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Positive Review Scott and Sharon from Scotland. Sent 7 Jan 2009.
What a great little coffee shop. My wife and I visited Amsterdam for 4 days this time and made a point of stopping here every day, twice too and from the hotel. lol. They had a great little selection of weed and hash, we started with 2g of Northern lights and had a little chit chat with the girl serving and moved upstairs. lol. (almost vertical ladders that gave us a little giggle every time we left as to whether we would fall or not, especially when the room was full of people and thick with smoke) to the new smoking room to get a great view of the famous chandelier and mural they have which was spoiled a bit by the windows they had too put in to accommodate us smokers, but hey! needs must. The coffee and a tea were among the best in Dam too. On getting upstairs we had a nice bit of heavy dub reggae playing away, the Northern Lights didn't disappoint at 15 euros for the 2gms. Our afternoon jaunts around the finer sites of dam with a huge cheesy grin were great. Next day I picked up 2g of the Orange Bud for the same price 15 euros. Still as smiley but much milder hit than the Northern. After 2 nights, wired to the moon (buzzing) with all the caffeine and weed. I asked the guy on my 3rd visit for some heavy soft black he recommended the Tempal Ball, which I jumped on and at 22 euros for 2 grams, a little expensive but well worth it for the heavy head bang it gave you before bed, beautiful and sticky and sweet and a nice little change from the weed. Definite 10/10 cafe for me with great service, music and merchandise we will always go back.
Positive Review Kokoshka from USA. Sent 11 Feb 2008.
Stopped in here right after visiting the Rembrandt House Museum, it's right across the street. Bought a pre-rolled White Widow for 3 Euro and enjoyed the place. The main area is below ground level and has a nice view of the busy street. Great chandelier and decor.
Positive Review Micky W from UK. Sent 17 Sep 2007.
Just on the corner down from the Bluebird is the Reefer. Not an obvious coffeeshop as it only has a small sign you could easily miss. Walk in and to the left is a raised up table with about 3 bar stools either side, down a few steps to the drinks/dealers bar where they have a good selection of hash and weed on the menu, I was a bit confused at first as everything was priced at 10euros, then I realised that all the weights of the various varieties were different, i.e. 1.3gms Bubblegum for 10 euros or 1.8gms Northern Lights 10euros. Confusion gone and the prices seemed very reasonable. Got the Northern Lights and sat upstairs where there are 3 or 4 tables that look towards the Rembrandt cafe, great views. The Northern Lights was as good as I've had anywhere in A-Dam, lovely taste, nice and clean, nice high and not in the slightest bit chokey. Will go back to Reefer next visit and would recommend to anyone.
Positive Review Dave from UK. Sent 17 Jun 2007.
Nice place, didn't stay long but it's below ground level so when you're sat looking out the window your eyes are at the pavement level! Mostly wooden tables and stools I think there's an upstairs as well.
Positive Review Doody from USA. Sent 28 Oct 2005.
A nice little shop, just down from the Bluebird, but with a better view. Across the way from the Rembrandt Huis, and Rembrandt Corner Cafe. Split into two levels with stairs going down to the bar from street level, and up stairs to a nice seating area with tables, a couch, and foosball table (table football). The whole front of the store is nice big windows to look out from both levels. Downstairs at the wiet counter there is a low ceiling, but it is a nice place to hang. Most of the product is sold for 2 grams, fortunately there are good choices. They have a special, 5 grams "Cristal" bud for 23 euro. They have many drink choices including Looza, Chocomel, etc. and a huge candy bar selection. It is a nice ambiance overall, decorated nice, a cool tree made out of coins is on one wall amongst other interesting art work. They were playing 50 Cent while I was there. I had a Looza and their pre-rolled joint for 3 euro, it was skunk and not too weak, just right. They also have a Photo Play and Pac Man for vid heads. Nice place to stop and take a break, plus Rembrandt used to walk the very streets out the front door.
Positive Review Dave B from Wales. Sent 30 Nov 2004.
This place was very friendly, with great staff! It's on 2 levels, with a giant tree made out of money. It's very small and cramped, but they have Pacman. Ordered Crystal, which was very very nice, and then Bubblegum, which at 11 Euros for 2 grams was very cool. Great coffee, and skunk muffins. One to watch out for.
Positive Review Claud from Netherlands. Sent 22 Nov 2004.
This shop is an alternative for the Bluebird a few houses away. You can sit here but the drinks are expensive and the toilet is 50 cents and very small but they play good music so that makes then nice as an alternative.
Positive Review Emma and Ben from UK. Sent 13 Nov 2004.
Lovely lady serving, very chatty and amazing chandelier. Relaxing and warm after a long days walk. The only place we bought a pre-roll and for 3 Euros it was well worth it!
Positive Review Steve from USA. Sent 6 Dec 2001.
They have an extensive menu, plenty of domestics and imports. There are some booths towards the front as you enter, where you can relax, and a long bar with stools on the left, extending towards the back. Booths were stained hard wood and so, I believe, were the tables. It is open fairly late hours. Given the fact that I arrived there having been awake for 39 hours after a red-eye flight, arrived at a late hour, and stayed there an hour (2?) enjoying the atmosphere, I cannot offer much more details on the place itself. A few menu items required doggie bags back to the bed-and-breakfast, though, and these items were both memorably potent and pungent when enjoyed the next day. Prices were average, maybe a little more for what was labeled as the Thai, but well worth it. Atmosphere notwithstanding, it was among the best, and greenest, and stickiest acreage available from the many, many coffee houses visited during my weeklong journey through the heart of Amsterdam.