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smoker-friendly bar CoffeeshopAmsterdam Cafe, Amsterdam, Noord Holland allowing pure cannabis consumption with address, telephone number, opening times, Facebook, Instagram, reviews, map, inside view, picture
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Positive Review Atxxim from Portugal sent 25 Feb 2012
Our first stop every time we arrive in Amsterdam. I heard that they're going to close (all 4 cshops). The Picasso's cshop owner told me that.
Positive Review HuBeZa from Israel sent 9 Jul 2011
Calming design with African-Hindu motif. Most seats are on low benches and lower tables - comfortable to seat but a bit annoying to roll your joint on them. The menu lists the effect of each substance. Music: electronic chill-out at night, jazz & funk on the afternoon. Laughing Buddha (9€) - powerful high, made me feel as if the time moved slower, and I drifted back and forth between dreaming and reality sensation.
Positive Review THCproxy from USA sent 27 May 2010
Located at the very top of the Singel canal and almost across from the train station is my personal favorite coffeeshop in all of Amsterdam. Because the tables on the terrace are the prime real estate, even at 2100 I was able to find a place inside in a relatively empty shop, with many available tables. Although it is only one floor (and one room) there is always space and I was able to enjoy my favorite seat and my book every time I went. The other reviews about the seating are true, on one side of the tables is a comfy couch that spans the duration of the wall and on the other side are comically small seats that are low to the ground. Because I only weigh 130 pounds soaking wet I had no problem sitting on these seats, however it was quite humorous to watch bigger guys try to perch themselves on those seats while not falling over in a hazy stupor. The music is excellent and so is the service, so much so that I frequented this shop more than any other. My first time I had the Jack Herrer for 8 euros, and after that with every return I got Laughing Buddha for 9 Euros. The Jack Herrer had many orange hairs, and was of a lush light green that made me smile when I opened the bag. The scent was truly unique and the vast majority of the trichomes were intact. The Laughing Buddha was a really excellent strain, one with which I was so impressed that I requested it with every subsequent visit. A large yet firm bud, there are few hairs but magnificently large and numerous trichomes. Even with the naked eye one could see the large bulbs of the glands. The buds of the Laughing Buddha were so sticky that I had to go to the restroom and wash my hands so that I would not leave a sticky residue on the furniture in the Willet-Holthuysen Museum. The budtender and drinks waitress were friendly with every visit (different ones each time). The perfect coffeeshop to end your day and relax before heading back to the hotel to turn in.
Positive Review Thomas from UK sent 28 Oct 2009
My favourite shop in Amsterdam. Got some great Sour Diesel (10€/gramme) and some excellent Afghan hash (€6/gram). Very comfortable - a great place to people watch.
Positive Review Micky W from UK sent 17 Oct 2009
Went into Rokery on a foul rainy night in October, there is a conservatory to sit and chill as you first walk in, after this is the main part of the shop with the budtender's bar to the right and the drinks bar at the far end of the shop, tiny little stools (some with backs on) are all around the edge of the place as are small tables, you are almost sitting on the floor, fairly dark but very chilled, got 3 grams of X-mas Pollum, gorgeous, and my mate got a gram of White Shark, equally gorgeous. We also got a couple of hot chocs and found a nice little corner to smoke and chill, we spent a good couple of hours in there, very relaxing and chilled, top place.
Positive Review Smokestaxlitenin from USA visited July '08; sent 7 Jan 2009
Love this chain of shops. Dark, mysterious and lovely smoking choices. Started off with some Cannasutra @ 8.50 eu/g. Priced right. Not overly strong, but nice flavor. Went for the 2g "Coin" of Indica Ice. Nice packaging on the coin, with a cool plant imprint, but a waste of money (imo).
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 24 Jul 2008
Great little shop, in a busy part of town. Located across from Centraal Station at the end of the Singel Canal. Good place to start, or finish a tour of Haarlemmer Straat, which is directly north of Rokerij II. The seating is unique, but not the most comfortable. There are rather low bench seats with cushions, and also these big piles of coiled rope to sit on, perhaps being reminiscent of the old Amsterdam sailing days, the water front and all? Anyways, still a nice hang, and there are nice tables with chairs out front on the terras, which is also the entrance, enclosed, but open air, with big windows as well, very nice. The wiet booth is at the right as you enter, same great menu as the other shops in the chain, try the "White Shark," consistently great gear! The beverage counter is in the back with a great selection. The overall ambiance is great, fun location, mood setting lighting, candles on the tables, good mix of music styles, clean bathrooms, very friendly staff, overall a very good shop, worth a visit and a hang. There are also several cafes nearby, and out front by the canal is a herring stand, you have to try this for the "real" Dutch experience, ask for a "Kipper Snack."
Positive Review Joanne from Scotland sent 1 Apr 2008
This place I love soooooo much. It's defo my number one cafe. I returned there everyday for my favourite Lavender. If you like a like sweet and don't mind just feeling mellow then this is the weed to smoke. It's good to start off on in the morning. I also tried Northern Light lx5, White Widow, Silver Haze. All I would highly recommend. The staff are so friendly. I am sure the woman's name is Alesha. She is incredible, always talking away and so fast when you order any drinks. The weed guy with the long hair, sorry can't remember his name, also very friendly. Make sure you try the hot chocolate. It's amazing especially when you are stoned.
