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De Rokerij

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Reviews of De Rokerij Number of Positive Reviews 29 Number of Neutral Reviews 3 Number of Negative Reviews 6
Negative Review Jonny Boy from England. Sent 4 Aug 2009.
I had White Shark €8 here which was okay but was put off by the service. We were asked to squeeze around one small table despite there being several empty ones and the chairs opposite the wall seating were too small for any adult (not good on the knees of a 40 year old. The beer was bloody awful and expensive. The waitress kept hassling us every 5 minutes too. I'd recommend visiting the dealer in the doorway and go chill with your smoke by a canal or something. I stayed away from the other Rokerijs after this one and away from plastic looking coffee shops in general.
Positive Review Enrico from Germany. Sent 18 May 2009.
This small shop with Moroccan/Arabian style have the same stuff than the other Rokerij CS's, here become you fresh Moroccan nana-tea with your smoke.
Positive Review Glenn from Canada. Sent 14 May 2008.
We ran in here to get out of the rain after dinner across the street at Pizza Pino. It is a dark and comfy place to relax at the low tables. I bought a gram of Riffman's Dunya for 10E for a nice after dinner buzz. I will caution short people like myself going to the WC there that they have the highest urinals I have ever seen and no toilet.
Negative Review Paul B from UK. Sent 10 May 2008.
Weed and hash was rubbish, staff extremely unpleasant and unclean! Thought they were too cool for school. Dirt coffeeshop looks like a crack house.
Positive Review Pthomas from USA. Sent 22 Oct 2007.
A favorite, even though I have to take off my hat, the fans are a trip as they are placed to look like they will collide. The gear is great, with a wide variety. You can drink beer here, a plus depending on who you are, I have seen a few casualties, passing out. The staff is super nice, and mostly women waitresses. Very comfortable seating, and made to chill, but gets very loud and crowded.
Positive Review Spliffi from Norway. Sent 5 Jul 2007.
The best chill out place, the nicest staff and a good menu. Since it's in the restaurant area, it's a nice way to finishing off after a good meal. There is also live DJ some nights.
Negative Review Neil from UK. Visited Sep 05. Sent 16 May 2007.
Smart, throbbing coffeeshop that appeared to be popular with American kids. Watch out for the budman in there, looks like Edgar Davids he tried to sell me some mouldy-looking crap 'stardust', I had a good look at it, decided for sure it was a rip-off and left.
Positive Review Anon.. Sent 31 Mar 2007.
Really cool and chill inside, but it was very crowded every time we went, and the staff suck (they are unfriendly and rude, even by Dutch standards). Bought a g of Bio Pearl there, good but nothing too great.
Positive Review Jimbo from UK. Sent 15 Jan 2007.
More than happy with the selection of hazes. My fave is without doubt the NL51 Haze followed by the Sweetstick Haze. Lovely taste and smell to both, both costing 12e per g.
Positive Review Doody from USA. Visited May 30-June 7. Sent 27 Jun 2006.
Cool little shop with a great menu, same as all the other Rokerij locations. This one can be crowded, but still fun to be able to smoke and drink if you want to, especially in this busy part of town. Right off the Leidseplein, down Lange Leidsedwarstraat, amidst several Argentine steak houses, and several other restaurants and cafes, it is easy to walk by. Once inside, the ambiance takes you away. An Eastern theme such as the other locals, lit with candles and dim strategic lighting, a nice sound system with trance and electronica, a large lounge in the back, benches with pillows, low tables with more candles, elaborate mosaic designs, very chilled ambiance. They also have a fully stocked coffee and booze bar, complete with Jenever! The wiet menu is in the back, very good, try the "White Shark" or "Rokerij Haze #1" at 9.50 euros a gram, both amazing! Give this place a try, well worth it when not too crowded.
Positive Review Dave an Rach from UK. Sent 2 Mar 2006.
It was packed I got the Sour Diesel at 11.50 special offer really nice, my mrs got the Sweetstick Haze and loved it.
Positive Review Chris from UK. Sent 19 Oct 2005.
One of my favourite shops. Lovely decor and eastern atmosphere inside, great place to buy hash too (even feels more fitting with the decor!). Didn't like the no hats policy tho.
Negative Review Richard from Canada. Sent 20 Sep 2005.
Awful. They made me take off my hat before I could buy weed.
Neutral Review Megan from Australia. Sent 29 Mar 2005.
Busy. Thick haze of incense and smoke. Lots of tourists. There's a bit of a construction zone near the front at the moment, so it's easy to miss. Quite loud obtrusive music. Seems to be a bit of a scene. I wouldn't buy smoke here.
Neutral Review Tim & Amey from USA. Sent 23 Nov 2004.
