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Neutral Review Rafiki from Germany sent 10 Jun 2019
Very crowded and busy street with a plethora of neighbouring coffeeshops, thus the shop itself is packed.
Negative Review Atxxim from Portugal sent 25 Feb 2012
Only buziness.
Positive Review Niklas from Germany sent 4 Jan 2012
Very relaxed, good drinks and a great menu. Tried different sativa weeds and was very satisfied. Felt kind of "unwanted" and "stupid" because I didn't knew the habits of the shop. Seems to be very popular and was very crowded. Had some C-5 and some Amnesia 7/10
Positive Review Half-Pickled-Turnip from UK sent 17 Jan 2011
Didn't know at the time but this place is owned by same people that own Tweeda Karma so for that I must rate it! We didn't stay here just popped in as was heading back to hotel and seemed nice enough. Looks small but loads of seating out back and upstairs.
Positive Review THCproxy from USA sent 27 May 2010
This is a truly amazing coffeeshop and for those in the know. Frequented mostly by locals, Dampkring 2 is a far cry form it's touristy sister shop Dampkring 1: a gaudy attraction that I could not enter because there were tour groups gathered outside blocking the entrance! After waking up and taking a refreshing shower, the first coffeeshop on my list that I wanted to visit was Dampkring 2. Dampkring 2 is one of my favorite coffeeshops in Amsterdam for many reasons. The menu that they have to offer has many strains of cannabis and varieties of hashish for sale, each one of significant quality. Their prices are fair and the budtender was very patient and kind when helping me decide on a strain. Wanting to try something new, I chose a strain that I had only read about in message boards and magazine articles for many years: Bubblegum (price between 8-9 Euros as it happens to weigh out at the time). Because it was only 1000 in the morning there was a relaxing and calming effect in the shop as locals came in for their morning joint and glass of orange juice. It was not at all busy and there was plenty of seating available in their numerous rooms and floors. A unique and modern décor gives this coffeeshop a clean and easy flowing feeling and the modern furniture provides calm open spaces as well as plenty of room and comfort. Because it can be a bit busy in the evening, this wonderful coffeeshop is best enjoyed in its early hours, from its opening time at 1000 until the early afternoon.
Positive Review Thomas from UK sent 28 Oct 2009
Nice place - some good NYC Diesel at 10€/gramme. Very busy, but staff very friendly.
Neutral Review Micky W from UK sent 15 Oct 2009
I didn't want to go in here as I have had bad experiences with commercial shops in the past but my mate was itching to go so I accompanied him. He purchased a gram of Maco Haze but didn't actually see the budtender weigh it. I got the drinks in and we sat upstairs where there are a load of telly screens on the walls playing bizarre films of starving people in Africa amongst other things. The tunes were pretty good though, when my mate went to roll up he commented on the size of the deal and I must admit it looked well lightweight, it didn't even taste that good and the budtender had recommended it? Not a terrible place but a tad overrated me thinks!
Positive Review DeathRowRecords from UK sent 13 Sep 2009
Great menu, if pricey as no discounts on bigger purchases, strictly per gram baby, 5g max buy. Cheese was excellent at 10E/g, Super Silver Haze at 10.50E/g also very good but have had better elsewhere. The longest we had to queue in 4 days - for about 5/10 minutes. Metallic decor, busy place and the punk they sell is top drawer.
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 10 Aug 2009
On my last visit Dampkring 2 was still being remodelled, so I was very glad to get a visit this year. Their very extensive menu is on display as you walk in, a sample bud of every strain they have under a glass counter, there are around 20+ wiet and 12+ hasj choices, lit up with little spot lights so you can really "inspect" them. Also on this level in the back are some wood tables w/ chairs, and the drink counter where you can get a variety of teas (the fresh mint tea is amazing), very good coffee, juices, energy drinks, and foodwise broodjies and tostis. Up some stairs to the next level, a nice smoking area with cushioned benches and small, moveable tables, mood lighting from suspended lamps and spot lights, a wall with several different sized video screens playing eye candy and a great sound system playing reggae on my visit. On one wall there are large windows, open while I was there, letting in a very relaxing breeze. On the other wall, at the top, many live plants dangling down and doing their thing. Overall a very relaxing and chill vibe about the place. There is an additional seating area on yet another level, but it was closed on my visit. Friendly service, top notch menu, great part of town, a must visit.
