The Point

coffeeshop in The Hague
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Positive Review Jesscass visited November 2018; sent 9 Dec 2018
Stumbled upon this one while taking a walk around town. Went inside and found a small bright and modern shop, maybe a touch sterile. What was amazing was how they managed to set their tubs into their sales counter made out of glass while all being well illuminated so all wares are easily and clearly to inspect from above. At least they were not ashamed but proud to show their wares in comparison to many other coffeeshops with their unsatisfying approaches. Here you could look first and decide what you want to see closer which is well comfortable more or less on both sides, customers and budtenders. They had an assortment of about nine strains of older and newer strains as well as about four when it comes to hashish. While nothing was outstanding it seemed to be one of the better shops in 's-Gravenhage. Only downside is on one hand their tiny smoking chamber behind glass next to the end of the sales counter which looked uncomfortable as hell as despite nice enough seating the glass wall is placed as what felt like not even one arm's length in front of you when you sit down as seats in the wall point into said direction - you can consume there for twenty minutes a sign is saying but I wonder who survives that long. On the other hand I also didn't like that I noticed when returning home they are quite active on social media (where they announced they are around since about twenty-five years but have an new owner since two years which makes quite sense all in all then considering their approach now) and they consider themselves as the best coffeeshop in Nederland due to some random political party decided so, also announced proudly outside at the windows. Bit exaggerated and suspect me thinks but I'd come back if nearby one day to test their gear.
Positive Review Bert from USA sent 18 Dec 2013
I am well into my seventies and been smoking weed for over forty years in many places and climes. I visited The Point for the first time in 1987 and the last time several months ago. The management is the same, as friendly as you can find and the product excellent. American, Dutch, European or tourist will surely agree I'm sure.