closed coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Rastababy Number of Positive Reviews 21 Number of Neutral Reviews 6 Number of Negative Reviews 4
Neutral Review Paddy from UK sent 2 Mar 2010
A group of 7 of us went in and it was quite a mellow atmosphere. There was reggae music playing. Went to the counter and there was a selection of about 10 different sorts of weed all ranging from K2, Snow White, Orange bud, Silver haze, Mixed berry (my personal favorite from the shop) and a few more. I asked him to pass me over the orange bud and he showed it to me in a little plastic bag (obviously the prepacked 2.8g for 15E) but when I opened the bag to smell it he told me off for potentially touching the cannabis to which I agree :) I wasn't too impressed with the Orange Bud so I decided to get Snow White instead which is just White Widow with another name, it was ok. My friend Storsky got K2 (completely covered in crystals) which he said was very strong, he asked the lady at the counter what she thought of it, to which she replied "quite a strong smoke for me personally" and he agrees, I got mixed berry from there also which was very harsh but got me very very stoned. The one thing I'm not sure about is, I'm convinced the bags weren't quite the size they were meant to be, I mean we didn't have scales on us but from my previous hours experience in Amsterdam that day I thought 3g would have been bigger. But all in all a ok place to chill and smoke, I would go there again.
Negative Review Enrico from Germany sent 18 May 2009
The shop was good but hey turned to bad and ripped business.
Positive Review Laughing Buddha from UK sent 5 May 2009
Popped in here on the last day of my trip to get of the Queens day crowds that where mobbing the city. Bought what was supposedly 2.8g of Orange Bud for 15E which was quite a good deal, bag may of been under but I cant say for sure. Not too heavy but a nice smoke before the flight home. Staff seemed pretty chilled and nice to sit in the conservatory watching the crowds roll by. 7/10
Neutral Review Courtjester from USA visited 18 Dec 07; sent 7 Mar 2008
I was one of Rastababy's staunchest supporters, and got no lightweight bags in summer of 2006, our first visit. There is no question the bags are light now. I got 2.4g and 2.5g of Silver Haze and Orange Bud, respectively, on two visits in the same day (E15 each), for what bags advertised as 2.8g. With all that said, I still go there, its outdoor cafe still is a summertime staple, its location is still enviable, and it's still one of the better multi-gram deals in the Centrum. It's simply one of my favorites, even with the wink-and-nudge bags. However, if you don't go there with that understanding, you indeed will be disappointed, which is why the entire practice never will be in Rastababy's best interest.
Negative Review FreiBier from Germany sent 11 Jan 2008
I always liked this shop, but thanks to the posting from bl0b I took a scale with me and it was exactly like he told, but they also raised the prices. Got Silverhaze for 15€/2.8g it were 2.1 plus 0.7 packaging. Nevertheless the weed was good and I like this chilly area with Reggaemusic. My friend argued with the staff and got his money back.
Neutral Review Stoner Association from UK sent 9 Nov 2007
Not very friendly and a bit dull. I can only really remember two cats and I'm pretty sure one was dying.
Negative Review bl0b from Germany sent 26 Jul 2007
I don't like Rastababy. They are selling the weed in pre-weighted bags and they try to fool you. I bought some Orange Bud and some K2. Every weed in there is 12 Euro for 3 gram. I bought 2 bags, didn't smoked anything, back at home my scale showed me exactly 2 gram (Orange Bud) and 2,1 gram (K2) without the bags. With my friends bags it was the same. By the way, the weed wasn't really good. Shame on them!
Negative Review Nabs from France sent 23 Jan 2007
I was very disappointed by this place. I heard it was cool so I went there with a good a priori. But inside was like a henhouse. We tried to chill at the bar but the girls working there are so noisy. I don't know how many people work there but there was like 7 girls around the bar hanging stuff for Christmas, sweeping the floor, talking loud and being unfriendly with the customers, again the feeling to disturb. Now the music, I hoped I would at least hear some good music inside but it was really cheap music. Really I was disappointed by this coffeeshop and I wish I can understand why people likes it so much. I will try to go back, maybe I'll have another point of view next time.
Positive Review Courtjester from USA sent 15 Aug 2006
We all must have our favorites, and for Mrs. C.J. and I, Rastababy is at the top. It is a delightful place to sit and smoke. It is located on a corner that provides one of the best people-watching venues of any coffeeshop (we decided to eat 105G of Colombian mushrooms one day, and ended up sitting at Rastababy's outdoor cafe, laughing until our cheeks were tear-crusted). Ronald, who insisted we allow him to roll us a pure-weed conical joint, was one of the coolest budtenders we encountered. And then there's the weed. Now, you can spend more for the same damn thing somewhere else. Or, you can spend E12.50 for 2.8 grams of any weed Rastababy offers. We smoked 2.8 grams each of Snow White, Orange Bud, K2, Northern Lights and Super Skunk, and 14 grams of Silver Haze - a total of 28 grams (one U.S. ounce) purchased from one coffeeshop in two weeks! Rastababy's wide selection of discounted weeds, and The Noon's 5G/E23 special on Blueberry, are flatly the two best deals you'll find in Amsterdam.