On one of our few night's out of the center, where we were staying, we made the trip down to the Leidseplein. Can you say tourist traps everywhere? Anyway, we thought we'd check this place out. It was a Friday nite and was super crowded. Went to the weed area in the back and found the weed dude, he was kinda rude - never said one word to us. We did buy some there, but it was super expensive.
Positive Review J.C. from USA. Sent 19 Nov 2004.
Met a lot of nice people there, and they had a great DJ one night. The Silver Haze wasn't the best, but the overall vibe in the place is great. Don’t miss it.
Positive Review Winterdam Boyz from UK. Visited 10-12 Nov 04. Sent 19 Nov 2004.
This is the best coffeeshop in A'dam. The decor is simply amazing, see the photo above. It's pretty always packed out, even on a morning, so you may have to hang around a little while for a seat but it's well worth it. The whole coffeeshop is lit up by loads of candles all round the place apart from a few green lights over the bar. The smoke is wicked, the dealer friendly, and the barmaids? Well you just gotta go there to see what you're missing out on, I would love to be the guy who gets to interview them for the job! They even serve beer too if you fancy a tipple.
Positive Review Tom from England. Sent 19 Oct 2004.
Different in its lay out and furnishings, loads of gorgeous waitresses. We were in there for a while and I had so many random conversations with people from everywhere in the world you can think of.
Positive Review Sarah from UK. Sent 19 Aug 2004.
Incenses burning and completely lit by candle light. Beautiful decor and friendly staff (usually pretty girls from all over the world) and often excellent music. Full of tourists, but at the end of the day we are so that's cool. No this isn't a 'real' coffeeshop, but we love it!
Positive Review Troy from USA. Sent 13 Aug 2004.
This place is the best of the Rokerij's the bar and the whole feel was rather relaxing and the Haze from the Rokerij was among the worthy pic's. The folks at the bar were very cool to us. Only complaint was the mens bathroom there was a dump!
Positive Review SummerDam Boys from UK. Visited 1-2 Aug. 04. Sent 9 Aug 2004.
I've been here before but had forgotten how good it was! The décor is superb, properly chilled out and the grooves comin outta the sound system make u just wanna spark another. Didn't buy any gear here but apparently you get quite a good deal. Gets quite busy on the evenings, so get here early. They've got a DJ on the weekend playing more upbeat tunes to help you last the distance. And the barmaids?! Sweet Jesus a reason alone to visit the Rokerij!
Positive Review Chris from USA. Sent 6 Aug 2004.
I walked in this coffee shop as soon as I arrived in the country and I smoked some K2 Himalayan and it kicked my ass. I roll pure weed joints and this was the 2nd best weed encountered on my trip. The taste was exotic very strong I almost vomited because my stomach was empty.
Positive Review Trav from USA. Sent 1 Jun 2004.
The Rokery has the best ambience of all shops in Amsterdam. An added plus since the most beautiful girl in Europe named Patty works there currently.
Positive Review J.C. from USA. Sent 6 May 2004.
I really like this place. And they have some really hot women working there. All the weed was good, or great. I tried the Kali Mist, which was absolutely fantastic. I really like that one a lot. Jack Herer was nice too, a very interesting flavor, strong enough too. Tried the White Widow and that was crazy stuff, it's so strong. Better be careful unless you want to be seriously wasted. Some buds are strong, but still somewhat happy, or functional, or up, or whatever you want to call it. This stuff just lays waste to everything in it's path.
Positive Review Spud from Ireland. Sent 29 Apr 2004.
Didn't buy any smoke here, but a great place to chill and smoke, drinks weren't overly expensive, and the staff were friendly. Stunning decor inside.
Positive Review Webber from N. Ireland. Sent 16 Apr 2004.
Always an experience. Good menu, I bought about 3g of their Bubblegum and 1.5 of their Blueberry. I think my friend got some K2 or AK-47, once again I don't really remember. Bizarre decor, cool, but the tables were a bit wonky and impractical. Guy at the dealer's counter was rarely there, and I got a few different experiences of the staff. Mostly good-looking chicks with their heads up their arses.
Positive Review Izzy from USA. Visited Mar 04. Sent 6 Apr 2004.
Went in to see what was going on. Very eventful place. Only had a pint of beer. Used some of the Skunk1 I had along with Bubblegum. Good buzz. Very unique atmosphere. Lots of backpackers, not too many locals. Did not make a purchase, just enjoyed the atmosphere.
Positive Review Bubbalicious from Canada. Visited 26-30 Mar 04. Sent 5 Apr 2004.
Really liked the room. Nice vibe, nice deco, good beers. Liked it a lot. Good hash selection.