Neutral Review bl0b from Germany sent 26 Jul 2007
First of all I was a lil bit confused when the dealer told me that I need to lift up my basecap (but he was really friendly) I bought a bag of very nice tasting Bio-Northern-Lights 8euro/g which was ok, but a little weak. Rookerij has a nice atmosphere and the staff was really friendly so I will give it a new chance soon.
Positive Review WoodhamStoner from UK sent 16 May 2007
Amazing interior makes this place a must smoke place, the fact the weed is amazing helps too. NL5X Haze can't remember how much it cost but can remember it was so good I got a bag every day I was. Hot chocolate is nice, as is the lady serving!
Positive Review Lizard King and Ginger from UK sent 7 Apr 2007
This was our local for the weekend - ideal if you want to smoke some tasty weed and enjoy watching time go back in their blue-lit conservatory. Great choice in pipes to use - great dealer, always willing to help what his customer preferred. 1 gram 10e of Laughing Buddha, smells sooo fantastic - one of my best smokes. 1grm of White Shark 10e, delicious and one to definitely toke. The Royal Sweet Creme hash was smooth and tasty. And the dealer chose 1g 8.50e of Lavender for me. It smells like lavender and it smokes so beautifully. Knocked my socks off. 10/10 the Isolater 1g 20e is worth every penny. Ideal.
Positive Review Chris from UK sent 31 Mar 2007
This shop is close to central station and usually attracts a decent mix of locals and tourists which along with the decor (candlelight, low seats, floor cushions etc) gives it a really chilled feel. We sat in here for an hour before the fight home and with a spliff of nice blonde hash and a coffee you could have been in North Africa. Didn't buy any weed this time but have previously and always been impressed, particularly with 'Stardust'. Overall slightly different vibe which works really well. 8/10
Positive Review Kula Baker from USA sent 22 Oct 2006
By far my favorite place to chill in all of A'dam. Have been going there since '99. The weed is good (try the White Widow) but the vibe is even better. Nice music, good atmosphere, and nice low tables to sit and write and watch the world role by at. In short, I love it. A must visit every time I hit town.
Positive Review Simon and Sarah from Scotland visited Oct 06; sent 18 Oct 2006
Excellent NLX 57 (or something similar) really good smoke, brilliant stone, shop nice and chilled staff, really friendly.
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 26 May 2006
Nice loungechill, this was my first stop in Nederland. I have buy 1 gr. Silver Pearl, and the weed quality was definitely very good.
Positive Review Dan from England visited April 04; sent 7 Feb 2006
Man this is my favourite place. My bro went there another time to me and they remembered him when we both returned and when I went out again. The lights are crazy going light and dark but it's weird how it affects the mood and tone of conversation; you never get bored! They do fresh tea in a tea brewer thing and the Earl Grey sorts out your smoke clogged mouth in a flash. I don't know if they did this because we have been so much, but we asked to see a few of the different weeds before buying and they brought the whole tub over so that we could judge moisture, smell, etc etc. It's the nutz!
Positive Review Ben from USA sent 30 Mar 2005
Loved this place! Service was friendly, atmosphere (music, lights) was awesome, smoke was great. Also, they didn't mind if I had stuff from somewhere else, as long as I purchased a drink or something. Can't wait to go back.
Neutral Review Rici from USA sent 23 Mar 2005
Kind of unfriendly, but the weed was really good. Jack Herer was so tasty. This coffeeshop is not for everyone, and I would expect that they don't like big groups. Very dark, Afghan type place. Still a really cool place.
Positive Review Fatboy Scouse from UK sent 2 Mar 2005
A great place to hang out if you can grab a seat in the small area right at the front of the shop with great views across a lovely stretch of Singel. Decent good value menu, too. Aaaah, isn't Amsterdam great?
Positive Review Elton from England sent 27 Oct 2004
As I can see the couch I was sitting on in the picture whilst I talked to the 34 year old Dutch man, from Eindhoven, who looked a lot like Christ, this must have been the Rokerij that I visited. Surprisingly good atmosphere for somewhere so central and they have a delightful 'no hats' policy which Christ explained was because there are groups of teenagers who wear hats to betoken their allegiance to one trouble making sect or another and it is not encouraged in the coffeeshop. Much friendly and wise discussion on the significance of hats followed.
Positive Review Troy from USA sent 13 Aug 2004
Close to Centraal station this was our first of the morning pic after meeting up with a friend up from Germany. The front window in front was the place to sit and drink beer at 10-am. We had been in country for a while and spoke workable Dutch so were fascinated in the young Americans bearing large bags fresh off the plane salivating over the bongs and looking so green afterwards. The morning was very fun and we enjoyed the spectical's. You will too.
