Prix d'Ami

coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Prix d'Ami Number of Positive Reviews 20 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Basti from Germany sent 31 Dec 2011
Smoking pot only is allowed in their smoking chambers, which are indeed a good place to hang out with your friends (as games and entertainment are offered). Their smoke is also fine.
Positive Review Marcel from Netherlands sent 9 Aug 2011
Possibly the best coffeeshop you can find in the area if you wanna stone out with a large group of friends or if you wanna get sociable. Great interior with loads of flatscreens and pooltables, with a very large menu with the greatest and most popular strains like S5 Haze, Super Silver Haze, Big Buddha Cheese and L.A. Confidential. If you just wanna get some weed, you best skip this shop though, since it's also sold elsewhere for a lot less, sometimes at about €4 a gram cheaper.
Positive Review Raife from UK sent 14 Aug 2010
What a great shop. We went there July 10 after reading about it on this site. It seems it has been updated and the interior is superb. They got silver leather settees that are low with low tables and loads of flat screen TVs playing music channels. Great place to chill and excellent weed. We had S5 Haze which was like Lemon Haze and one of the strongest weeds of our trip.
Positive Review Matt H from Canada sent 5 Jul 2009
This place has a great atmosphere. The lounge on the main level was fairly quaint. The bud has great value. I bought some Orange Bud for 8 euro per gram. Smoked incredibly well and had a nice to taste to it. Best bang for your buck. The sports lounge and pool tables are fun to play with too. A nice little afternoon spot for sure.
Positive Review Tyler H from USA visited June 07; sent 4 Feb 2008
First off let me say this place is cool to chill at and the people who run the place were pretty cool. The "Super Silver Haze" was a huge disappointment as not worth the completely overpriced amount of 13 euros for a gram of sub-par bud. The "Fisherman's" strand was almost half the price and in my opinion better. Ended up spending a lot of money here and it wasn't really worth it weed wise but I still give them props for a good drink selection.
Positive Review Bubbalicious and JP from Canada visited 17/04/05; sent 22 Feb 2006
Wheelchair Accessibility: Accessible. 1 G Honey Bear Hash 10 E (6.5/10). Neutral on the staff.
Positive Review Pete n Vicki from UK sent 28 Dec 2005
Although we smoke both grass/hash we were very nervous about who to ask and what to expect! The guy in the bar was extremely helpful and talked us through what to buy strength wise etc. We started with a pre-roll which was fantastic! We visited later and brought some of their 'Purple Haze' which was absolutely superb!
Positive Review Allan from Scotland sent 2 Aug 2005
A great base, the gear is not the best but the prices are reasonable, also it's huge and very comfy.
Positive Review ThommiX from Finland sent 30 Jul 2005
Really nice coffeeshop, nice relaxed atmosphere and the canvas at the ceiling is great to stare for hours! They didn't seem to mind that the three of us had backpacks, though it was easy to keep them out of the way since this is quite big coffeeshop. We sat here for about 5 hours, smoking their best Hawaiian Gold, about 5 grams. Great stuff, took away hunger, didn't give any munchies or a dry throat. I really recommend. They also got bongs at the desk to borrow. Put some hash and flower together and ask for a bong. That really hits the spot! At least for us it did.
Neutral Review Wilson from UK visited 24-26 April; sent 27 Apr 2005
Killed a few hours playing pool in here. Nice layout and tables. Didn't try any of their products but the alcohol was not cheap. Good for pool, not for affordable bevy.
Positive Review GG from England sent 21 Feb 2005
Definitely worth a visit. Checked in for a swifty when heading back in to town and stayed for 3 hours. Music cool and they got exactly what you need behind the counter.
Positive Review Paul A from England visited New Year 04; sent 5 Jan 2005
The atmosphere was lovely and chilled and the tea's were well priced. I had a pre rolled joint and this was also top draw. Both the male and the female staff were fantastic.
Positive Review Marius from Germany sent 28 Dec 2004
Very big coffeeshop with friendly staff and good hash. I bought the Lebanon Hash for 7.5€ and smoked it by bong. Tasted very good and fresh and blowed me out. Some strange people but you don't have to notice them. Good shop before leaving Amsterdam. Rating: 8/10
Positive Review Carlos from UK sent 22 Jul 2004
We stumbled in here on our way to the hotel as we arrived, so we still had our cases with us! No-one seemed to mind though. The Aussie weed fella was very friendly and more than happy to share his knowledge of Amsterdam with us. Would recommend this as a good first stop on your way from Centraal Station.