Positive Review Nibes from USA sent 16 Jul 2006
This was the first coffeeshop I visited and it's good that it was first, as I found it perfect for an Amsterdam virgin (me) but not once I'd been broken in a bit. Bought a bag of Double Purple (3.5g/12€) Note: they only sell specific weights here, i.e., 3.5 grams or 2.8 grams, they don't sell in 1 gram increments. Bought an orange juice (2€) and a toastie (2€), both of which hit the spot, and the music was a nice reggae. I came back a few days later and found the shop still good, but nowhere near the level of Amnesia or Abraxas or Homegrown Fantasy, neither the ganja quality nor the atmosphere. That being said, it was perfect for a first timer.
Positive Review Bubbalicious and JP from Canada visited 17/04/05; sent 22 Feb 2006
Wheelchair Accessibility: Accessible. 2G K2 12.50E. (7.5/10- super crystallized). Good access, good service, good music, serves alcohol too.
Positive Review Allan from Scotland sent 2 Aug 2005
Didn't like at all, Staff did their best to make us feel unwanted even though the place was empty, won't be back.
Positive Review Anon. sent 28 May 2005
This place is a great fav of mine and my friends and family. The reggae first attracted us and we have been returning year after year. The cat also lured us in, a great ploy if u r an animal lover. The smoke, music and customer care is great and the comfortable surroundings make it a great place to be in. I would recommend this place to anyone.
Positive Review Gea from Slovenia sent 5 May 2005
Our favourite coffee shop from all we were in. It's enough space, the music is absolutely great, also the people are interesting (many black guys :P :)), we bought White Widow which is still 12€ for 3 grams (pack - I thought it was really full pack!) and one rolled joint for 3,5€, but what a huge thing was that! Already rolled joints there are only super skunk - but it's really good and strong weed. If you prefer being stoned than high then you will like glorious White Widow, but some of my friends didn't like it. Cafe is great daily or at night. We were coming back many times when we were in A'dam.
Positive Review JR from Ireland sent 11 Mar 2005
Laidback atmosphere and a decent selection of decent weed. But what really makes this place great isn't that it is especially great at anything, but that it is damn good at a lot. Got 3 grams of thoroughly headwrecking Silver Haze for 12 euro, a glass of fine rum for 5, and comfortable place to smoke that is close to the Central station and has chilled music for free. Oh, one word of advice though, turn off your phones! There's a sign on the door, but it's easily missed (I did, sorry!).
Positive Review RT and NH from USA sent 21 Jan 2005
Pleasant but didn't buy smoke just enjoyed the good vibes and a nice smoke and they have wide variety of drinks and toasties 2.00 euro a piece plus the fattest stoned kitty I've seen looked like the upstairs was being renovated but plenty of space upfront.
Positive Review Dave S from England visited 17-20 Dec 04; sent 4 Jan 2005
A favourite of mine. It's nice and close to the station which makes it a better stop-off and waiting place than some of the more touristy places - tried some of their Hash. Twizzler or Sizzler or something! Not bad, but I bought it more to buy something from their menu out of politeness, as I was smoking my own Haze that I'd brought in with me. Nice chilling place with good music, good drinks and good vibes. Took a couple of pieces of their space cake to try as well on the second night - very tasty, but I can't remember if it was especially potent after everything I'd sampled that day! I visit this place more than anywhere else just for the vibes. Might not look like much from outside, but it's the feeling inside that matters to me.
Neutral Review John & Jo from England sent 19 Dec 2004
Didn't buy any weed, bought 2 beers (3 euros each). Very high stools, which when you're stoned can be a little scary, have to keep alert which is no good! Music was really good, proper reggae, perfect volume. But apart from the music everything was just pretty ok, nothing special.
Neutral Review Jul-Kev-Stev from France visited 22-26 Nov; sent 1 Dec 2004
I waited for my train in this shop near Centraal station with a pure pre-rolled joint. Good music, a little card of weed & hash this place sale alcohol. Nothing special about this place.
Positive Review Patrick from USA visited Oct '04; sent 6 Nov 2004
The music is loud! Bob Marley was singing when I entered Rastababy. The bar was in the back, and the man that helped me was very helpful and nice. The menu looked good and I purchased three grams of Snow White for only 12.50 euro! What a deal! The bud was worth it! I rolled one up in front of the window to look out. And there sat the legendary cat right next to me. It got some lovins, and a small buzz from me. Even got to see the daily shot for his diabetes! Good stop-in type coffeeshop!
