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coffee shop Rockland, Amsterdam, Noord Holland for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, Facebook, reviews, map, picture
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Reviews of Rockland Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 4
Positive Review Micky W from UK sent 14 Feb 2008
Had never been to Rockland, even though it's opposite the hotel we stay in, mainly because of all the bad press it had received, walking back to hotel after a meal I thought "why not". Went in and got 2gms of Orange Bud for 14 euros and a couple of cokes and sat at one of the raised tables, Orange Bud wasn't great but wasn't the worst I've had, the Morrocan fella working there seemed really friendly and cheerful and played some nice reggae tunes. Now I was going to give this place an average rating, but on our last night I only had hash to smoke in hotel room but missus wanted to play cards, not wanting the rolling up of hash joints to slow down play I popped over to Rockland and got 2gms of White Widow for 16 euros, not only were these buds cheap, it was the best White Widow I've had in a long time, possibly ever. Lovely taste and a magic high that kept me skinning up into the early hours, will get White Widow from there again even if to just takeaway. Top Bud.
Positive Review Jermy from France visited 25/04/07; sent 16 May 2007
Very nice people working there, nice ambiance. Smoked 2 g Super Skunk and was very stoned. They have very good coffee, they play nice music. Would recommend this coffeeshop. When I am in Amsterdam I go back for sure.
Positive Review Teo and Vale from Switzerland sent 19 Feb 2007
Comfortable, good atmosphere.
Positive Review Simon and Sarah from Scotland visited Oct 06; sent 18 Oct 2006
Good. The guy was really friendly, and he tried his hardest to make conversation with us even though his English was pretty poor. We bought White Widow from here and it was quite a good mellow stone that wasn't too heavy. We visited this shop every night on our way back to our hotel, it was quite busy but many left unhappy as there was no alcohol sold here.
Negative Review Tyler H from USA sent 16 Jun 2006
This place is very bad, bad weed, bad tender although she tried her best and at least didn't ignore me, bad music, local crowd of people, and placed right on a busy street in a semi-basement. The drinks are so overpriced I laughed, and the only good part about it was the 15 minuets of internet time for 1 euro which seemed fair (but the going price at other shops too). Don't buy the White Widdow here, and I would not stop here at all if I was you.
Negative Review Dave from UK sent 11 Jun 2006
First time I went there the guy was really nice after I bought 20 euros of hash. When I came back the next day and asked just to buy a drink he asked if I wanted to smoke, I told him that I already had some I had bought from the Bulldog, and he told me that I was not allowed to smoke any "bulldog shit" is his coffeeshop. My girlfriend and I left immediately!
Negative Review Fred from France sent 28 Aug 2005
Stopped at this coffeeshop, after a long walk, to have a rest and smoke my weed. Got a very bad greeting from the start. I'd barely had time to order drinks, I was yelled like "what do you smoke" in a not really gentle way. I said that I had my own stuff, and I was told that I must buy something to smoke if I want to stay "...because of the tourists, you know!" Unfortunately, my girlfriend and I were dying for toilets, so I bought a pre-rolled of hash, which was really soft. Oh, and we had to beg for the use of the toilets, because they are "for personnel only"! The crappiest shop in the city!
Negative Review Amy from USA sent 23 Mar 2004
Stop at Rockland after walking for miles and had cotton mouth so bad I asked the man behind the counter for a water no gas and he yelled at me NO Drinks sold unless you buy from Menu, which I told him I would and then I got 2 grams of blonde hash that was all dried and woody. 14.00 for 2 grams, tasted good but not that great a buzz, would not recommend this place.
Neutral Review Justin from USA visited June 18-25 2003; sent 26 Jun 2003
I only went here because it was very close to my hotel so we figured "why not". The weed is very below par but, you should buy else where and use their chairs outside to sit, smoke and people watch, its right on a corner of an intersection, other than that, don't bother with this place.
Positive Review Dan from USA visited 29/10/01- 09/11/01; sent 27 Nov 2001
Another favorite. About a block from the Grey Area on the canal.