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 18 May 2009
The new style are cool, the stuff is shown behind glasses, and there is also a microscope which can be used. Their stuff is still very good, some like the Dampkring in the Handboogstraat and the other shop "Tweede Kamer" ;) They have the rare "Rif" hash in 5 types.
Neutral Review Dave sent 8 Oct 2008
This was one of my favorite places to pick up from. Usually a great selection for a good price. After the remodelling there was way more space, but it kinda lost the vibe that it had.
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 24 Jul 2008
This place was closed and being remodeled on my visit, perhaps now it is open? There is now a sign outside saying "Dampkring," with a big smoke ring on it. The place is being completely re-done, and looks like it will be really nice inside. I spoke with a gal who worked there and she said they would have fresh baked space cakes every morning, great place to start the day! Haarlemmer Straat now hosts three major seed banks, crazy. I look forward to visiting this shop in the future, until then.
Positive Review Tyler H from USA visited June 07; sent 4 Feb 2008
The Super Silver Haze at this location had a smell of fruity and sweetness, and looks moderate to good, smokes clean, with a very mild sweet taste, and also a mild high but at10.50 E/G I don't know if it was worth it.
Negative Review Don from Ireland visited 21/01; sent 1 Feb 2008
What can I say, one of my all time favorite coffee shops reduced to this :-( This is not Pink Floyd as it was, all the dealers and staff have changed, not to say the new folks are crap just not the same. Loved this coffee shop in the past due to excellent dealer (now gone) and great Floyd art and music (never mind Mothers Finest smoke) however lots of art now painted over (travesty imo) second and third floor closed for renovations, used to love chilling on the second floor but no more. They are now part of the corporate Dampkring chain with all it's usual wares so if you are into this then great but if you enjoyed a different experience from the dam then you like me will mourn the passing of Pink Floyd. Oh my, this was my all time favorite shop in the Dam which I frequented at least twice a year for the last 10 years. However due to circumstances beyond my control I was away recently but on my return much to my dismay I find the shop I loved so much is no more, oh woe is me and possibly you if this was your shop of choice. Beware kind and friendly folk as the king Floyd is dead and the corporate machine of Dampring is in its place. "Money, get back. I'm all right jack keep your hands off of my stack." If only.
Positive Review Yankee from Germany sent 6 Aug 2007
They serve the same menu here with de Dampkring. I bought a gram of Rifman hash, Ketama, and G13. The hash was to take home but the G13 knocked me out. A buddy bought 2 g's of NYCD, but it looked like 3 or 4 grams, very sour smelling, great high. The dealer first made a comment about my hair and age, being my 18th birthday, and me having very long hair on my passport (shoulder length) and now I had short hair. We both had a laugh and my group sat in the back corner and we built some joints, all were great. Very sweet smell, I found it quite odd that most people were there chilling at the bar, but it was quiet in the back so all was well.
Neutral Review bl0b from Germany sent 26 Jul 2007
Pink Floyd belongs to De Dampkring now. Same guy behind dealers counter like before, same girls at the bar, everything is the same except the menu. Prices are high like in the rest of the street. No Mothers Finest anymore, no Shake Mix anymore. Sad, really sad. I really liked Pink Floyd, but I'm not going to pay that much cash for "normal" weed (example: White Widdow 10euro/g). But they still got the Space Cake a big piece of coloured cake, nice and fresh taste!
Positive Review Kenny from UK sent 30 May 2007
This has been one of my favourite coffeeshops for a while now, with its relaxed atmos and good company, but has just gone even higher on my favourites list because now it has just been took over by Dampkring! It's still the same shop, still called Pink Floyd, but with the Dampkring menu, not as extensive as the main shop down south near Tweede Kamer but still has the best on offer like E35 Icolator. I purchased 1g of Nevilles Haze, one of the best of the trip, 1g of Alegra and 1g of Burmese Kush, everything else about Pink Floyd is same like their toasties, but the weed just got even better!
Positive Review Lizard King and Ginger from UK sent 7 Apr 2007
This was the best coffee shop. As soon as you go in the energetic ambience hits you in the face. The staff are fantastic, really accommodating. The hot chocolates are demons yum yum, they serve toasties and breakfasts - perfect for a quick chomp. Cheap. I was amazed that how long the have been open, when I walked in on two occasions Pink Floyd was playing. This made my day - 15/10 it was that good. The best cannabis cakes in the whole dam. Stick this on your list. 1gram of Bubblegum 10.50e tasty as ever. 1g of Isolater. It was that good I can't remember the price. Perfect for you connoisseurs. 1.8g of Headbanger 10.50. This was an exceptional smoke. The Mother Finest 1g 10e this was send from the mother nature itself. Gorgeous smoke.
