Old Church 2

coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Old Church 2 Number of Positive Reviews 19 Number of Neutral Reviews 4 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Nikolaï sent 15 May 2023
Tiny coffee with great design, loud music, beautiful view. Only staff was welcoming and friendly to everybody. Had a seat aside the window, enjoyed the view, but wouldn't stay here too long because of the noise.
> Afghan Kush at 7€/g Creamy, roughly-made brown hash, with an insanely sticky texture (think cooking paper plus freezer) and strong, basic, earthy smell. Absolutely awful to roll up for above-mentioned stickyness. Stays on your fingers, stains the paper even before lighting up. Smokes like a chimney, stinks up the coffee, and gives you the red eye: average old-school countryside Afghan hash, only that it should dry for a while. Typical couchlock effect and great sleeping aid, everything I was looking for TBH. Absolutely decent for the price, but you'll be warned!
Positive Review sNc from Wales sent 16 Apr 2017
Small shop and quite a small selection of flowers, prices a little high but nice surroundings for such a small venue.
Neutral Review Matt H from Canada sent 5 Jul 2009
The weed is okay. I bought a gram of White Widow which was fairly standard in my opinion. The actual lounge is fairly small (you can see the interior on Guster's Amsterdam music video) but can be cosy on a late night with the windows open.
Positive Review Kokoshka from USA sent 11 Feb 2008
Carefully using this directory, I decided this would be the first coffeeshop I would visit, due to its proximity to my hotel and their rep. I was surprised to learn that I had to go downstairs to buy some weed, but okay, what the heck. It was the only place in the 10 places I would visit where they were concerned about this sort of thing. In any case I bought a gram of Orange Bud after asking the guy for something that wouldn't turn me into a zombie. It was a very nice high. I was amazed at how dingy the area was, this might account for the extra precautions.
Neutral Review Zack from Canada sent 11 Aug 2007
Nice place with great decor. The budtender was very friendly and helpful in describing the types of weed and their effects. The woman working the main floor snack stand was a bit rude however. Great place to pick weed up but not the best place to hang out in. Try the Laughing Buddha or the Northern Lights 5x Haze. Good chocolate chip cookies (sans cannabis). 6.5/10
Positive Review TKO from USA sent 27 Mar 2007
Very nice inside. Would have liked to stop and sit here but there was not any room when we came back up from buying from the friendly guy downstairs. Ended up rolling and smoking it later in a different coffeeshop and the White Shark was a great high.
Positive Review Danny from UK sent 26 Sep 2006
After massive plane delay dropped bags at hotel and rushed to this place having visited Rokerij II on a previous occasion. Made it there with 10mins before closing, staff were really friendly. I bought a gram of Purple Haze to keep me going for the evening. I was served by a big black dude with a massive afro and aviators. They were really cool and let me stay to smoke a joint past closing time.
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 28 Oct 2005
A small place, but if you can get a seat it is well worth your time. The weed and hash on the menu are both very good. I was staying down the street at the Hotel Monopole, (which I booked through this web-site) and stopped in Rokerij many times. The view where I sat in the big front window was nice, looking out to the Amstel river. Candles were lit everywhere, a very elaborate paint job, rock music, happy patrons, overall a great ambiance. The service was great both upstairs at the beverage counter, and downstairs at the weed counter. To get to the weed counter you go down these two windy staircases, it is like a dungeon, but a friendly dungeon. The menu itself had 14 types of weed, and 8 or so hash choices. I tried the "White Shark" at 9 euro gm., it was one of the best on the trip. For a good hash try the "Royal Cream", oh and try a fresh squeezed OJ. Very fun and chilled little place, check it out.
Positive Review Bill S from USA sent 24 Jan 2005
It was dark and very smokey inside, but the staff was polite and directed us downstairs to the dealer. My buddy picked up some Christmas Pollen hash for under 10 euro. Tasted and smelled nice.
Positive Review Lisa and Sam from UK visited 30/12/04 - 03/01/05; sent 4 Jan 2005
This place seemed a bit odd at first as you have to go down stairs to by weed from a little counter. On reflection this is a great idea as upstairs is small and cosy so you do not have to sit with a queue. We bought 2grams of the Northern Lights here and it was spectacular, very nice place met some lovely people and wonderful coffee.
Positive Review John & Jo from England sent 19 Dec 2004
Very nice gothic type of atmosphere in there, with some really good music to sit and chill out to, bought some Khali Mist for 8 euros which was a good smoke. Staff seemed friendly enough all in all a pretty damn good coffee shop!
Positive Review Rob from USA visited 1-10 Oct '04; sent 12 Oct 2004
I think this was the 3rd Rokerij, but maybe not. There's four of them, and I was baked, so who knows? Anyway, bought a gram of the Khalimist, and it was incredible. Tasted great, made me stoned. Not too crowded, as it was early in the day, so it was a great place to stop for a quick joint.
Neutral Review Izzy from USA visited Mar 04; sent 6 Apr 2004
Staff was helpful but kinda fast to get me out. Looked at the menu and Bubblegum was the interest. Looked, touched, and smelled lovely. Just like a fresh piece of bubbalicious, yummi yummi. Took 1 gram to-go and also grabbed some Christmas Pollen. Went to hotel room to indulge. Boy was that a good buy. Bubblegum was a nice flavorful smoke. Very clean buzz. Christmas Pollen kinda made me foggy, but smelled wonderful. On return visit, purchased some good NL5XH. Very tasty crisp buzz. Still did not wait to partake as the atmosphere seems kinda local. Was not a condoning environment to chill like the De Rokerij or Dampkring.
