It came equipped with a tangy almost pine like smell and a smooth to moderate smoke. Also had a skunky taste, and a higher price tag at 12E/G which made me think twice about trying another stand here.
Positive Review Craftybrewer from UK. Sent 25 Nov 2006.
I am a regular visitor to the Netherlands, but the first time I visited Paradox was 17th/18th Nov 2006. A little out of the way and better for it. Friendly, older staff about my age (47) a bit of a locals place but happy to deal with tourists, good prices I thought too. I had the bio which was a really nice buzz with a super taste and nicely not over strong for an afternoon! Great coffee and the veggie burger hit the spot too. Relaxing unhurried place and while I was there, attracts that sort of crowd too. Not over busy either, something I value. Highly recommended. Oh and if anyone has a disability and access problems go to this coffeeshop, very accommodating. The staff member/owner on duty went out of his way to help someone out while I was there and access is as good as it gets.
Positive Review Tyler H from USA. Sent 16 Jun 2006.
White Widdow was awesome. Super Pollen (Moroccan) hash was only 5 euros and blew me away; it was one of the best Moroccan hashes ever! Place was really empty when we went, only us two and another group of 3 people. The kitchen just closed (Damn I wanted a veggie-burger!) but the man was very nice still, took plenty of time to pick out a good bud for us, and clean out a bong for our use. [Racist comment removed] Also the neutral face review is also stupid; coffee shops cannot serve alcohol unless there is a separate bar for it. As far as I'm concerned this is a perfect scored shop!
Positive Review Megan from Australia. Sent 29 Mar 2005.
Unfortunately, we arrived after the kitchen closed (3pm), but still, it's a quite small, chilled out place with a friendly atmosphere, mainly for locals by the looks - tourists wouldn't stumble across it, it's not on the main roads. The music is jazz and is of a decent volume where you can have a conversation. We bought some Bio here, and it's genuinely the best smoke I've ever had. They had a really decent range of smoke and good recommendations from the owner - the purple was good as well, not as acrid tasting as is usually expected. Different sized and priced bags as well which is always appreciated. Really friendly owner/staff and punters. Liked it a lot.
Negative Review Aaron & Nicole from USA. Sent 13 Mar 2005.
Last week my wife (who is black) and myself (white) were on vacation in Amsterdam and we decided to go to Paradox for a vegieburger and our first smoke. While we were enjoying the very tasty vegieburger and decent smoke a regular of the coffeeshop Paradox walked in and loudly proclaimed "Niggers in the house" and proceeded to glare at my wife. We finished our food and promptly left the shop but that experience rattled my wife and myself and she remained upset about it for most of our vacation. The reason that I believe that the person was a regular is that after the racist comment they proceeded to talk to the person behind the counter and a few others at the bar in Dutch (at least I think it was Dutch).
Positive Review Jake from Ireland. Sent 23 Feb 2005.
My girlfriend and I discovered this place quite by accident. We didn't buy any bud there but we had some tea and apple pie. The pie was not only cheap, but amazing. Definitely one of the better shops, miles away from the commercial hustle of Bulldog or Grasshopper. The guy behind the counter was helpful and friendly. Hell, even the locals were friendly. Great place, well worth a visit or three.
Positive Review Naman from USA. Visited Jan 05. Sent 8 Jan 2005.
At around 11:00 AM there were two wild professor types reading papers at the tables and two locals having coffee at the bar. Totally relaxing. I think overall this was the best shop in terms of environment and surroundings we visited during this trip. Had a great fresh squeezed OJ and a gram of Power House on the recommendation of the bar keep. Very airy, mellow high that put me in the right mood to explore the Jordaan.
Positive Review Jonathan from USA. Sent 11 Dec 2004.
This is a great place for lunch. It does not get much better than a veggie burger (best ever), tomato soup, and Bio Bud (organically grown) from a loner bong. Very pleasant guy who owns the place. We went there a few times and he remembered us. They also have a vaporizer that you can use it if you want.
Positive Review Jul-Kev-Stev from France. Visited 22-26 Nov. Sent 1 Dec 2004.
Nice place in Jordaan, we didn't try anything here, but we take a drink. Friendly staff with really good fresh fruity juice.