Positive Review Anon. sent 31 Mar 2007
Mother's Finest had us laughing hysterically on the couch upstairs, the staff were extra friendly, a great all-around spot.
Positive Review Chris from UK sent 31 Mar 2007
This is a really famous shop yet whenever I visit it is always really quiet? Not complaining though every time I have been here it's great. The dealer was definitely the best we talked to being really friendly and giving us recommendations as to what we wanted from the grass and hash that proved to be true. I had some Mothers Finest which sent my head in all directions for a good 45 mins! The bar girl was very bubbly and happy to serve us lovely coffees and juices. We sat in the back of the shop for a good 3 hours playing draughts and chess. We were never hurried or made to feel unwelcome (we bought drinks regularly) and this has been the case every time I come here. Overall a brill shop with cool staff and good smoke. 9.5/10
Positive Review Grumpy from UK sent 29 Jan 2007
Still as good as ever, we always visit this place on a daily basis. They have started staying open later now, which is a good thing. Before I get onto the weed, I got to plug the breakfast you get here, enough on your plate to choke a horse! Usual ham, egg, cheese on bread, side salad, coffee or tea, croissants and jam, all for 7 euros. It is a great way to start the day! On the smoke side of things, nothing changes, still good gear, prices the same as elsewhere and the Umma Gumma is still a favourite of mine! Staff still as good as always, pleasant, cheerful, and some rather nice girls behind that bar!
Positive Review Atxxim from Portugal sent 9 Jan 2007
Super. They have a colourful space cake (I didn't see similar in any other place), very tasty and the one of that night was very fresh.
Positive Review Simon and Sarah from Scotland visited Oct 06; sent 18 Oct 2006
Excellent weed, great service. Sat in here for a few hours. The girl on the bar was Glaswegian, which was good to see and hear a friendly fellow Scot. We bought some pollm here, great smoke, really good stone. Recommended, but don't sit upstairs because after a few joints the stairs become a bit of an obstacle.
Positive Review Brian H from Ireland sent 26 Sep 2006
Just down the street from my hotel. Thought the place was named Umma Gumma but then saw the sign. Staff were nice and the menu was different. Smoked Mothers Finest and Top Tits. Both very nice buds in my opinion. Three floors so this place is comfortable. Overall, worth the chance to check out if you're in the area.
Positive Review Dave from USA sent 6 Jul 2006
Very cool place. Three floors. Ground level is the bar (non-alcoholic only) the budtenders stand and a small but cool back room that could seat about 12 people easy. They have very good food here, breakfast and lunch (not sure if they serve in the evening). Internet on the second floor which is really cool as it overlooks the bar and the street corner from all three computer terminals. The second floor also has a backroom with couches. You can't believe how big and cool this place is. The third floor is a small room with more comfortable padded seats. I bought some Mothers Finest (overrated) and Umma Gumma (excellent!) Only complaint is that there were no bongs to borrow, other than this broke old POS which you had to pay a $10 deposit to use. I love the location of this place as it was off the beaten tourist path just a bit, but still very close to our hotel near Freeworld (also a great internet coffeeshop). 9 out of 10.
Positive Review Tyler H from USA sent 16 Jun 2006
I don't like Pink Floyd the music at all, and to my pleasant surprised neither did the guy running this place! It was playing some nice techno mixed with rap music as I would have picked myself. Weed was good, prices fair, nice place to hang out, and not far of a walk from the middle of town.
Neutral Review Enrico from Germany sent 26 May 2006
I buy 1 gr. of Mothers >Finest, the smoke was great.
Positive Review Jack from Italy visited 10-13 Nov; sent 18 Nov 2005
Nice staff but a little bit outside the centre. I don't know how their smoke is! There are 3 floors - in the 3rd floor you can sit on sofas and watch outside on the street.
Positive Review AzLaker from USA sent 24 Oct 2005
Stopped in Monday afternoon, gear was displayed in a covered lighted box. Owner suggested Mother's Finest. Went upstairs after buying my wife a coffee and O.J. for me. Good smoke and a nice view from upstairs.
