coffeeshop in Tiel
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Positive Review Jesscass sent 12 May 2018
Interior is dingy and has seen better days but there are about thirty wooden chairs to sit at, partly comfy ones along though. At the bar where you buy your drugs there are four bar stools as well. You also can spend some time with a kicker table and two TV sets. This visit a friendly and funny middle-aged Moroccan guy of what seemed second-generation handed me his best slab out of his pocket for free examination. Even though this is nice I don't appreciate it at all due to hygiene issues as showing and smelling is just enough for me and should be to anyone. However, that classic blonde Moroccan (10€/g) was nice value for money. Classic and tasty oldschool hashish with an uplifting high; in my humble opinion a tad more to my liking than Lamar's best traditional for 10€/g, though they play in the same league and it is really just a matter of taste. Otherwise there were two other Moroccans on offer for 5€ and 8€. Wiet menu listed about six strains to be had: Hindu Kush, Moon Flower, Santa Maria, Top44 and Power Plant is all I remember and 8€/g each strangely so I didn't even look. Not even a haze strain on which on the other hand is somehow funny again. Mostly Moroccan youths around and people coming and leaving for a fly and buy and what seemed to be the owner took care of us when sitting down for a tea. A shop for picking up in my humble opinion but ok enough for a short stay. Would definitely return here for their fine hasj so recommended!
Positive Review Jesscass sent 3 Sep 2014
Medium big coffeeshop, looked inviting. Older Moroccan budtender, at least in his fifties, spoke almost no English but tried his best to serve me. They had about five strains of classic wiet and about three or four of hash. I was told Hia (10€) was their best hash. I would return with more time when in town.