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Hello Kiffy from Germany. Sent 31 May 2014.
Good selection and they sell to Germans. Unfortunately you can't sit in the coffee shop without a Weedpass.
Michael from Belgium. Sent 25 Apr 2008.
One of the most friendly coffeeshops I have ever been to, I really mean that. I have never posted anything in my life, but I had to now. My girlfriend also got me something in there and she was alone, she was shocked at how friendly they really were, and she is Dutch! The weed is expensive though, starting from 7.50EUR per gram till 11EUR and nothing of high quality, but the look and feel of the shop is nice, nice enough to sit down chill, smoke and drink there, but in my opinion, the weed is not worth the money compared to Rotterdam weed or something, the Haze is really useless and priced at 11EUR a gram, so stay away! Hash is cheap and good enough.
Johnson from Belgium. Sent 5 Mar 2008.
This is by far the worst shop I've ever been to. Prices are ridiculously high, 10€ for every kind of weed and hasjiesj (except Top 66 which is 5) and you don't always get the amount listed on the price list. The stuff there is from really poor quality. I smoked Snow White, Oasis, Haze and Top 66 and they're all lousy most of the time. The last time I visited it (a month ago), I tend to give shops another go after 6 months or something, the quality didn't change much. Oasis was a very tasty weed, which has changed, all others still suck and I even got .3g less haze than normally and it was awful. I had to smoke 5 joints to feel something, not the prerolled, they suck in every shop I've been in.
Sami from Germany. Sent 6 Jan 2004.
I am very pleasantly surprised. A very friendly atmosphere, friendly operation and guests. A large area in oriental style with a giant TV screen, Internet stations and comfortable seats. It's like being in a bazaar ; -) In another large area there are many tables and chairs, the bar and a machine in the corner. 4 or 5 varieties of grass are available. I can't comment on the hash because I've only smoked grass there. Very high-quality grass!!! I recommend Snowwhite!!! An attractive shop and only 19 km from expensive Roermond.
Roger "asak" Z from Germany. Sent 5 Jan 2004.
The whole "company" was very nice to us, spoke a lot of languages so it was easy for us to handle the new situation ;) We stayed there for 3 or 4 hours and came back stoned, happy and remarkable: we weren't much poorer as we usually are. - Nice one!