Positive Review Chris from UK sent 19 Oct 2005
Stopped in after a mammoth breakfast at Barneys and spent an hour relaxing on the top floor with an energy drink talking to an old Scottish hippy. Relaxed atmosphere, nice place and friendly staff.
Positive Review Allan from Scotland sent 2 Aug 2005
Been here 5 or 6 times and still haven't heard any Floyd, but the staff are friendly, and the cake is superb, also fresh orange juice squeezed while you wait is a plus.
Positive Review Mike Z from USA visited April 05; sent 27 Apr 2005
A real nice place to hang and listen to music. U2 and Pink Floyd to be specific. Good mochachino.
Positive Review Grumpy from UK sent 5 Apr 2005
This place never changes, it is a great place. We always come here and it is one of the only places that sells weed that gets us totally buckled enough to not even consider leaving (legs had a mind of their own). Mothers finest is a great smoke, good price, friendly guy selling who really knows his stuff. Ummagumma is a must, do it, you know it makes sense! If you get the munchies here, I recommend the chilli burger and pour on the evil chilli sauce on the table, it is hot. All in all this is still my favourite, good weed, good music good fun.
Positive Review Ben from USA sent 30 Mar 2005
Friendly service; great place for breakfast and also a great internet cafe - felt great to get baked and surf the net.
Positive Review Rici from USA sent 23 Mar 2005
Smoked the Sensi Star and had a great time. Nice room on the second floor that was perfect for a good sized group. Nice music and had some good tea. Really friendly service.
Positive Review JJ from USA visited Dec 24; sent 7 Jan 2005
(The sign was changed to UmmaGumma Coffee shop?) Had a great time with the wife. Had Mothers Finest the last trip but this time asked the dealer for the new stuff. He broke out Sensi Haze. 12 euro but will get you stoned. Nice soak in the world buzz. My favorite thing was how well the stuff was cured. Broke up real fine and made for a good tasty spliff. Will be going back in March. The coffee shops in this area (Barney's, Door's etc.) have a much friendlier vibe then the ones near the Red light. The Pot is cured right at Umma Gumma.
Positive Review Marius from Germany sent 28 Dec 2004
Good shop with uncomfortable seats. Good music and good TV. Mostly music video or sports. Bought 3 gram of the Top Tits for 18€ with a good quality smells like the Sinsemilla I bought there 3 years ago. A lot of tourists but nearly all are friendly. A friend of mine bought Umma-Gumma hash for 7€. Also Space Cookies/Cake and Space Tea available. A good chill out at the end of the day. Try the Ice hash if you can. Rating 9/10
Positive Review John & Jo from England sent 19 Dec 2004
Went in twice as I'm a Floyd fan, played some Floyd both times we went. Bought a gram of 7 Seconds and Mothers Finest, both excellent. Changed a little since we went 3 years ago, not as good but still one of the better coffee shops. Also did food (baguettes & toasties etc,) which my wife enjoyed as she had some serious munchies! Would definitely go again next year.
Positive Review Tim & Amey from USA sent 23 Nov 2004
Wow! What nice staff. This is a great place to people watch, if the 3rd floor is available. Very comfy sofas to sit on, which we found to be a rarity in coffeeshops. I think we tried Mother's Finest, but honestly, I can't remember! For whatever reason, we didn't hear a lot of Pink Floyd music, but we really enjoyed hangin' here.
Positive Review Valo from England sent 22 Nov 2004
Definitely my favourite coffee shop in Amsterdam. The food & drink staff are real friendly and make awesome hot chocolates and the guy behind the weed counter (told me his name was Richard) was probably the coolest/friendliest guy I have ever met in my life! I usually only smoke grass in the Dam, but being a Floyd fan I opted for some Umma-Gumma has which was a real nice, smooth smoke with a pleasant (not a completely monged out) high. The weed which was recommended by the guy behind the desk was the 'Mothers Finest'. My friend and I spent a few hours here the first day and the box of Mothers Finest was continually open - a very popular smoke on that occasion and I can see why. I have tasted better weeds before, but the high was very different - not too headachy, but very much a weed which expands your mind! Two days later (our final day), my friend and I had our luggage with us and had a 6 hour wait for the train at CS. We headed back to Pink Floyd where Richard was outside talking to a friend of his - immediately recognised us and welcomed us in with open arms. We felt very welcome spending pretty much the whole day there talking to the staff and some cool Canadian guy we bumped into called Andrew. Would definitely recommend the special cake and tea - especially if your not planning much for about 6 hours :-)
Positive Review Mary from USA visited 2-8 Nov; sent 9 Nov 2004
Not bad. I guess hash just doesn't do much for me. I like weed and lots of it. But thought I would try the Royal Jelly and Umma-Gumma. Both recommended on this comments page. I had to mix the "jelly" in with weed in order to get it to burn. Mellowed me out good, but could have been the weed too, and that came from elsewhere. Great hot chocolate, and don't forget to sit at the table in the corner with the "Amsterdam" street sign above it. Other tables had New York, Paris, etc. Only downer is they closed at 2000 hrs! Come on! Maybe weekend is different. Umma-Gumma at 8 euros for however much you get (a gram?) went very very far! Could smoke it both with or without weed and very clean and tasty! Was still finishing it off my last night there! Never tried the smoke at Pink, but everything else was good! Staff included!
