Risky Business

coffeeshop in Amsterdam
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Positive Review Jack from UK sent 6 Jul 2011
This is just a pick up place with a small menu, very cheap prices. The guy behind the till always offers a selection of bags. Really just an easy place to quickly pick up.
Neutral Review Doody from USA visited May 30-June 7; sent 13 Jun 2006
More so a locals pick up place than a coffeeshop. You have to get buzzed in the locked big glass front door and inside there are two tables, only one chair, an alcove to the right with a pinball machine (which the staff is constantly playing), and in the back a counter. There are nice big windows looking out to the street, but nowhere to sit and enjoy them. They don't serve coffee or tea? Just water, orange juice and sodas. This was the first place I went to from the apartment I was staying in so I had to check out something. I asked for the menu and the gal there was nice enough to show me all their product, which wasn't much, one wiet and 4 hasj choices. I got 1 gm. of some decent White Widow for 7 euro, and the Polm hasj at 8.50 euro gm, rolled up a number, stayed for a few puffs, and then was on my way.