Pax de Boot

coffeeshop in Breda
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Positive Review Regular Consumer from Belgium sent 12 May 2009
Here the White Widow is always good :) (sometimes a bit wet so it looks a bit less). But when you buy 5 grams in Pax, they most of the times give leaves + tippies free (it is free, but don't forget to ask if they don't)
Positive Review James from Wales sent 2 Jan 2008
Sadly this place isn't the sort of place you can hang out in for long, just because of its size (small). There is a fairly constant stream of customers, just popping in to pick up some weed, but not that many stay for long, maybe just for one spliff. It is a novelty as it is a coffeeboat rather than shop. The White Widow they sell is 2nd to none, and from what my friend says the quality has been very consistent for at least the last 6 months. 2 grams costs 16 euros (though it seems to last a bit longer than normal). They also sell a half gram bag for 4 euros if you just want a tester. Rating: 7/10 (would be 9/10 if more space to stay for longer)
Positive Review Ana from Belgium sent 18 Sep 2007
It is a boat situated alongside Nijverheidssingel 12 (a quay as the name implies) with parking right in front. We were welcome by a charming lady offering a fair choice of weed and hash. In a friendly atmosphere we purchased very good quality for 6 to 7 euro the gram. Recommended.
Positive Review DD from Belgium sent 5 Jun 2007
I think the White Widow is 1st class smoke, the Haze is not so or to say it different, I smoked better juuuw.
Positive Review Noe from Germany (living in Breda) sent 29 Sep 2006
Nice coffeesho..I mean coffeeboat. Good choice of hash, small choice of weed but always good quality. Their seats outside are nice to have a good smoke. I recommend this one.
Positive Review Dave B from Breda sent 29 May 2006
The service is excellent, the scenery is good, and what they sell is just the best around. If you're looking for hash then try Nepal +_8,50, White Widow hash+_10,- Citral +_7,50 or when they have some, try Creme Malana (very expensive around 15+euro but it's very good and worth the money) however it's not always available. When going for grass I prefer most kind of Hazes and A05. Handy to know, If you're buying in excess of 20 euro you usually get vloei and tip but you can ask for a De Boot lighter instead. Makes a nice souvenir for tourist customers. If you're a tourist looking for strong smoke and friendly service then go look for the Boot, it's a couple of streets away from the big white church and a large round shaped factory on the opposite side (where the railroad track is). Remember to take your ID with you especially when you look like you're not above 18+.
Positive Review Scott from France sent 25 Aug 2005
From the outside, it is already hard to notice this coffeeshop as it is quite low on the water; then it looks very small. But when you enter that door, you get into such a cosy room, with a nice bar, and all around, windows that allow a good view on the canal, the ducks, the plants, whatever you like to trip on. Talking about the weed, I bought 2 grams of Afghaan Hash - which was excellent - at 7 euros a gram, and 3 grams of Northern Light for 5 euros a gram. Again, the quality was very good :) I can't remember if there was any music as I was a bit stoned and in wild discussions with friends, but the weed is good quality for the prices it shows, and the atmosphere is nice. Go for it!
Positive Review Romain from France sent 23 Jul 2004
Hard to find but really cool. Large choice of weeds and hash but a little expensive.
Positive Review Cloudy_Brain from France sent 7 Apr 2004
This coffeeshop is an extra relaxing place, floating on a little canal. I have souvenirs of staying in this place for hours, smoking, speaking and looking at the ducks on the water on an October Sunday, it was awesome! The quality of the weeds is very nice and the prices are honest. They have a large choice of herbs and hash and I strongly recommend their space cake which is excellent.
Positive Review Yoeri from Breda sent 13 Mar 2004
If you visit Breda, I strongly recommend Pax de Boot. The quality is very good.
Positive Review Alex from Belgium sent 3 Jan 2004
I went for the first time on a coffee boat. Strangely outside it didn't seem to be a coffee shop, but I swear I just opened the door and smelled the good taste of buds. I bought Shiva, White Widow. Grams are not so expensive if you compare with the quality, without shame I'll say that this is probably the best coffee shop in Breda. Very cool mood and beautiful landscape. I've met some Belgium guys who approve my opinion. He said to me "They have the best buds of all coffeeshops in town". We try another coffee but not even that one was better.
PS: the bar guy speaks French and English very well and he is very calm so no stress, relax and just smoke your weed.