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Rick's Cafe

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Rick's Cafe
smoker-friendly bar Rick's Cafe, Amsterdam, Noord Holland allowing pure cannabis consumption with address, telephone number, opening times, reviews, map, picture
Reviews of Rick's Cafe Number of Positive Reviews 9 Number of Neutral Reviews 3 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Negative Review Macker from Ireland. Sent 10 Jul 2009.
Didn't like this shop at all and won't be going back! When we first went in the staff were very unfriendly and then insisted on seeing our id's (I know this can happen but it was done in a rude way). then when we had rolled up we were rudely asked if the joints were tobacco free, we said yes but just finished our drinks and left. While we were briefly there a couple and a separate group of four both came and left which says it all really.
Positive Review Tyler H from USA. Sent 16 Jun 2006.
A not so well known place, but amazingly superb! There strand Citrus was okay but the "Peace Maker" (which was only found at this coffee shop) was one of the top strands I've ever had! Very nice weed and the place itself is okay too. On a negative note, there is a 10 Euro deposit to use a bong worth a lot less than that (you obviously get that back though).
Positive Review Chris from UK. Sent 19 Oct 2005.
Good place to visit if Greenhouse Centrum is too busy. Try and get the table by the window upstairs as you get a great view of the canals and passing people.
Neutral Review Sammi from UK. Sent 25 Jul 2005.
This was the second place we went in for a beer and a smoke. We got the best seats (up stairs at the front overlooking the canal - great for people watching!). The music was ace at first, funky house and similar sounding stuff to Dirty Vegas. We went back later on they had put on something that just sounded like noise with someone screaming in the background, every time we went back in it was that screaming again. The place was nice for a smoke and a cheeky Heineken or 5 but unless you like your music to sound like the end of the world is coming it might not be your cup of tea.
Positive Review Randy from USA. Sent 13 Jun 2005.
I have been to Amsterdam 3 times and I always have to stop at Rick's Cafe! The best time of my entire trip takes place at Rick's!
Positive Review Boggart from France. Sent 6 May 2005.
Rick's Cafe : I went there for the name, I stayed there for the weed.
Positive Review Dave from UK. Sent 19 Apr 2005.
Rick's cafe is a spot on place to go when there's no room to sit in the Greenhouse. It also has some lovely White Rhino. Don't feel too paranoid when you go in its very narrow downstairs but upstairs there's loads of room and they're always playing good loud rock. I've never seen it packed and the man behind the weed counter is always pretty helpful. Saw Wales win the Six Nations in here smoking a j, sweet!
Neutral Review TrippingOverGod from UK. Sent 6 Feb 2005.
Remembered it having much better music last time but still a cool little place - not very comfortable seating though. Good Jack Herer but not mindblowing.
Positive Review Hash Man from USA. Sent 5 Nov 2004.
I stroll in there and ask the guy behind the counter to give me the best shit they got. He shows me some Jack Herer which didn't look good at all (coming from the states, where I live we got the fucking best Chronic) I decided to go with the K2 which looked like it was better. As soon as I fired up my cone a man walked in who was on my plane. He bought a gram of Afgan and we shared each other's joints. It was funny to see another face that was on the plane. Small shop and the menu wasn't that great but an OK shop to visit.
Positive Review Kottolok from Italy. Sent 18 Oct 2004.
Friendly atmosphere, best beers and billiards.
Positive Review Andy from UK. Sent 24 Sep 2004.
I stumbled across Ricks Cafe. I'm a Robbie Robertson fan and if you know the song Blue Train, there's a line that goes 'Why do you always end up at Ricks Cafe? I don't know...the wind just kind of blew me this way'. Well, I had to venture over and I whiled away a very pleasant 30 minutes. I would recommend anyone who enjoys a friendly, laid back atmosphere to visit Ricks.
Positive Review Jiffa from Scotland. Visited 14-17 April 04. Sent 27 Apr 2004.
I like this place, they sell great Leb and Nepal, the dealer was friendly and the bar staff helpful. Best to sit in the seats upstairs overlooking the canal.
Neutral Review Jeremy from USA. Sent 15 Jul 2003.
Stopped in here one night on my initial visit as I saw the beer sign in the window. I was really looking for somewhere I could sit down and smoke a joint while enjoying a beer or two on the side. I felt obliged to buy something other than the alcohol so I purchased some hash. It was dark black and came off a brick of at least 100 grams if not more. Unfortunately it sucked and I tossed it in the trash can.
The bar is pretty much stripped down. Not much for ambiance or personality. They have a large outside seating area across the street and a rather long and narrow area inside. After buying the hash and drinking the beer I quickly headed across the street to the Greenhouse Centrum as I saw a beer sign in their window as well.