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sNc from Wales. Sent 16 Apr 2017.
Cosy little shop with nice staff. Looks basic from outside but is quite comfortable even though it has hard seating. Plenty of seating upstairs and street level. Opens early 7am. Don't be put off by looks with this shop, can easily be overlooked but is nice and relaxed.
Atxxim from Portugal. Sent 25 Feb 2012.
My first stop every morning at 8am, nice weed and hash and a nice gruis (Picasso 5€/g) too.
Wackness from UK. Sent 24 May 2010.
What a super place, great people, very relaxed and the Picasso at 6E per gram was surprisingly good. The toilet key kept everyone laughing for a long while.
Enrico from Germany. Sent 18 May 2009.
Their guy and shop is ok, the big toilette key is funny and the coffee is good.
Tyler H from USA. Visited June 07. Sent 4 Feb 2008.
Wow I can't say enough good things about this "under dog" coffeeshop. I have never really had a reason to really respect this place, but I walked in and got some "Amnisia" anyways. Dank looking, just amazing picture perfect, crystallized, sticky buds. Healthy fruity smell that was amazing, and a very pleasant sour almost citrus taste, this is amazing stuff! I couldn't find a strand in this place that wasn't worth the money but don't even play with anything other then the "Amnisia" (not spelled Amnesia as others would call it).
Kokoshka from USA. Sent 10 Nov 2007.
I bought a gram of Picasso for about 9 E. I liked this place, had a nice homey atmosphere. The folks behind the counter were nice and helpful. If you like board games this is your place. They have everything from chess to something that looked like fussball. This coffeeshop actually serves coffee!
Kenny from UK. Sent 27 Mar 2007.
I've been to quite a few coffeeshops in Amsterdam, and most of them are good, but the first time I went to this cafe, it was an instant hit! This place is great, situated in the perfect place on Harlemmerstraat, it's a cosy little shop but also very light and cheerful, not dark and seedy like a few other places. There's an upstairs if you want to get out of the way and chill, but the best place to sit is in front of the window, wicked for people watching. When I first looked at their menu, it put me off a bit as there was no recognisable weed names like Blueberry or anything like that, so I thought this weed was gonna be cheap knock-off rubbish with their own unique names like 'Dream' and names like that, boy was I wrong! The weed is cheap but good! I was especially impressed with the 'Dream' bud, and the Super pollen was something special for the price, and the atmos is great too, the guy serving was sound as a pound, putting his hands together and bowing to you when you purchase, this place is not to be missed, right up there with Umma Gumma and Amnesia, cheap and cheerful!
Momitos from Spain. Sent 3 Dec 2006.
We come here just 20 min. before they close, so just we bought 1 g of White Widow for 10 Euros, cheap and a nice one. I really recommend this place. The guy was really helpful.
Tyler H from USA. Sent 16 Jun 2006.
This place is really not that special looking, and it's not that great to hang out in either. But the weed is a whole different story! It's quite good and the prices are about as low as you can find. I had the strand Dream which was very nice but could have hit harder. The weed made the top 10 list for sure though, and the man running the place was extremely friendly and hooked me up with 1.8 grams for the price of 1.2 for my "positive attitude" lol!
Enrico from Germany. Sent 26 May 2006.
Great place at beginning of the Haarlemerstraat. Free coffee and toast when you buy weed or hasjh (mornings).
AzLaker from USA. Visited 10/15. Sent 24 Oct 2005.
First shop to see Sat morning. Great staff behind the counter. Linda was the lady's name, can't remember her partner's name, great guy. Bought a gram of Orange Bud and upstairs we went to burn one, nice view. Great taste and very nice buzz to start the day.
Allan from Scotland. Sent 2 Aug 2005.
Only been here the once, sat up the stairs which was empty, within five mins the guy behind the bar had come up to see how we were, he had recognised our accents and knew we were Scottish and did his best to make us feel welcome even though we had only bought drinks.
Stephen and Sonja from USA. Visited Mar 16-17. Sent 21 Mar 2005.
Had the White Widow joint with tobacco (3,50) and it was nice. Next day bought a gram of White Widow (7,50). Most relaxed and friendly coffee shop we visited while in town.
Fatboy Scouse from UK. Sent 2 Mar 2005.
Open early for those of you aren't Barney's fans - this unpretentious shop on Haarlemerstraat provides an excellent menu at an excellent price, with excellent service, too. Their Poison and Temple Ball were both delicious.
Mike and John. Visited 7-10 Feb. Sent 11 Feb 2005.