Positive Review Craig from UK sent 6 Oct 2004
The staff here were very welcoming and the prices were more than fair for drinks etc. There was a lethal looking space cake on offer, internet capability and a small seating area located snugly at the back of the shop. The weed on offer was apparently worth further investigation, but unfortunately this time round my visit was nothing more than a pit stop.
Positive Review Adam from USA sent 4 Oct 2004
The cheese-tomato baguettes are out of this world, perfect for satisfying those post-smoke munchies. They actually did play some Pink Floyd while we were there our second time. Didn't buy any smoke here, but it's worth stopping in just for the baguettes.
Positive Review Tommo from UK visited April 04; sent 19 Sep 2004
The dealer was a friendly bloke who knew his stuff and recommended the New York Diesel which turned out to be sweet smoke but not too heavy. Had read about the Ummagumma and after he told us 'It'll get you high man', it was a goer. Well that sh*t blew us away, nuff said. I recommend stopping in here after a breakfast at Barney's and a bit o Laughing Bhudda. Over all my favourite place and will be our first stop when we come back in 05. (Oh and the toilets are the trippiest place, just kept drinking gallons of coffee so I could have another go).
Positive Review Grumpy from UK sent 6 Aug 2004
Still a great place to buy your stuff and to sit and chill for a while. When we went this time there was a new guy selling and he was a great help, took the time to talk to you and keep you updated. This time there was no Mothers Finest left but he assured us that it would be delivered within ten minutes, five minutes later it arrived, fresh and sweet, and we even extra free for having to wait, top bloke.
Positive Review Simon from Denmark sent 1 Jun 2004
A nice atmosphere where they play rock`n'roll, I bought Manali Cream, which was sublime. But their Nepal isn't worth the money.
Neutral Review J.C. from USA sent 6 May 2004
I went there, but there was no Floyd, just the typical techno stuff like most other places. Enough said. Well, ok, the dealer was very nice, recommended some Diesel, and I bought a very nice, totally huge bud. But aside from an interesting flavor, it was pretty average so I gave most of it away. Gave away a lot of pot that week, always want to try out a lot of different stuff, but there's no way any human should consume that much in a short time. Went back another time, still no Floyd.
Positive Review Jiffa from Scotland visited 14-17 April 04; sent 27 Apr 2004
Found this place on the second day and almost forgot to leave. Try the Jelly Hash, it's brain melting stuff. There were two dealers, both very friendly and a stunner serving breakfast. Well worth a visit.
Positive Review Bubbalicious from Canada visited 26-30 Mar 04; sent 5 Apr 2004
Really nice upstairs, like your best friends pad, only nicer, with grass. Walking in didn't do too much, it was only when we went upstairs I liked the place.
Positive Review Josh from USA sent 22 Mar 2004
I just stopped in this place to grab some of that Umma Gumma hash I had read about and I was not disappointed, the guy behind the weed counter was one of the friendliest people I talked to while in Amsterdam. Although I didn't stay, next time I come to A'dam I would like to sit down and have a smoke here because it had good music and a nice laid back environment.
Positive Review Grumpy from UK sent 10 Mar 2004
Stonking place to sit and chill. Arrived and started on a nice bit of Mothers Finest, that was it for the next three hours! Great place, friendly staff, the girl selling the hash was a wee babe. Prices are fine, not to worry about being ripped off in here. Great selection of music playing and as the name suggest, yup Floyd, loads of it. Only one complaint, if you are an ageing smoker like myself with a duff knee, don't go upstairs and then come down stoned, you been warned!
