Purple Rain

coffeeshop in Breda
Reviews of Purple Rain Number of Positive Reviews 9 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 4
Positive Review Javier from Spain
It's a nice coffeeshop with a lot of variation on the menu, the guy behind the window is not always as nice, just wants to be done with it, it seems. I always ask for White Widow, but I always get something else, sometimes not even a white strain but fine since it's the cheapest. You could probably end up with better green then you expected ;) A real time is to try their mint tea, it's the best.
Negative Review Skabouter from Belgium sent 19 Apr 2009
I'm fed up with this shop. The first time I went there they were too stupid to check my ID right so they denied me access at first. The second time we went there I bought some Pepsi and saw that he took buds from 2 different kinds. Then we sat down at a table to roll our joint. Ok, the waitress (who looks like a girl from the red light district) told us to put away our tobacco, which is correct. But the music they play there is some kind of fucked up trance/dance and fake hip hop. We also ordered fresh mint tea, but they don't clean out the little kettles in which they serve it, so you get a disgusting aftertaste. Next time I'm in Breda I'm gonna skip this one.
Positive Review Skabouter from Belgium sent 29 Dec 2008
Really close to the station. When we went in, a guy sitting in front of the counter asked my ID. Of course I showed it to him, and after close examining, he said it was someone else's. Just because the picture on the card was too dark. Luckily someone else working there saw it was mine, after showing another ID. A big menu, with K2, B52, WW, Amnesia Haze, NY Diesel, Mexican Haze, Hashplant Haze, and a lot more. When I asked for NY Diesel and Afghaan, they told me they ran out of both. So I bought some Amnesia Haze, and he offered me Nepalese hash instead of the Afghaan. The Nepalese was expensive, but worth every penny. Good shop, although the crappy ID-control.
Positive Review Anon. from Belgium sent 12 Nov 2008
First off the mint tea is hands down the best I've ever had (except in Morocco). They offer over ten kinds of weed and a little over half a dozen hasjes. Don't get overexcited because we've experienced they often don't have certain kinds (NYC Diesel). I've been going to this shop since a year and the quality seems consistent (Amnesia Haze (11 euro/gr and Jack Herrer 8 euro/gr). It's easy to locate (right across the train station) and there's enough parking space. In the summer they open the backyard/garden which houses a comfy atmosphere, however sometimes the music plays a little loud in the front. Overall this is a good shop. Little known facts: the light in the men's room is triggered by movement - so keep moving, the pitbull sometimes found in the garden looks dangerous but he just needs (your?) affection, I'm almost 22 and since a few months I've been asked to ID myself every time (maybe it's soo good it does affect their memory?), the stuff is not prepackaged so you'll probably get a good deal, the hasj isn't stocked in the barman underpants, buy over 50 euro and get rolling paper and paper (filter), there are multiple TVs and a projector in the back (Animal Planet for the win!), no smartshop within walking distance (5min drive).
Positive Review Ganja-X from Belgium sent 26 Feb 2008
This is a friendly and nice coffeeshop with more than 10 kinds of weed there, the best in Breda. Their prices are from 7,5euro up to 12euro /gram. The best weed there is the Jack Herre if you ask us.
Positive Review James from Wales sent 2 Jan 2008
This place is relaxing. Set out more like a bar than a coffeeshop, the interior and exterior is really well done! They have a jukebox and slot machines in there, so you get a really nice feeling in there. I stayed there for several hours one day and saw many people come in and leave. It gets very busy when the train commuters start arriving home from work, as it is just around the corner from the station. They have quite a nice selection of weeds and hashes on the menu. My mate has tried all the menu out, and they are all between average to top notch, more nearer the top end. I tried NYC Diesel (2 gram - 22euro) and Jack Herer (2 gram - 16euro). Both were better compared to times I had tried these strains in Amsterdam. My friend told me the NYC Diesel has been fairly consistent in quality, but the Jack has only just hit a good patch. Rating: 10/10.
Positive Review T-ke from Belgium sent 28 Apr 2007
The best shop there is. Very nice people, they have Pepsi, K2, White Widow, Jack Herrer and some haze for very reasonable prices I always take Jack very good quality for only 7,5 euro. Visit this shop and you'll keep on returning to it.
Positive Review Graham from Netherlands sent 20 Oct 2006
Good news for everyone visiting Breda. The Purple Rain shop is still open, don't know how I missed the neon sign a couple of months ago, but it's still trading in the same place.
Positive Review Max from Belgium sent 23 Sep 2006
Reasonable prices, the music is played loud (I'll leave it to the readers to decide whether it's a good thing or not). Weed is sold in the back while pre-rolled joints are sold at the counter, which is rather common but nonetheless convenient. The guy selling weed does indeed speak French fluently. There is a snooker table.
Negative Review Epsilon from USA sent 15 Sep 2006
Located between Valkenburg Park and the train station. This is a roomy comfortable shop. Can't recommend it though, as on both our visits the budtender was surly and disinterested, not just in us but in everyone it seemed. The music was overly loud, obnoxious rap and other adolescent music. They have a nice garden area out back, but I guess it's reserved for special customers as we were barred from sitting there, even though the area was deserted. So we were forced to sit near the bar and watch the tendress scowl at everyone who approached her. The weed was decent but didn't compare to CS Majestic or Paradijs. I'd skip this one and head into town.
Negative Review Graham from Netherlands sent 24 Aug 2006
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Puple Rain has been turned into, wait for it... a '"Tea Shop". I couldn't believe my eyes, I only found it a few weeks ago, after finding 'Pax de Boot' had altered their opening hours to 1100 - 2000 hrs. Once again, I'm sorry about this news, another one has bitten the dust!
Positive Review Romain from France sent 23 Jul 2004
Large and welcoming. A little expensive but the guy that sell the weed speak French perfectly.
Negative Review Yoeri from Breda sent 13 Mar 2004
Bad shop, I personally think.