Negative Review Bones from UK visited 28 May; sent 13 Jun 2004
My mates and I came across this place while on a crawl around the centre and our first impression was that it didn't seem too bad. We got some drinks and picked up some weed and headed upstairs to where the pool table was. It was empty apart from the 5 of us and the girl behind the bar and sometime during the 45 minutes we were there my mates wallet fell out of his pocket. We sat in the same spot for the whole time and no one came in or out, apart from the girl. He realised as we were just walking down the stairs but the girl didn't want to know and played dumb when he confronted her. The wallet had a fair amount of cash in it and then there was the hassle of cancelling all the cards - just what you want to be doing in Amsterdam when you're on holiday and very stoned. Avoid this place at all costs.
Positive Review Tom from UK sent 13 Mar 2004
A welcome place. Having spent the day walking from coffeeshop to coffeeshop, I finally found the place to settle down for the afternoon. The first thing you come across is the bar. This offers the usual beers. And then you get drawn back to the weed counter. Where the chap behind the bar is more than willing to offer his advice as to the best smoke available, and even to roll you a few if you feel beyond doing a decent job yourself! Then it's upstairs to the Pool-room. Where you patiently sit and wait in the adjoining bar for a table to be free, then off you go playing forever, and forgetting how long you've been at it for! Great, until you get round to paying for your time. But still very reasonable, and a very relaxing and enjoyable time. And the girl at the other table... When in Amsterdam make this one a must!
Positive Review Chris from England sent 4 Mar 2004
This was the first coffeeshop I went to on my first visit last year. The prices are very reasonable and the skunk is stronger than most other places I went to. One of my friends had some Orange Bud, this was so strong he could hardly walk after 2 joints.
Positive Review Ryan from UK sent 4 Sep 2003
I used to go here quite a lot, definitely my favourite coffee shop in the world. It's not too fancy, just very laid back and friendly. In fact this was the first I ever visited. My girlfriend lived out there for 6 months in 2000 and I visited a lot and spent loads of time with her there sampling the delights of Amsterdam. This place doesn't really sell very good weed in my book, although if you're skint I seem to remember them doing special deals like 5 grams of afghan for only 10 guilders or something. Heineken on tap, loads of pool tables - UK and US tables that you just take and pay after - hourly rates were pretty reasonable and cost nothing if you're with a bunch of mates. They've got snack machines too. I could literally chill here all day everyday, playing pool, smoking, chatting, joking, and listening to what is a varied but nice and bass heavy selection of tunes through their system. God I wish I were there now! "prix d'ami" means "mates rate" and I'd say that's pretty much true - fair prices and a wicked place! Prix d'ami - big up yourself!
Positive Review Jeremy from USA sent 15 Jul 2003
If you're looking for a mellow clean place to lay back prior to boarding a train or something, this place is for you. It's located just off the Damrak as you exit Central Station. The front of the bar is very nice with a full service bar and several tables or rolling stations. The back of the bar does look a little bland if nothing else. There are several booths with ample sized rolling tables, a dealer's bar and a few TV's throughout. Never bought any weed from here even though they do "deal" it here rather than giving you the pre-weighed B.S., but have enjoyed many moments of drinking great coffee, surfing on the web (although I noticed the computers were missing last time I was there) and smoking ganja.
Positive Review Anon. from USA visited 1986 - 1992; sent 1 Jun 2003
I frequented the Prix d'Ami happily more times than I can count while living in Europe from 1986 - 1992 with my children and ex-husband as we were stationed in Darmstadt and Giessen, Germany. The Prix d'Ami was great fun and the blue Deft china from the tourist shops were fabulous. One weekend trip to Amsterdam, Holland, Prix d'Ami, I brought my girlfriend along with me while our husbands and children stayed home; in retrospect upon entering the Prix d'Ami I see now the ambiance of the sitcom 'Cheers', the bartender greeted me by name and my girlfriend was astonished and laughed during the entire two hours we were there. And to this day in 2003, she still laughs at me being known there. My children are on there way to being adults now; daughter senior in college and my son will be a sophomore in college fall 2003. If there wasn't a language barrier preventing me I would move and live in Germany or Holland and probably would never really come back to the USA. Don't get me wrong I love America, but Germans and Dutch love life and living positively happy 25 hours daily, which makes a positive sincerely happier righteous human being. I miss my European life.
Positive Review Tracey from UK sent 17 Apr 2003
I love this place, the Fisherman's Friend, only for the pro-smoker is wicked!!! And, it is only for the hardcore..... My friend Ron had trouble with this one!!! The place is very dark and secluded and they serve alcohol as well. You can drink your bevvie and smoke at the same time..... Wish we could do that in London. Lost track of time in this coffeeshop with its comfortable seats and laid back approach.
Fisherman's Friend is my friend too!!
Positive Review Nathan from Canada sent 8 Oct 2002
Had some real comfortable seats.