Hunter's Zandvoort

coffeeshop in Zandvoort
Reviews of Hunter's Zandvoort Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Brudjävel from Sweden sent 14 Feb 2009
Nice dark coffeeshop a short walk from the trainstation. With a 'bar', to left you have a corner with movies and in front of the bar there's nice seats which is preferable if you don't feel like sitting in between the locals at the bar. Friendly people. Good service, the weed's really enjoyable but nothing special that really rocks your world. The Orange Bud makes your eyes look like you haven't slept for two days. Reasonable prices for drinks, and bars and candy and other stuff. Baaaad, really bad music though, from some kind of Dutch RnB and hiphop radio.
Positive Review Usbonglord from USA visited 1 Dec 08; sent 17 Jan 2009
We ordered the Super Silver Haze for 12 euro a gram. One side is a nice lounge area the other is a bar, complete with foozball table and a pool table. There was some nice soft core porn rolling on the TV in the lounge area so we sat there, got baked and watched that for a while, very comfortable chairs (leather) and couches. Nice place, will return next November.
Positive Review Chris from USA sent 5 May 2007
Had some hash called Diamond, it's a good buy as well for 19E.
Positive Review Blaine from USA sent 11 Feb 2007
We were very impressed with the level of service by the staff there as compared to every other coffee shop we'd visited for the past week in Amsterdam. They were very inviting and welcoming. I bought a space cake and some hash. They suggested we try out their vaporizer and took the time to help us use it. We had a great time and it is one of the more memorable experiences of the vacation. I disagree with many of the other postings. It has a dark, dimly lit parlor area for smoking and relaxing. I would describe it as luxurious and accommodating.
Negative Review Andrew 'n' Lyndsay from USA sent 14 Dec 2004
Didn't enjoy it any more this time, the dealer actually seemed pissed to have to deal with me. The space cake was not as strong, and if possible the vibe was worse. We may go next time to give it one more chance, but probably not.
Positive Review Korrupt from Germany sent 7 Aug 2004
A very dark and very nice coffee shop. When you enter the shop, let your eyes relax for a few minutes, before you walk to the bar, otherwise you will fall over evil-steps.
Neutral Review Hessenmob from Germany sent 23 Jun 2004
Pretty hard to find. Inside is very dark, but I liked it, they had a lot of comfortable couches. Staff wasn't friendly. They mostly had hashes on their menu, only 2 sorts of weed. Bought 2 grams of "Zero-Zero" for 12€. It didn't look very nice, but the taste was ok and it made me stoned.
Neutral Review Andrew from USA visited July 2003; sent 13 Dec 2003
Coffeeshop La Paz was a bit easier to find than Yanks, but was nowhere near as enjoyable. The menu, which was prodigious, was highly hash heavy. The space food was rather strong. However, the vibe was somewhat dark and menacing; like a den in a vampire movie with gangster rap in the background. There was a pool table.