Positive Review Anon. from Netherlands. Sent 10 Oct 2003.
The Rokerij (there are three of them in A'dam, so make sure you visit the right one near the Leidseplein) is the best for chilling. This coffeeshop has also won a lot of High Life prizes I think.
Negative Review Coolnout from USA. Visited Sept 2003. Sent 26 Sep 2003.
What once was my favorite coffeeshops in Amsterdam [this and Rokerij III] has now become dumping grounds for bad weed! I went to the shops on separate occasions and requested from the dealer his strongest marijuana. In both cases I received bad weed. One in particular called Stardust was old and mouldy! The other type which I don't recall by name was equally offensive. The ambiance is still wonderful in both shops but bring your smoke from another coffeeshop
Positive Review Michelle from UK. Sent 16 Sep 2003.
Gotta keep you're eyes peeled for this one, you can hardly notice it from the outside and I walked past twice!
Neutral Review Jeremy from USA. Sent 15 Jul 2003.
This is a nice shop located in the Leidseplein area. Unfortunately I have never bought any good weed here. Everyone swears by it but when I went in and asked for some good stoney indica bio, I was handed a packet of pure dirt. Ended up leaving it on the table for the next sucker to use as filler or something.
Went back this time and bought the NL5XH which sucked in comparison to other NL's throughout the city.
The bar is real dark and welcoming. It has almost a foreign feeling to it. Hard to explain but definitely worth checking out as their music does indeed change rather than maintaining the techno-warp all the time and they do serve alcohol. The last time I was there I noticed they have signs on the patio tables exclaiming "no smoking". Guess that will be a thing of the past within a few months or years.
Positive Review TG from UK. Sent 21 Jun 2003.
This was the first place we went into upon arrival as we were staying nearby and I had been recommended to go there by a friend of mine. It's tucked in amongst a row of bars and restaurants in a side street off Leidseplein (there's a McDonalds on the corner to guide you!) and the decor is Arabian with a touch of nightclub. There's a long bar on the right and low-level chairs and tables dotted around, complemented by a nice selection of downbeat dance music to create a nicely chilled environment. The dealers counter was to the back and the menu was varied and comprehensive. We bought 12 euro bags of Northern Lights 5 x Haze, Stardust and Blueberry. The weight varied from between just over a gram (NL5XHaze) to 1.4 grams (Blueberry). The 3 of us knocked together a joint of each weed and we couldn't smoke the blueberry until later on! The NL5XHaze was pretty strong but was a smooth and an enjoyable smoke. The Stardust made me feel like I'd done too much too soon, but it wasn't only the 2nd joint!
It was busy when we went in but it was a Saturday night and we still found space to sit down, even if it was by the door. We tried to get in late the next night but it was just too full. Definitely give this place a look if you are in the area, even if it's only to pick up weed. If you can though, take the time to stop off and enjoy the surroundings, it's well worth it.
Positive Review Keri from USA. Visited Aug 2001. Sent 28 May 2003.
This was one of the places recommended to me by a friend that had visited earlier that year and loved it. I was staying in the Leidesplan, so I walked there easily. My friend and I were not sure what to order. We're used to being from America and having schwag, hydro, or purple haze. The guy working there pointed out the menu and made some recommendations. I think this was the place that we purchased Royal Orange and possibly White Widow. It was a great place. We sat down, rolled a joint, and sipped some beer. The people that were frequenting the place were pretty friendly too. I would tell anyone that visits Amsterdam and is around the Leidesplan to visit De Rokeri.
Positive Review J.C. from USA. Visited Mar 20-27, 2003. Sent 24 Apr 2003.
What can I say, this place rules. On both of my two trips to Amsterdam, they had the best weed I found anywhere, and I really looked around. It was a very nice place to hang around and I went back several times. Nice staff, nice vibe, alcohol license, and even a DJ playing some nice funky stuff one night. But the best part was the Northern Lights 5 X Haze. This was by far the best weed I found after an intensive week-long search. Almost too strong, but what a great feel, finishes clean. I found myself thinking back about my first Grateful Dead show. That should tell you something. Last time we were in town, back in May of 2002, their Kali Mist was the best thing going. No trip to town is complete without visiting this place.
Positive Review Dani from UK. Sent 14 Oct 2002.
Very cool. amazing decor - a very nice place to spend a lazy afternoon but very busy in the evening.
Positive Review Scott from USA. Sent 12 Nov 2000.
Rokerij (on Lange Leidsedwarsstraat) has wonderful atmosphere, what with the decor and the music.
Negative Review Ev from USA. Sent 6 Sep 2000.
I finally found the place but when I did I found it not to be my kind of place: too loud, too popular, and a bit expensive, so I didn't stay.