De Pinguin

coffeeshop in Arnhem
Reviews of De Pinguin Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Neutral Review Jesscass sent 26 Mar 2018
Small shop and a couple of times closed down in the past years due to dodgy shit going on behind the scenes (how unexpected in this unregulated and only tolerated coffeeshop game). Open again since a few months and again renovated (a long time ago they indeed had a pinguin theme going on) and now only a couple of seats available behind a glass wall. Better buy and leave. Their menu consists of about six to seven sorts of hashish and about the same for wiet; their best wiet is usually S5 (about 12€) but sometimes they also sell new strains and lately they offer those new Moroccans with foreign genetics too as for example Amnesia of reasonable quality. While the average quality is ok to good enough please beware they also sell those sprayed strains which are around for about ten years now all across the country, Strawberry Haze or Apple something and all that.
Positive Review AJ from UK visited Aug 11; sent 11 Jan 2012
Liked this shop. Was in here few times. Decent weed 10e a g and good ambience. Penguins from floor to ceiling, strange.
Positive Review Erik from Netherlands sent 25 Aug 2006
Here you must try the new Yor Diesel, it's 10 euro the gram but very good Haze.
Positive Review Billy from USA sent 5 Nov 2005
This is probably the shop with the liveliest atmosphere in town. It is likely not a coincidence that the customers here are a little younger than elsewhere, even within this neighborhood. If it is not too crowded, this is definitely a decent place to sit and relax. There are tables and chairs like at a small restaurant, most affording views of the TV which was showing English football on my most recent visit. The menu is not huge, and the prices seem to be just a bit higher than the other shops nearby. However, anyone looking for a strong smoke should stop in and sample the Pinguin Deluxe hash, definitely worth the trip if you're looking for something more potent than average. I was also happy with the White Widow grass. If you are in this part of town, check out this place along with Lucky Luke and Fools Paradise and decide which suits you best and/or which has a place to sit.
Positive Review Puffmutter from Germany sent 24 Sep 2004
Didn't stay there, it was just too full. But they have a very nice area to sit around and relax. Unfortunately they had only one weed, called "NLX", which produces a very clear up-high. I think usually they have more weed sorts there than only this one. The Hash menu is bigger and offers you about 8 sorts. I didn't buy some, because I was already too (much too) stoned at that time ;o) But the people smoking there seemed to be very happy with their stuff! Unfortunately that shop is in a ghetto-like area, and you sometimes meet very strange people there ;-)