Rastafarihouse Boni

coffeeshop in Maastricht
Reviews of Rastafarihouse Boni Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Positive Review Jose from Netherlands sent 10 Jun 2017
I visited Boni yesterday and the day before and enjoyed it. The lady who helped me had the beautiful name Edeltraud. Since Maastricht banned tourists it is quiet in the shop but agreeable for me. If I ever come to Maastricht again I will visit it again for sure. The owner Boni? I have never met and the music I can't remember. And prices and don't know anything of. I paid 10 euro for a gram of marihuana. I forgot the name.
Neutral Review Enrico from Germany sent 18 May 2009
ID show. Not easy to find, the shop is ok, the prices overpriced, I have the feel, total Maastricht ripped me :(
Negative Review Courtjester from USA sent 15 Aug 2006
Walked in, looked at the absolutely ridiculous weed prices, walked out.
Positive Review Julia from Germany sent 12 Apr 2006
Will at some time have a little terrace, but it is not yet ready (spring 2006). Atmosphere is friendly and bright (in contrary to most of the other coffeeshops with their dungeon-ambiente). It opens at 11.00 am. Music is reggae (of course), but a little loud. The owner was friendly.
Neutral Review Ton from Netherlands sent 13 Feb 2006
The good thing about this place is that they play nice music most of the time (reggae, ragamuffin et cetera). But sometimes they play music from Cuba or somewhere in that area and I don't like that, especially because all those songs sound the same. Maybe he repeats one song, but most probably it's just that I don't like that kind of music anyhow. Sometimes the owner watches TV with the sound on the sound system, which doesn't make your stay much cosier. Now he (the owner) is the bad thing about the Rastafarihouse. He can be a big asshole, as is already said in another comment. When you buy some drugs and he immediately says that you GOT to buy something to drink if you want to stay, it makes you wonder if he understands that you are the customer and not some scum who can be honoured that you are allowed to enter his palace. Once I bought some hash there and sat down with my friend at the back of the place. The owner saw that I had some weed on me in a bag which wasn't his. He told me, from behind his counter, that I was not allowed to be there with weed from another coffeeshop, since that's illegal. I was really amazed by his tone and I asked him if I seriously had to leave, preparing myself on finally telling him that he is an asshole and never returning to that place, but he probably didn't hear me and he never answered.
Positive Review Dooker from USA sent 17 May 2005
I studied in Maastricht for a semester, and I have to say that Boni's became a favorite place for me. Never really gets too crowded, so it was always easy to have a table to myself to roll a splif and read a book for a couple hours without being bothered. In contrast to a previous comment, I befriended Boni, and thought he was a welcoming man. The reefer is dank and the place is headdy.
Negative Review Anon. visited Nov 3-11; sent 26 Nov 2004
It was raining and cold so I ordered coffee and begin to look at the weed menu. However the fellow behind the bar was not in a good mood and pretty much tried to be as big an asshole as he could be. As I finished my coffee another couple of people came in and he was an ass to them as well so I just figured he did not want our business so I left. I have heard good reports on this place but with a bartender like that I will not be back.
Positive Review Jan from Czech republic sent 9 Jul 2003
It is owned by a couple from Surinam (I think it used to be a colony of the Netherlands in South America). The place is not too big, I would say that twenty people would fit in. They sell pretty good stuff (well, I have not found a place in Holland where they do not), although sometimes I got little too dry buds. You can get between 6 to 8 brands of pot and about the same number of hash. What surprised me a lot is that they have about 30 flavours of tea and about 20 kinds of fruit juices. In the back of the place they have a balcony, where you can sit with about 4 or 5 of your friends. The balcony leads into an "atrium" in between the houses. There is a little river going in between the houses which makes the atmosphere nice and calm. Be careful getting stoned at this place! When you get really high and the owners of the shop start speaking their language, it is a tough job not to start laughing all around. It sound really funny! Do not get wrong impression of myself, I am no racist at all! I have spoken to Boni (the owner) a few times and he seems to be a nice person. So the conclusion is that I liked the shop and I will be coming back there again.