coffeeshop in Haarlem
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Positive Review Jesscass sent 24 Dec 2015
Originally I wanted to pay them a visit for a long time and since there was a new menu online showing they have started to play the name game with strains (just kidding) and added items to their menu in general, especially for hashish, it was a good reason to go. Was told this place isn't Moroccan owned anymore since January this year but under Dutch management now! Also menu was improved a lot as I was shown an old one! Now they have about 17 strains of weed (from classic to modern) ranging from 6-14, 5€, only sold by the gram or more! Hashwise beside Polm (5€), King Hassan (7,5€), Ketama Gold (7,5€) and Regine's Primera (which they are famous for I was told as well, smelt lovely! 8€) they now also had Candy Kush (9,5€) and Amnesia Bloc (13,5€), all from Morocco. Very knowledgeable and kind budtendress who gave very good descriptions of every item on the hash menu beside showing was much to my amusement (no offence intended though) saying both Candy Kush as Amnesia Bloc were not from Morocco but produced in the Netherlands though! Of course she was right to some point;)! Despite Amnesia Bloc was absolutely smelling beautiful I got me a gram of Candy Kush as I was more after a mellow smoke at this time and this hash was good value for money! Nice one! Beside that this bright place has about 20 seats comfortable enough behind a glass wall for smoking and is a good looking enough establishment! If you are in Haarlem worth a visit but not too special.
Positive Review Jeff from USA sent 23 Mar 2008
Great place! Friendly people, large screen projection TV. We felt quite comfortable there. And the smoke was just fine.
Positive Review The Wife & I from UK sent 2 Jan 2008
Orange Bud 1.6g/10e. Delicious, cured to perfection and left great taste in your mouth.
Positive Review Courtjester from USA sent 15 Aug 2006
This was a nice, airy, bright shop. And the Regine Special (5G/E25) was fabulous smoke, with chunky buds of deep red hairs, almost maroon. Definitely worth finding if you're in Haarlem.
Positive Review Ramon from Netherlands sent 29 Oct 2003
Regina is a fine Moroccan shop with friendly sellers! I'm already a 3 year customer and they know that there: I always get BIG BAGS. Regina 'special' this is a very soft tasting weed that will hit u strong and fast! It's located in central Haarlem and is easy to find! Try their mint tea, with fresh leaves, a must for every high person!!