Positive Review Star sent 29 Jun 2004
My friend and I went to Rasta Baby and were so impressed with the hospitality of the man and woman working behind the bar. My friend smoked an entire joint of Moroccan hash which literally knocked him to the floor. One minute he was commenting on how strong the hash was and the next he was blacked out on the bar floor. Both the woman and man behind the bar (didn't get their names) were so helpful. They brought him a drink, put a cold compress on his head, and even walked us back to our hotel. These two were the nicest people I met in Amsterdam. They were like two angels and I am so thankful we had the opportunity to meet them.
Positive Review Jay and Oxy sent 9 Jun 2004
Good prices, good gear, Dennis and the girl behind the bar were 1st class and of course the 2 ginger cats "belly and red" really kept us amused. A definite must for any Amsterdam virgins.
Positive Review Nakis from Germany sent 23 May 2004
On my last trip to Amsterdam we found that nice shop, hating the music of the other bigger ones. We stayed there for the whole day, because the 3gr K2 flipped me upside down *g*. Beautiful ambience, friendly service, fair prices and super music...just one of the best shops there.
Positive Review Dee, Rach and B from UK sent 10 May 2004
Rasta Babys we found two years ago and we always make that our first and last coffee shop to visit winter or summer you know you can always go there and chill with a nice drink smoke and atmosphere. Even friends that don't smoke like to go and have a beer instead and the music is always something you can hum along to.
Positive Review TK from USA sent 3 Jan 2004
I bought 3 grams of their silver haze... Got stoned out of my mind. smoked it all up right away. The atmosphere is nice and the music goes right along with the smoke. The cat wasn't about though. Anyways I am used to hydro and that stuff was good and cheap plus the chick is very friendly ;)
Positive Review Chris from UK sent 16 Oct 2003
Rastababy was a fantastic atmosphere, filled with mostly locals, the weed was surprisingly cheaper than the other coffeeshops I went to.. you were looking at the same price for 3 grams in there as you were for 2 grams in the Grasshopper. I chose to get some Stardust.. which I would highly recommend.. It's a pretty basic place but was warm, comfortable and also had a pretty nice range of spacecake.
Neutral Review Michelle from UK sent 16 Sep 2003
For the record, I bought Northern Lights, not over impressed with it, Our kidda bought Silver Haze, again I was not overly impressed. I had a nightmare getting in on the train, I spent an hour on the train, got to Amsterdam Sloterdijk and the train stops, gas leak in between Sloterdijk and Centraal. Aaaaaarrrghhh. The train goes back to Haarlem. Stripkarten costs 15 Euros each each way to get from Haarlem to Amsterdam I said no chance! After a two hour wild goose chase around Haarlem, Leiden and Schipol I finally arrive in Amsterdam, so was grateful for anything I can smoke! The glass of Heineken was very refreshing and appreciated also!
The cat did a nash out of the door and I remember thinking how scary it must be for a stoned cat in Amsterdam, right on a busy junction and all. The lass from the counter soon apprehended him but it was weird to watch :-)
Positive Review Sim from UK sent 7 Aug 2003
Rastababy seems about as rasta as Ronaldo but please, please don't buy your White Widow from anywhere else, it's boom, consistent and mad cheap. Good bar if you just want the one drink with your zook.
Positive Review Dan from UK sent 27 Jul 2003
I visited Rastababy more than any other coffeeshop while I was in tha 'dam but only bought 2 grams of Jamaican ( containing seeds) but still a nice smoke. One of the cheapest places I went to, nice freshly squeezed orange juice, great music reggae of course. The cats that chill out outside added an extra laid back feel to the place . Only problem was there was only one toilet cubicle which had no lock, so having an unfortunate experience of walking in on someone is very likely. but overall great place.
Positive Review John M. from UK sent 18 Jun 2003
Went here on our last day, didn't buy anything here unfortunately as we were leaving for the airport in an hour or so. It looked quite extensive and reasonably priced too. Bought a coffee skinned up and had some space cake, was surprised when it came out was warm and had chocolate with a jam layer in middle mmm was real nice could also have with cream too, I'll definitely be back here to try it again and their smoke. Inside was nicer than most we went in with nice seating inside and out clean toilets too which is a bonus and also a pretty girl who was serving there.
Positive Review Tom and Clairey from UK visited 9 - 12 Aug 2002; sent 14 Aug 2002
Nice lighting on the inside, wasn't busy late night on the weekend, not very good selection but we bought a pre rolled joint and boy oh boy they roll some phatties.