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coffeeshop Tilburg
coffee shop Pasja, Tilburg, Noord Brabant for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, Facebook, Instagram, reviews, map, picture
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Reviews of Pasja Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 3 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Neutral Review Jesscass. Visited March 2018. Sent 8 Mar 2018.
Still the little shithole it once was; now you can't even consume here anymore but rolling one up for the road. On the menu this time they had Amnesia (12€/g; not into quantity at coffeeshops but 5g Amnesia is 50€ here which is OKish discount), Lemon Haze, Orange Bud, White Widow (9€/g) and Shiva (8€/g). Hashwise it was Rode Lebanon (5€/g), Afghan (5€/g), Super Pollen (5€/g), Kristal, Twisla (8€/g), Ice-O-Lator (10€/g) and Hia (10€/g). Polite enough guy on shift showed me latter one and blondish Moroccan looked good enough to me. Nice resin with an uplifting effect. They weigh up for you here, one gram minimum.
Positive Review Ganja-X from Belgium. Sent 23 Feb 2010.
Better now they have a new interior and they have a security guy at their shop.
Positive Review Bassjunky from Belgium. Sent 2 Apr 2009.
This isn't a bad shop 'cause it has good weed & hasj, but its downside is that it has no drinking-opportunity. Another useful fact is that it's very close to Crackers (if you wanna go home with more than 5 gr. Recommendations: Amnesia, White Widow, Twisla (hasj).
Negative Review Wiley from Belgium. Sent 27 Jan 2009.
I only went to Pasja one time, that was more then enough. They only had 3 kinds of weed to choose from. I had 5 grams of Amnesia (12/gr). I smoked a joint on the way home. It was the worst weed u ever tasted in my life and I'm a regular smoker for over 4 years. I had paid 60 euro for 5 grams Amnesia that tasted like barbaquespices and a first time blower wouldn't even get high from that "weed".
Neutral Review Ganja X from Belgium. Sent 22 Aug 2008.
The last months there are strange things going on in coffeeshop Pasha Tilburg! What do I mean - First they close their drinkbar then nobody can use their wc and finally they are making the menu shorter and shorter and the prices go up and up! So we don't know what their problem is, a friend told me that this coffeeshop is willing to close their doors and maybe it is if you look at the things that are going on now! They are not friendly any more, the bags getting smaller so maybe they better close than doing it this way. In the hope that every thing gets back to the old we have to sit back and look what the next step is.
Neutral Review Ganja-X from Belgium. Sent 26 Feb 2008.
Pasa is not the best shop anymore, the last months the weed is really bad and the prices keep on growing. They ask 8,5euro for really bad Widow! And the service is not what it was to.
Positive Review Dragon from Belgium. Sent 24 May 2007.
Good weed for good prices. The best stuff there is White Widow but so strong you can call it super white widow! 7€ the gram.
Negative Review Tenzo from Belgium. Sent 29 Oct 2006.
For over 4 month we are going there and now last weekend it was shit to be there for the first time. The guy at the dealer window was not friendly at all and our bag of weed was poor. The weed that is always good was bad to smoke there was a bad taste on it when you are blowing it. We really hope this is a one time thing because if this keep on happening we are not going there any more. We think that the shops are playing with the money of their customers.
Positive Review Tenzo from Belgium. Sent 25 Jul 2006.
When you visit Tilburg you must visit shop Pasja! This shop is the best in this city! It's not a big shop, it is only a window where you can get your weed or hasj. The prices are good and the weed and hasj are of superb quality! The best weed there is White Widow. Really, this weed nocks your socks off! And the best hasj is super Libanon. The guy that is there to give the drugs is really friendly and they give the right grams for the money you give. 20€ widow you will get 4grams there and for 5€ libanon you will get 1.3grams. If you ask me and my friend this is one of the best shops in Tilburg and we hope this will stay this way. It's not really hard to find if you enter Tilburg you must go right when entering stop sign number three! Then when you see shop Crackers park your car and you can walk to shop Pasja it only 3minuts from Crackers.
Positive Review Samir from Belgium. Sent 10 Nov 2003.
This shop is nice. If you come in it's a bar, but if you go ahead you'll find the dude who selling the weed and hash. The weed and hash are good in comparison with the price.