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Andy from USA. Sent 13 Dec 2010.
I was not impressed with Relax. I bought three prerolled js there: one haze, two white widow. When I smoked them, they had a lot of tobacco in them. I don't smoke cigarettes and got a huge nicotine buzz and that was about it. Very disappointing for 6 euro each. I don't know if it's common to put tobacco in joints over here but I was disappointed.
Neoc from Netherlands. Sent 21 Jul 2010.
This coffee shop has really good weed. I smoke regularly and have tried many coffee shops and nobody can compare to Relax. The staff is super friendly. Want to smoke in the shop, you make sure you bring an ID. Near the counter is door to go to the smoking area. Here is one area with tables and you can watch TV, play on the soccertable and a machine to play different games. In addition, there is also a drink and snack machine. Highly recommended!
Durv from Netherlands. Sent 30 Jul 2008.
I just walked in and when I wanted to buy dope I needed to show ID. But it's a nice place and they sell no bad quality ;). They sold me Snow White for 8 euro, the weed was better than I expected for 8 euro. And the weight was correct, no rip. Good shop.
CoupleOfGermans from Germany. Sent 2 Feb 2007.
The Relax shop was the best shop we visited until now, good prices (11€ for high quality, good tasting 1gramm White Widdow) and nice staff. There's a kicker-table and some tables and a bar to sit at. Really good shop.
Ward from Belgium. Sent 9 Apr 2006.
This shop is ok. Quite good prices but the weed is not as good as the weed they sell at the Skunk (other shop in Sittard). Hash is better than the Skunk's hash.
zondigse_shop_hanger from Belgium. Sent 19 Dec 2005.
I like the shop very much, I usually visit it 2-3 times a week. Until recently an elderly African woman sold you the weed but now she went on retirement, what a shame! The Chinese guy is not so nice, especially when you ask to weigh the bags. 'Quietschbaer' from Germany is right, they sometimes are a little under weight but it is always good grass at a very reasonable price, when you buy 5 grams you get tips and rollingpapers for free of course, and the drinks are at a normal price. At this moment it's my favourite shop, but, yeah, it changes :d
Quietschbaer from Germany. Sent 28 Oct 2004.
Small, dark and smokey shop. Nice people. Never had any complaints about the weed. Prices are ok. Quality also. Bigger amounts possible. Negative: Ask them to weigh the bags! I had too less in it two times, but they don't get angry, if you ask them. To my regret, it is a bit too far from me, so I prefer Venlo or Roermond. Otherwise it would be my favourite.