First place visited on the promise of a free breakfast, which didn't materialise, no matter as the vibe and place was great. This is the type of coffeeshop where the vibe and weed are the priority. All the staff were a great help and on the first morning after buying some 'Dream' and 'Ice hash' because of no breakfast we were given free drinks. The smoke was reasonably priced and the deals fair. The quality was good. We went back everyday and used the coffeeshop as a banker of quality. Great!
Rob the Old Grower from UK. Sent 16 Jan 2005.
I've been visiting the Picasso regularly since 1992, when it was two shops, the Picasso (for hash) and the Picasso Green (for weed) on opposite sides of Haarlemmerstraat. Like Sherry & Marty, I rarely go anywhere else, except for a bounce in-and-out of the Grey Area every year or so to check out the cup winners when I'm here to buy seeds. The weed is great - fairly-priced, well-trimmed but never bashed for hash (as so much Amsterdam weed has been), the hash (esp. Nederhasj) is incredible and the welcome second to none - I can't eat toasties (wheat-allergy) but freshly squeezed OJ (summer) and hot Chocomel (winter) is always enough to prevent a whitey. Dijk (sp?) can advise if you want something gentle for a travelling companion and there is always a range of treats on special offer. Barney's for breakfast, Picasso for everything else. If you arrive at Schiphol at 7:30am from Heathrow, you'll be at the Picasso when it opens.
Naman from USA. Visited Jan 05. Sent 8 Jan 2005.
Very mellow scene with levels of seating above the bar area. Very nice bar keep. Sat and enjoyed a piece of S. Moroccan from the top of the hash menu. Nice spicy burn and a good, sustained high. The comments from the other reviews regarding the seating in this shop are totally correct. This shop could be a real scene if it were just a little more comfortable.
Tim & Amey from USA. Sent 23 Nov 2004.
There are three great things about this place: 1) It's open early 2) great menu and service and 3) it's right next door to a kick ass bakery. We arrived early in the Dam and were stoked to find this place open (especially after our 8 hour plane ride). Not the largest or most comfortable of coffeeshops, but very welcoming nonetheless. Good groovy tunes, good quality and prices, friendly staff. Looked like a lot of the same people hung out there (lol, including us since we made several morning trips during our stay). If only that had more comfy chairs! Oh yeah, our favorite smoke was Dream.
Sherri & Marty from USA. Sent 15 Oct 2004.
We can't say enough good things about Dick and his co-workers and his products. We have tried many other places over the years and not one has had compared. We don't even bother to go anywhere else anymore it would just be wasted time and money. We're just heading off for a yearly two week vacation next week and can't wait to visit our favorite shop. We even named our new puppy Picasso in their honor! Since we are Americans, we don't roll our joints with tobacco so over a two week period we're great customers and we are treated accordingly. We get off the plane check into the Renaissance Hotel (we stay there because it's close to Picasso's, very close) and immediately go to Picasso's to start our vacation! We have found that Picasso mostly caters to locals. They have obviously discovered what we have, that it's absolutely great!
Sebazz from France. Sent 13 Aug 2004.
The Pablow is one of my favorite coffee shops. The dealers are very helpful, they are really nice people, that's the most important. But the quality of the smoke is really great too! The dream, the! It blows me out!
Will and mates from UK. Visited 4-7 Feb 04. Sent 15 Feb 2004.
A top little coffee shop with around 5 floors. A good selection of smokes and cheap breki available. Beware while visiting the little boys room, the light in there is a UV light and its very hard to see what you are doing. New York Diesel recommended an easy smoke and very uplifting.
Si from UK. Sent 11 Jul 2003.
I was told about this place by a dear and sorely missed toking buddy of mine, I was told it was a friendly hole in the wall type of place which appealed to me and boy o boy he wasn't wrong because it's ever so small and very very friendly. They had some great smoke which nearly wiped me out after an afternoon of trying a lil bit of everything they had and their food's amazing too, but that's only half the story because what made this place shine for me was the two guys that run it, both of which were to extremely chilled out people who after serving me came and sat down at my table and chatted'n'smoked like they knew me of old. The only thing that lets the place down is the seating being hard and wooden but not for long because lets face it if you smoke enough dope after a while you don't really care. For me the vibe of the place made it comfy and relaxing.
Zunki from UK via South Africa. Visited frequently. Sent 15 Dec 2002.
A tiny hole in the wall but I have never been disappointed with their grass. The orange bud they sell is the best I have sampled in Amsterdam. The poison got me so stoned on my last trip I almost had my first whitey in years. The dealer is friendly and always helpful. If only the shop its self was more comfortable and sold beer I would spend more time here.