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coffeeshop in Groningen
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Positive Review Otto from Groningen sent 12 Aug 2008
I come here more often then I used to since a friend of mine lives very near the shop. It's a pretty cool shop with a nice reggae atmosphere. Since you can't smoke tobacco in the shops you can borrow pipes there to smoke pure inside. They sell in bags of 5, 8 and 12. (hasj goes per 7 instead of 8). They also sell budget for a very nice price, you get a very nice bag. I have heard some people say they thought the weed was too dry, I recently noticed that the grip bags aren't airtight, so better don't wait too long before you smoke it :D Good shop to check out when you are near it, but it's not one of the best in Groningen.
Positive Review Devi from Netherlands sent 10 Nov 2004
A reggaeshop, a bit for locals.