Positive Review Ted from USA visited Nov 03; sent 23 May 2004
Most of the seats inside are too low for me. I like to smoke in the front area which has windows looking on the street. It is spooky for an American to sit and smoke a bong out in front of God and everybody. The White Widow is incredible. The first night there I got lost twice trying to find Damrak again. Also almost walked into canal.
Positive Review Gasper from England sent 18 Feb 2004
A great coffeeshop close to Centraal Station. It's in a row of three coffeeshops along with one of the many Bulldogs and The Doors. Rokerij is definitely the best of the three. It has a very tribal feel to it with low level stools and huge rope cylinders for you to sit on. The lights fade slowly up and down which can mess your head up but it's all good fun. Smokes can be variable in here. I've had good and bad ones. Definitely a unique coffeeshop worth your attention.
Positive Review Flyski n Skinz from UK visited 2-4 FEB 04; sent 5 Feb 2004
This coffee shop was a massive disappointment to us in that we only found it an hour before we had to get our train back to the airport, it's what smoking's all about :-). The staff were chillin out with the customers, we were seated on a low leather bench that runs down one wall, low wooden tables and little stalls and cushions give a very ethnic feeling to the place. The tribal artwork on the opposite wall and the complimentary lighting all make for a most excellent place to sit and mong out. The marijuana bar looked to be extensive, with a good range of both weed and hashish. We will be making a good long visit to Rokerji when we return later in the year.
Positive Review Matt from Wales visited 03/02/04; sent 4 Feb 2004
This is a good place to chill out: nice music, cool lighting and close enough to the centre so you can go on and do other things (if you be bothered getting up, that is!). The seating is low, and if you are tall may be a little uncomfortable but I like it. I really rate their NL5 x Haze, a nice buzzy, heady stoned - it tends to make me quite philosophical! It smells strangely like lemon kitchen cleaner! I feel the drinks are a little expensive, but on par with most others in the centre I suppose.
Positive Review Michael from Austria sent 16 Nov 2003
Very nice ambience with a changing strength of the light. Menu, music and staff were nice, the Nepalese Cream is exactly my hash taste. Rating: good
Positive Review Justin from USA visited June 18-25 2003; sent 26 Jun 2003
This place has a very relaxing atmosphere and wasn't too crowded given its location. The grass is very good. Go here to relax and to lay on a pillow or sit in a chair built for a midget.
Positive Review Mark from USA sent 23 Jan 2003
This is always a popular place at night. In the day, however, it's usually bare. Dropped in to pick up some Special. The decor is nice, and the lights, which are set up to move around, create a cool effect. The staff has always been quiet and cool, sometimes I even go in and take a nap!
Positive Review Zunki from UK via South Africa visited frequently; sent 15 Dec 2002
Another nice place to chill and watch the world go by very uncomfortable seating the benches on the porch are bearable only because of the view. Their AK47 and bubblegum were fantastic (rumour I heard is that they get it from the same source as Grey Area)
Positive Review Dröselmeister from Germany sent 21 Apr 2001
It's not so full and a good last station before going back to Vliegenbos camping in the night! Good piece there and very tasty cappuccino!
Positive Review B-Li from USA
This location, a stumble, trip and bump from Centraal Station, isn't as massive as its Leidseplein cousin, but every square inch of its atmosphere is utilized to maximum effect. Low tables, long wooden benches and throw pillows give the interior a decidedly Middle Eastern motif. There is also a patio level, with a few tables set up for viewing the incoming commuter craziness.
The smoke seller booth is just to your right as you walk in, presenting at least six different shades of grass and two to three of hash vying for your guilders. Of these, the Jack Herer and Bubblegum have always been consistently chunky and potent, while the Mazar I Shariff black hash is amongst the strongest imported hashes I've ever consumed.
The drink counter is all the way in the back, and although no alcohol is visibly on hand, a terrific selection of teas is there for the asking. It also has the added bonus of sometimes being manned by some of the most beautiful women the Dutch seem to so easily be able to produce.
The musical selection is varied; with deep beat infused trance, reggae, jazz and occasional rock n' roll fusing in and out of one another as the house lights slowly fade up and down.
For the connoisseur looking to seek refuge in a calming, buzz-friendly environment from the sensory overload of one of the main arteries of the city, or those in search of a quick and strong buzz during that four hour layover at Schipol, but in need of a venue just off the airport train to accomplish the task would be well advised to give the Rokerij Singel a whirl.
Positive Review Jason from UK sent 28 Mar 2000
Rokerij II is busy of an evening but is less so during the day. It has a particularly good interior decoration and sells beer as well as soft drinks and a good range of gear. Being just along from Barney's, we saw quite a lot of Rockerij II. It is one of my favourite coffee shops. It has beautiful murals and carvings decorating the walls, good music, (electronica) and a peculiar phased lighting effect. The principle thing that lets this coffee shop, like a number of others, down is the uncomfortable seating.
Neutral Review Don from UK sent 2 Jul 1999
Nice large place, like the "afghan feel" designer décor but it falls down on the seats for me - not very comfortable, very low tables and those thrones are in the wrong position in my opinion. Very quiet when I visited - will visit again to recheck the ambience when crowded. Music - which I understand is pre-programmed as part of the whole design -was shit.