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coffeeshop Hengelo
Reviews of Rokade Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Jesscass visited April 2019; sent 26 Apr 2019
Colourful modern as well as classic interior and not too run down looking! After entering there are two counters to the right at the window and a bar area with about fifty seats to the left. Including two wooden tables and other cushioned seats; in fact a small shop but with a smart layout. Can get crowdy there though. Menu for weed: Mix (7€/g), Haze Mix (9€/g), Nlx (9€/g), White Widow (9€/g) and Amnesia Haze (11€/g). Hash: Primeur (7.5€/g), Extreme (9€/g), Black Kush (10€/g) and Tidghine (11€/g). Friendly budtendress recommended indeed shaky HazeMix but turned that down. Not so with the Tidghine she showed and weighed up for me. Goldish looking classic Moroccan with a piney taste and nice enough effects a bit more on the uppy side of things. They also had a flatscreen on with test results of their gear; also a gaming console for free use. Different clean bongs available, too. Despite snapshot in time and all that customers were of all ages and that's why different to Moby Dick and Happy Days with what seemed a much younger customer base, lively and enjoyable atmosphere. Recommended.
Positive Review t_stoned from Austria sent 19 Aug 2008
Modern chill-out cs. Pot-counter with 3 glass-windows like on train-station. Smoking ban! No tobacco and mixed joints, but pure you are welcome. The girl doesn't know the difference between indica and sativa. They have 3 weeds and 2 hashes. Purchased: 7e/1g AK-47. Not as expected, too weak for AK compring to homegrown. Disappointed anyway. 10e/1g Dynamit hash. Good quality pressed polm. Nice high comes to stoned:)
Positive Review The Wife & I from UK sent 2 Jan 2008
Two fine purchases made: Puple Power (I presume) and K2. Both 7E/g.
Positive Review Howie from Germany sent 3 Dec 2007
I visit them very frequently and I can say, very nice people, also possibilities to sit down and enjoy. The music is very different and I guess it depends on the crew which is in action on that day but from metal to reggae. I have heard all kind of music there. Regarding prices I have to advise that it is not the cheapest shop in Hengelo, compared with Happy days, "Rokade" is 1,50 - 2 euro more expensive, but the quality is better in my opinion. At these days, the price-range is from 7,50 to 9 for weed and from 6 - 11 for hash. Unfortunately they have only 2 different kind of weeds but more than 6 or 7 for hash. Try it, taste it and leave your comment here.