coffeeshop in Amsterdam
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Positive Review rinnagrows from Amsterdam sent 17 Sep 2023
Coffeeshop Oost has positively surprised me. As a partner of Amsterdam Genetics, you already know the haze and hash are of good quality. That's not always the case for the indica dominants strains, let alone 'cali' like strains. At other Amsterdam Genetics venues, the indica list is generally not that appealing. This is where Coffeeshop Oost really surprised me. Nothing on the menu is over 13€ a gram, which is something I can appreciate. I'm not much of a haze or hash smoker, but prefer indica-dominant hybrids. Coffeeshop Oost has an outstanding menu, with 'cali' strains like ZOAP (€13), Rainbow Sherbet (€13), Fish Scale (€12), and LA Kush Cake (€10?!). I've visited this shop frequently over the past two months, and have not seen major changes in their menu. So far, it seems like they are able to provide a consistent menu over a longer period of time. This is nice, because the chance that your favourite strain is suddenly gone is not that big, so far at least. I don't really smoke hash anymore, but my hash-loving friends are very positive about their hash selections too. The Madeleine for just €6.50 a gram is very strong and tasty, so I've heard. They also sell loads of other varieties, White Choco Block, Tropicana Cherry, Melt & Chandon, OG Kush Block, etc. I just smoke classic Moroccan hash from time to time. Their Beldia is the only real traditional Moroccan one, with a relaxing and calming effect, unlike the more popular 'nederhasj' varieties. I've never really smoked or enjoyed haze, so my opinion about the haze selections is not so valuable. One thing I know for sure is that they have plenty of choice, with 7 sativa/haze strains on the menu. It starts at €7.5 with the haze mix, and no haze strain costs more than €11 a gram, which seems reasonable, they are very willing to take the time to let you smell different strains. The interior and appeal of this shop is exactly what you'd expect from an Amsterdam Genetics shop: absolutely beautiful. Their staff is also very friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming. My final score would be a 9.5/10, since it's not possible to smoke inside, that the only negative thing I can come up with to be honest!
Negative Review Mr Incognito from UK sent 18 Aug 2022
Sadly the Point is no more - Google says temporarily closed, but there is no sign of life.
Positive Review Jay from Amsterdam sent 26 Dec 2010
This is a real local coffee shop. Been here a lot of times and never ever have I seen a tourist or ever did I see a white person chilling out inside. The staff is from Ghana and they have a Ghana flag hanging in the shop as well. I never chill out there because I just don't fit in as everyone is black and speak in Ghana language. Its ok for take away, price is pretty good compared to a lot of shops. Just mind yourself if you get a pre-rolled joint. They roll it themselves and they don't always fix the tip of the joint in a good way.
Positive Review Slavik sent 28 Mar 2008
I live next to The Point. Most of the people there are black. Bartenders are not extremely friendly, but it's a nice place for take away. The weed is very good and the prices are about twice lower than in down town. So I like it.