Positive Review Karol from Poland sent 22 Feb 2004
This is one of my favourite coffeeshops. Whenever I'm in Amsterdam I go there at least for a short visit, just to stare at this amazing snake-like lamp. To be honest the prices are not the lowest, so if you just want to buy and go you'd better look for some other place. The thing is that it is really worth it to spend this 1/2 euro more to be able to enjoy the amazing interior with some tasty fruit juice and a nice view outside the window.
Positive Review Ben from UK visited 9 Jan 04; sent 18 Feb 2004
Woke up early and decided to leave my amigos sleeping in the room. I knew from your fantastic map that this place was two minutes away from the hotel (Best Western Eden - good location) and decided to check out their menu and score some takeaway weed/hash to fill my breakfast bong back at my room. I got there just after opening and went down the wooden stairs to the dealers booth (this itself was a major task, I was hungover as shit) I looked over the menu and asked the dealer what he recommended. He said the Kali Mist was a particularly good batch and offered me a batch to smell. Smelt damn good so he hooked me up with 1gram for 10 euro. A bit expensive I thought, but sod it I'm on holiday so I bought some Christmas Pollen for ten euro as well, went back to the hotel and had a couple of mist cheifs (not too bad) then I made a big spliff of mist with xmas pollen sprinkled in for good measure and proceeded to laugh for no reason for twenty minutes before nearly falling over next to the coke machine in the hotel lobby. I swear the damn thing was at an angle.
Positive Review Bonnie and Clyde from USA sent 2 Feb 2004
Great weed and great hash (recent Blueberry Weed and Christmas Pollen hash rocked). There are some downfalls though. The store adheres to a strict no hat policy which is unnerving to Americans. Also their dealer is located down narrow stairs and in a small area. And the product, whether it be hash or weed, is never weighed in front of you unlike all other shops.
Negative Review Professor Horsecollar from USA visited Dec 16-23, 03; sent 22 Jan 2004
I had never been to a Rokerij so we walked in, walked downstairs, and perused the menu. Bongless, I asked for a pure joint. No can do. Could you recommend any must have gear? Not really. We went back upstairs and sat down and finished off a mixed reefer from Willie Wortel's in Haarlem. The dealer came over and demanded that my fiancée remove her hat as it interfered with their videotape security system. I thought it was a joke. No, he insisted. I got the impression that he was convinced that two 50-year accountants with grandkids posed a serious security threat to their organization. We had enjoyed just about all the stinkin' Rokerij hospitality we could stomach, thanked them, and marched off toward the Best Western Eden to fire up a real bong load. So, I've done the Rokerij.
Positive Review Alasdair from England sent 6 Jan 2004
Me and my smokin buddy found this one of the best coffeeshops we have been to, we met the bald guy and he was really nice to us! The atmosphere is really chilled and we didn't want to leave in a hurry even if the lights and music trip you the fuck out! If you find yourself in the neighbourhood check it out and when you do buy some Blueberry, Stardust, White Widow and some Kali Mist, all tasty buds to get you wasted. 5 out of 5.
Positive Review Qenzen from USA visited Nov 2003; sent 6 Nov 2003
Too small to sit down and relax but the smoke bar was empty so I had a chance to smell all the varieties they had. I bought the White Widow, which was the most dense bud I had in Amsterdam packed with reddish-brown hairs fresh gummy and tasty. The closest thing to taking a trip while smoking marijuana.
Positive Review R from UK sent 6 Oct 2003
I liked the atmosphere here, the staff were friendly and it wasn't crowded any of the times I was in residence. The chairs are not fantastic, but let's be honest they're not really that good anywhere (downstairs in Dolphins was probably the best). It was on the more expensive side (approx 10 euros / gramme) but I found the quality good. I think I smoked quite a bit of their Blueberry which was very nice, there seemed to be a lot of haze crosses on the menu too but I was so stoned all day every day that I couldn't tell you which did what.... The Christmas Pollen was the nicest hash that I smoked on that trip. No booze on sale which given the state that I was in was probably just as well.
Positive Review Shredder an' Archie from UK sent 26 Aug 2003
What a beautiful place... Kool people (staff and customers alike)! The décor is amazing too... and it is true about the dimming and brightening lights... Head funk for tha masses! Bud was fantastic - as was the advice given by tha Bud Man - nice guy! Looza an' Chocolate an' Bud... Mmmmmmm sooo so sweet!
Positive Review Pete and Stu from UK sent 20 Jul 2003
Well, to my surprise this chain is actually quite good, this shop especially. The decoration really is fantastic and it's pretty big - loads of places to sit, plus it has a nice location. Can't remember about the drinks, but the bud was decent. One thing I will warn you about is not to get too stoned in here, firstly because you will never leave - it's dark and warm and comfortable - and secondly because the lights very very gradually dim and then become bright again, constantly, all day. Mate, it messes with your head... Oh, you get a fair proportion of absolutely crazy guys in here too - this is a good thing.
Positive Review Dawn from UK sent 11 Jun 2003
It's such a wicked place! The art work is amazing inside and the people are real nice (didn't see any bald guys?!!) you end up chatting to everyone in there - we'd only been in there 5 mins when we came across a couple from Oxford! Small world!! Anyway - we love the place and would recommend it to anyone who is going to the Rembrandtplein part of Dam - even if you're not, it's still worth the trip just to see the place! 5 stars from me!!! We'll be back soon!!!!
Neutral Review Jason from UK sent 28 Mar 2000
Rokerij III was not busy during the day when we were there. As all the Rokerij shops, it has a particularly good interior decoration. Unfortunately, our stay was somewhat spoilt by the proprietor of the place, a big bald guy, acting very territorial.