Positive Review Darren from UK visited 3-5 Feb 04; sent 9 Feb 2004
I've got to say it's one of the nicest cafes because its so relaxed and plus they play Pink Floyd which is decent when you're stoned. Also the Umma Gumma hash is so bloody strong but it's still a nice smoke. A couple of joints of this and you'll be on your ass, mongs you out hard but it's lovely. It is situated right beside two other coffeeshops so you don't have to walk far when you're stoned. The staff were friendly and it's cheap, compared to some places that rip you off 'cos you're a tourist. It's got a plant growing upstairs which you can have a look at if you can't be arsed to go to the hemp museum.
Positive Review Flyski n Skinz from UK visited 2-4 FEB 04; sent 5 Feb 2004
This was a firm favourite and we will be going back for sure. Pink Floyd is a bright and airy coffee shop with an excellent range of drinks and snacks and some rather groovy looking space cake that is red and green! We used the Internet facilities here and enjoyed the layed back atmosphere that the staff radiate. We felt very at home here and enjoyed an eclectic but cool mix of tunes whilst admiring the artwork on the walls. Another coffee shop that invites its customers to sit and chill, board games, Internet access and a good menu at the marijuana bar, all contribute to a top quality coffee shop that offers something a little more conducive to staying put. The UV lighting in the lavatories takes a while to get your head around, fluorescent green weewee is slightly baffling :-P
Positive Review Martin from UK sent 29 Jan 2004
This was by far the best coffeeshop we went to in Amsterdam. Great friendly staff and a very relaxed atmosphere. One of the few coffeeshops that has comfortable seating, visited there on a number of occasions previously and the food was value for money, now they also do an English and continental breakfast for only 7.50 euros. Excellent place!
Positive Review Natasha from UK sent 20 Jan 2004
Try the Umma Gumma, it's the strongest stuff I tried in Holland yet and only for sale here. The Floyd even named an album after it.
Positive Review Claptonboy from UK sent 8 Jan 2004
This is without doubt the best of all in my opinion. Great atmosphere, great smoke and great staff. When we visited it was on a Wednesday afternoon and there were only a handful of punters there. We walked in ordered a drink at the bar before purchasing a bag of Mother's finest from the dealers bar. We sat in there for a good few hours smoking our weed and enjoying the hospitality. I have to say that it was on that afternoon that I had the best munchies of all time. First we found our recently developed appetites steering us towards a ham and cheese baguette, which was very good value for money and could have fed a family of four. Then as our confidence grew we ordered up large helpings of hash cake and to say it done the trick would be an understatement. Many smokers could be put off by the name- if you aren't a Floyd fan it may not be your cup of tea, but apart from the decor and music they play it is still a great coffeeshop. Personally I enjoy a bit of Floyd when I'm having a toke so it is ideal for me, the name drew me in through the door and the rest keeps me going back.
Positive Review Rob from USA sent 24 Nov 2003
(9/10): Fantastic decorations on the inside if you love Pink Floyd, a pretty friendly staff, and as far as the herb goes I am going to have to say that Mothers Finest was just phenomenal. The last thing I smoked before I got on a plane to London was a joint of the finest, and it treated me just right. Definite must stop for Floyd fans, if only to see all the murals.
Positive Review Greg from USA sent 12 Nov 2003
Hands down my favorite stop on the tour. The coffee was terrific and the smoke was everything I'd hoped it would be. You must try Mother's Finest. It's the perfect weed for any activity you might be considering, other than intelligent conversation. Free internet access made it easy to keep in touch on home (at least until typing became impossible). The staff is very helpful and go out of their way to make you feel welcome. A visit to Amsterdam is not everything it could be without a cup and a smoke at Floyd's. Did I mention Mother's Finest?
Positive Review Rachel from UK sent 10 Nov 2003
Been to 'Dam now 4 times, each time a visit to sample a bit of the old Mothers' finest, especially nice. Also favoured a bit of hash this time round opting for the Scuffed Ice, REALLY smooth !! Quite pricey though 20 euros for 1 gram but believe me, a bit in the house bong and well I didn't move for about an hour. Highly recommend this coffee shop for those who want total chill out.
