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coffeeshop Meppel
Reviews of Relax Number of Positive Reviews 2 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Jesscass visited November 2018; sent 9 Dec 2018
An oldschool one here. Old Moroccan and friendly enough guy behind the counter told us both types of his Moroccan hashish are what we are after when asked for his best. Think they went for about 9€ and 11€ and we got the more expensive option which was nothing to complain about if anything! Proper blondish oldschool resin of classic origin. Other one looked promising, too. Think he had only two strains for weed as well and we were shown the best which again was nice enough. Sat down here but shop is more or less basic if memory serves me right. Still recommended when in town and after resin if you ask me!
Positive Review Gabe from Canada sent 18 Jul 2014
I think the only coffeeshop in town but very good. All wood interior with comfy seating around tables, a pool table and a TV. There is wifi as well. I was the only non-local inside but everyone is very friendly including the owner. Only 3 types of bud (White Widow, Afghan Skunk and K2) and 4 types of hash but my favorite shop in all the Netherlands. I've biked the whole country and stopped in many shops in many towns. By far my favorite and they have the best hash I've had (the owner comes from Morocco so maybe that's why?) anyways, if you are near Meppel definitely worth the trip!