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Reviews of Resin Number of Positive Reviews 12 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Chris from USA. Sent 20 Feb 2018.
I remember Resin when it was The Pool Dog in the 90's and 00's. They had a pool table and movies on 20" TV's. There was plenty of seating to enjoy Afghani black hash. I remember seeing that the site was closed in the late 2000's and wondering what would become of it. I think it's been Resin since about 2013.
Positive Review Eva from Amsterdam. Sent 29 Nov 2009.
Great staff, good weed, nice place. The whole place has green lights. Feels a little weird at first, but it's actually pretty nice on the eyes after a while. Great place to go if you're in the center.
Positive Review Micky W from UK. Sent 17 Oct 2009.
Last time I was here in May, Resin had been gutted (see below) but on my most recent trip in early October I am happy to report that it is very much open and looking very trendy indeed. As you go in the dealers/drinks bar is to the left in a room all on its own, got a gram of Bubblegum and my mate got a gram of AK47 and we went through the automatic doors to the smoking part of the shop, the main part, just through the doors, has seating on either side with stools to sit on also, after this there is a sunken area at the rear that wasn't quite finished but looked really cool, they also have an upstairs section that looks like some kind of gallery, this was also not quite finished, but close, the bud wasn't that expensive either for a shop so close to the station and was as good as you'll find anywhere, green neon lights give the place a real hip look and if they carry on the way they are going there is no reason for them not to become one of the best coffeeshops in the Dam. Recommended.
Neutral Review Micky W from UK. Sent 1 Jun 2009.
Update: Has been gutted although the sign is still up so hopefully just closed for massive renovation, fingers crossed.
Positive Review Det. Belker from UK. Sent 16 Apr 2009.
Once again I stumble in to one of my all time best weed retailers near the station, a must on my way in and out of the city! Had the best White Russian I've had for ages also a very fine skuff for 12E a gram with the aforementioned White Russian costing a 14E a gram. Staff cool as ever and had a massive farewell session consuming Resin's cool bar offerings and lots of pool! Come here one and all not the best coffeeshop near the center but up there in my point of view due to memories!
Positive Review Det. Belker from UK. Sent 11 Feb 2009.
I love this place! It's got just the right amount of light, my personal fave is right at the window about 5pm it's cool! Had my first ever strong Citrus there for about 12e a gram it was immense! Also had the best Shiva there also. I'll be a regular visitor mainly for the staff if nothing else!
Positive Review Phil from England. Sent 12 May 2008.
A big thumbs up here for Resin coffee shop, it just so happened to be just across the road from our hotel which was very handy for crawling home, we had visited a number of others but this one was the best, friendly helpful and traditional.
Positive Review Chris from South Africa. Sent 25 Mar 2008.
The best coffee shop I came across in Amsterdam, also the coffee shop we stumbled upon over and over again accidentally, and by the end of our trip we had been inside Resin about 20 times! It's got such a good ambient lighting system that just sets such an awesome mood and atmosphere, and they have quite mad sound system! A must smoke for Amsterdam!
Positive Review OleTex from USA. Visited Jan 17. Sent 30 Jan 2008.
Our first shop visit on our first trip and we're very lucky. Budtender asked how best to serve and when told needed a really great Sativa to help overcome the fatigue and jet-lag; broke out the most beautiful bud of NYDiesel I could only have imagined, and at only 11 euro gram. A beautiful experience all the way around especially to begin with and the best value shop I could imagine. Shop was clean, seemed very businesslike and professional with a lot of local traffic. Budtender said that this Diesel had just come in so that may have been the reason for high traffic in an out. My wife and I will visit here every time we can.
Positive Review Adam from USA. Visited June 07. Sent 18 Oct 2007.
The weed was great (G13 and White Widow). I played a lot of pool there. The staff was very nice, who I got to know personally. Resin is in a great central location and an excellent coffeeshop. I highly recommend. Bongs for use as well. The Resin was sadly out of stock.
Positive Review Al Waxman from UK. Sent 27 Jun 2007.
Slightly dark, nice tho! Had a good few tables for the size which was never busy. The staff couldn't be more helpful as well! Menu wasn't huge but had a decent selection, bought some lovely Super Skunk if I can remember rightly 'bout 8euros a gram. Got lots of internet stations and drinks are very cool also! 7/10
Positive Review Anon. from Germany. Sent 7 Jun 2004.
Recommended. Super shop, good operation and cool music.
Positive Review Andy from UK. Sent 21 Jul 2003.
I loved it there, the back games room was small but effective with a good pool table and some blindin games machines! Very nice owner with some decent gear on sale! Highly recommend!