Positive Review Little Alex from England sent 3 Nov 2003
Looks small from the outside but the large upstairs room is really spacious and the enormous windows are great for looking out at the rest of the world and chilling out on the comfy sofa's. It was a shame that they had no Floyd on, I suppose they would of if I'd have asked. The girl behind the bar (a fellow Scouser) was really friendly (and very attractive) and the in house dealer was happy to sit and chat and share a joint. I bought a couple of grams of Mothers Finest, which, apart from moving on to the excellent Doors cafe nearby, was more or less the last thing I remember about the trip. The Mother is very crystaly, and sticky white weed and completely knocked me and my companions for six. After a couple of joints we sat for hours on end unable to speak, a very very strange experience but thoroughly enjoyable, mission was accomplished! I did draw a few strange glances walking about in a droog outfit but most of the coffee shop cats were on my wavelength.
Positive Review Dave and Sue from UK sent 4 Oct 2003
After many hours wandering around we finally came across the Pink Floyd. It was a good all round café. We tried all the weeds. The best Northern Lights that we tried. The Hindu Kush was great. Mothers Finest also a great smoke but for just cruising the 'Dam, Purple Haze was the bomb. Hash list is good: First Cream is the best smoothest hash I smoked. The dealer was friendly polite and had some good advice about the weeds to smoke. The bar lady was friendly and the surroundings make a real easy place to smoke in. Highly recommended. The only drawback is the space cake is too dry. Overall, prices are the cheapest we've found so far; the smokes are all top class, friendly staff and good atmosphere.
Positive Review Flyski n Skinz from UK sent 5 Aug 2003
Spent a bit of time in here, good coffee and an excellent place to chill, Internet access is fairly priced with an hour costing 5 euro.
Positive Review John from UK sent 8 Jun 2003
A really nice coffeeshop in a quiet location just five or ten minutes walk from the Central Station. While one of our friends ordered some refreshments my best man and I perused the smoke on offer. He bought a gram of Mothers Finest at 6 euros and I settled for Northern Lights at just 4 euros (about £3 a gram) and it really was top draw (sic). The owner was friendly and chatty unlike some of the miserable gits you can encounter. The place itself was really quiet with only a couple of other customers downstairs. My friends and I headed up to the top floor and made ourselves comfortable. The atmosphere was really spot on and unhurried. The windows were open and as I became very pleasantly stoned it was cool to look down on the street below and take in the sights and sounds. Then it was time to move on and as we were British gentlemen abroad we acted as such by first tidying up after ourselves and taking our trays back down to the bar and then stepping out into the bright sunshine to provide the locals with a game of 'spot the stoned tourist'. It was fourteen years since I'd been to Amsterdam but I'll be going back much sooner and I know already which will be my first port of call.
Positive Review TG from UK sent 4 Apr 2003
I was recommended to check out this place by the Dutch friend I was staying with. He used to work as a dealer there so maybe he was biased!! After a short walk from central station I found the shop nestled on the corner of a quiet street in an area I had not managed to see before. Once inside, there was a bar on the right, the counter on the left and seats through the back with internet access available. The menu was laid out in a glass cabinet which was good as you could see what it looked like before you purchased it. Everything was sold by the gram and, being English and on a short time budget, I opted for the most expensive weed they had which was Mothers Finest (about 9 euros). I know this doesn't necessarily mean it's the best but I live by the saying 'you get what you pay for'! I also picked up some Manali charas which was slightly more expensive. After purchasing a drink I settled down to sample the weed and while it was a nice smooth smoke, it didn't completely blow me away as I had expected. I liked the vibe of the place, with the Floyd influenced music and decor and the staff were friendly and helpful. I didn't really get too much sense out of the girl behind the bar though as she was completely smashed and it was only about 1pm!!!! I did start to get a bit paranoid however when everyone was staring at me as I sat smoking in the corner. It wasn't until later that I realised I was sitting under one of the TV's!!!! A nice place to check out and worth a look if you are in the area.
Positive Review Mark from USA sent 23 Jan 2003
After a long flight, it's where I go to chill out. Smoke is always good and prices fair. Try the new Mothers Finest, it really does the trick. I met a great guy from Rotterdam there and, after a long chat, I hit the computer to do some surfing and listen to some tunes. Nice decor and videos are cool yet I failed to find one coffeeshop where the music and the video were in synch.
Positive Review Dan from USA visited 29/10/01- 09/11/01; sent 27 Nov 2001
My overall favorite.