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coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Picasso Green 1998
Amsterdamned Picasso Green 1998


There were once two Picasso shops on opposite sides of Haarlemmerstraat. This one was known as Picasso Green. The other one, called Picasso Gallery specialised in hash and this one in weed, or Green Art as they put it.

In the 1998 picture the old Picasso Green is looking a little dilapidated. On this page we can see how it was first redecorated in black and white with new signage on the window very similar to the old. Later it was repainted again in red and white with new lettering on the window.

Finally it changed completely to Amsterdamned.

Pablow Picasso 2008
Amsterdamned Pablow Picasso 2008
Picasso 2014
Amsterdamned Picasso 2014
Picasso 2015
Amsterdamned Picasso 2015
Amsterdamned 2018
Amsterdamned 2018