Positive Review Lee and Deb from South Africa. Sent 17 Oct 2004.
I really liked this one. I think we were the only tourists in there at the time (you can always seem to hear the voice of an American) Very friendly service and definitely the best chocolate cake in town.
Positive Review Gary & Cori from Canada. Sent 5 Oct 2004.
Great out-of-the-way place to stop for a joint with breakfast. We were there at the end of September and started every day by popping into Paradox, ordering up a couple of toasties, fresh squeezed orange juice, some tea, and a couple of the finest joints ever smoked. The owner was very friendly and made some great recommendations on which gear to buy. Anyone looking for a shop that serves good (non-greasy) food and wants to spend some time away from some of the more touristy shops, Paradox is the place.
Positive Review Kane and Hannah from UK. Sent 25 Jun 2004.
We bought a pre-rolled joint here (as we had way too much pot on us anyway, and the menu was kind of mediocre) which was only beaten by the Cheese and Pineapple toasties, oh my god, they were great! Paradox is an awesome place to spend a lunchtime relaxing in Amsterdam.
Positive Review J.C. from USA. Sent 6 May 2004.
It's true, the Veggie Burgers are great. That make it worth the trip right there. The guy was a little weird to me though, and I don't really know why, not flagrantly uncool, but just a little too frosty. But it's not a bad place overall.
Positive Review ace42 from USA. Sent 24 Mar 2004.
Didn't try the weed, but can confirm prior reports of them having the absolutely best veggie burger known to man. The place is also in the nicest neighborhood (Jordaan) of the Dam. Remember though - kitchen closes at 3 pm.
Positive Review Chris from Channel Islands. Sent 10 Mar 2004.
Nice place, didn't try the weed there though. Friendly enough staff but really chilled out. Worth the walk outside the centre, there were only friendly locals when we were there. So chilled out, really relaxed and slow, expect to spend a long time so take some good weed with you.
Positive Review Dean from USA. Sent 22 Jan 2004.
The Paradox is one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Located on a quiet residential street. They have excellent coffee, nice pastries, cookies and really tasty fresh squeezed fruit juices. The owners or proprietors are very polite and quite helpful with the smoke selection. They have a great selection of weed and hash that is reasonably priced and it's very fresh. A very low keyed atmosphere filled with a combination of tourists and locals. Americans remember that the more polite and patient you are, the better the service that you will receive.
Positive Review Tony from UK. Sent 15 Jan 2004.
Excellent smoke, had Hawaiian Haze and White Widow. The haze was beautiful, a really pleasant smoke. Unhurried and nice surroundings too.
Positive Review Babs. Sent 14 Jan 2004.
It's not huge, but really relaxed. I particularly like the sofa bit. I didn't find such a big choice (more than some, much less than some others!) and the prices were reasonable. No, what I really appreciated was the kindness of the person working there, he properly advised me and I found him really welcoming... I'll definitely go back!
Neutral Review Max from USA. Visited 27-30 Dec 03. Sent 2 Jan 2004.
When I asked the man if he served beer, he informed me this "was a coffeeshop". Not wanting to get into it with him I asked for a coffee and a half-gram of Nepalese hash for around 10 euro total. He may have been the owner and lightened up after serving us.
Positive Review Fragile Smokey from UK. Sent 1 Sep 2003.
This place is beautiful for a quiet and peaceful daytime smoke. On your own you can read the papers or current Uncut and with your friends you can chillout with the best fruit shakes in Christendom. Nobody hassles you and we just kept popping in when the rest of town got too frenetic. The menu is a bit ordinary so you'd be best to buy from Tweede Kamer first.
Positive Review RC from USA. Sent 12 Jul 2003.
Real laid back, but great smoke. On their suggestion I tried White Widow. A little harsher of the throat than Double Bubble Gum or Super Kalimist, but still a real nice smoke. Probably would be better in a bong (I use a straight pipe).
Positive Review Debs from UK. Sent 3 Apr 2003.
Good resting point if checking out the Jordaan. Found this place very relaxing, felt inconspicuous. We didn't buy from here as we had plenty of our own to smoke. Went in feeling rough as and left cured! Definitely worth visit if your feeling a bit fragile and want to recoup in the early afternoon before hitting the more intense places.