Power Flower

coffeeshop in Apeldoorn
Reviews of Power Flower Number of Positive Reviews 2 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Negative Review Sjampie Sjambek from Netherlands sent 28 Jul 2022
Bad shop, bad processed weed, bad service, long waiting times. Bunker much better.
Positive Review Jesscass sent 30 Oct 2017
Outside of the centre. Heard of this shop before and wanted to learn more about their so called 'non-commercial-approach'. Sadly their staff couldn't explain it, what a bummer. Anyways, since located in a dull neighborhood there were two bouncers taking care of cars (parking lot behind the shop) and guests. Bizarrely, inside it seemed they were selling toys for kids too as they were displayed behind glass with prices, maybe this is some sort of collector's item shit though. Otherwise a more or less bright place with about thirty seats behind a glass door. Disagree with Dave's previous review when it comes to size though, bit of a poky smoking room. Ok enough for sitting down but not too special. Odd menu had three sections with misleading tags like 'organic', 'soil' and 'hydro' if you compare the whole thing. Weighing up for you here. 'Whites': Northern Lights (8€), Northern Lights extreme (8€) and one White Widow crossed out. 'Medical': Flower Power Medical (7,5€), Enemy Of the State (8€?), SoGKush (9€, most expensive one of section). 'Hazes': Power Amnesia (soil, 8,5€), Amnesia (soil, 9€), Amnesia (organic,10€) and Duster (soil,11,5€). Latter one was recommendation of friendly budtendress pointing out it is also Amnesia and I should be very careful with it as their strongest. Thought it wasn't overly strong sadly but nice enough. Wanted to try out one of their 'medicals' and was told they're all CBD-rich. That SoG Kush indeed smelt and tasted of Kush and considering the price it wasn't bad at all. Their wiet seemed to be different from the usual coffeeshop stuff but unfortunately while being tasty enough still not grown to full potential me thinks. Their offer for hashish was Polm (5,5€) and Giro (9€). Latter one was another of those new Moroccan blondes flooding the market since about this year, nice price-/performance ratio. Also had a menu for small snacks and food but didn't indulge.
Positive Review Dave from UK sent 9 Jun 2016
It's a big coffeeshop with its own car park. Loads of TVs around the place. The smoke menu was quite large offering a good variety of hash, pollen and weed. The weed was great quality and 2 of my favourites were Strawberry Sour Diesel and Blueberry Sour Diesel. Good prices on the Strawberry Sour Diesel €10 for 1g, €42.50 for 5g. It's a nice airy coffeeshop with loads of couches. Definitely worth a visit.