closed coffeeshop in Venlo
Reviews of Roots-Oase Number of Positive Reviews 9 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 3
Negative Review Marcus from Germany sent 23 Sep 2012
Closed shortly after the introduction of the Wietpas in Limburg :(
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 18 May 2009
The Roots shop downstairs is cool, the Oase shop not so, the stuff is the same, the prices also.
Positive Review Dirty Uncle Ron from Germany visited 14-09-08; sent 16 Sep 2008
On this day, there was some type of event taking place nearby and the shop was not open at 10:00 or 10:30. Didn't stay to find out if they were going to open. I have frequented both places before and received good service and reasonable prices.
Negative Review Mexican Man from Germany sent 16 Jan 2008
Very big coffeeshop, but it's a tourist trap. They are selling very wet weed (more water, more weight). The weed's also not good quality. The hash tastes like car-tires or something like that. Very disgusting. The staff is very unfriendly and didn't know much about the weed they are selling. Last time my friend and I got the same weed. But I bought White Widdow and he bought Silver Haze. You see. It's a big tourist trap. Better go down to the train station. There are better coffeeshops.
Positive Review Anon. from Germany sent 27 Mar 2007
Good quality, despite everything the prices rose there. For 9€ = 1,2g, 40€ = 5g White Willow etc.
Positive Review CoupleOfGermans from Germany sent 2 Feb 2007
This one was the best we found in Venlo, even thought it was very full when we visited it on a Friday evening. You have good quality and many sorts to try out, from Silver Haze to Sweet Jane and other nice sorts. The staff is nice and you always have someone from the staff going around asking if someone needs a drink or something else.
Positive Review Infectah from Poland sent 10 Oct 2006
I've been to Roots (didn't got into Oase 'cause it was late maybe or I didn't notice the door). I liked it very much, big parking, lots of Dutch, it was crowdy inside too, line to dealer was never ending but quick deals, I strongly recommend Diamond hash (5E for 1g), I bought some White Widow (15E for 2g) and Zero Zero #(3E for 1g) -> also very good and bags loaded to the max (WW) - I like it. Seems that people come here just for their stash and a quick roll. They play reggae music.
Positive Review Marcus from Germany sent 31 Jan 2006
These are actually 2 separate shops in 1 building. This comes in handy, if you want to buy more then the official 5g-per-day limit. Both shops are quite large but with distinct styles. Oase is on the ground-floor and with lots of windows, a pool table and the main entrance is the more vibrant place. Roots is in the basement and modelled after a coal-mine, very nice but darker and more of a stoner's place to hang out and giggle sillily. The staff is friendly and Oase is quite crowded in the evening, so it may be hard to get a seat, especially on weekends. Roots is more quiet, since its entrance is a little bit off. Weed and hash are of average quality, the selection is also OK. Bulk-purchases pay off, for e.g. Silver Haze you pay 7.5€ per gram, but 30€ for 5 gram. The shops are conveniently located in line-of-sight to the German boarder, have a large parking lot and are easily reached by car. Its location far away from the city center goes on to show that the shop is mainly geared towards German "drug tourists". You also don't have to register and become a member, as in most other shops in Venlo.
Positive Review Czerwony from Poland sent 1 Sep 2005
I'm very often in Holland and I visited many coffee shops, but this local is the most friendly for me. The prices are lower than in Amsterdam, the best grass is K2 & White Widow (WW). During the day you can chat with staff who is very knowledgeable. Great taste, great stone. Feel it!
Negative Review Hans from Germany sent 22 Jul 2005
I've recently been to Venlo and visited the Roots-Shop. I didn't like the shop and will not return for two reasons:
1. The shop was very crowded and had a very intense and unpleasant smell of grass which was all over the room. Normally I like the smell of grass but here it was very incisive. I thought that all my clothes had adopted the smell after I left the shop.
2. The grass I bought is probably the worst quality (while at the same time having premium prices) I ever encountered in a coffee shop. The content of THC seems to be very low and every time I tried their grass I could be sure to wake up with severe headache at the next morning (which normally does not happen for me with grass bought in other shops).
I've heard similar experiences and opinions about this shop and their quality from other customers. Do not go there, the shop is a big ripoff. Only good side of the shop is that it is very conveniently located directly at the Dutch-German border at the end of a highway.
Positive Review Badboy from Germany sent 12 Dec 2004
Roots, formerly located on the River Maas (de Maaskade) is not tolerated on its old location, because of its greatly increased popularity over the last few years. People kept waiting on the streets, for being able to step into the shop. Most parking lots on "de Maaskade" were taken by Germans, for visiting the shop. This also attracted a lot of illegal dealers to make their business and the city of Venlo wanted to stop this. Finally Oase had to moved out of the innercity, now they are located directly at the douane-station of A61 (runs from Venlo to Moenchengladbach). They have their own huge parking-lot which has been the old truck-station called "Schanenhaus" (a German word which means "house of swans"), the building has been the restaurant and Roots is located down basement. You'll see the entrance from the backside of the house. On climbing down the stairs to hell, you'll see, that the whole shop looks like a dark mining-dungeon, plastered with Bob Marley's guitars and old tour-posters. It's all kept in dark colours and looks a bit frightened, just good enough for a nice flash. They have a very good grass called "White Widdow" and a mostly good peace called "light-colored Super Polm". Combining both, grass and peace makes you go fly high. The shop is definitely worth a visit, even if it won't last too long, cause of the missing windows and fresh air. You will not need a member card, but you might have to show your id-card for letting them check your age.
Oase happened to be banned in the inner-city of Venlo, because of it's increasing popularity. The old shop was just too small for the massive crowd of people visiting it daily. Just like Roots, the shop has moved to the Schwanenhouse (a formerly truck-station near the border to Germany on A61). The whole shop looks very trend-setting. They play Techno and House music and have a shop-design that makes you first look around stunningly. Hot colors, statues and a waterfall just in the middle of the room. There is really a lot of space. Big tables and hundreds of chairs. A pool-table and three huge flatscreens make the time go by very quickly. The shop has a lot of windows and it's light and fresh inside. Next to the two dealer's cabins there is a huge, futuristic bar, from which they sell something to eat and drink. (Chips and Coke, but no beer). They sell the same dope like the Roots-shop, which is actually a part of the Oase-Roots compound. The visitors can choose in about 20 different dopes and about 5 different grasses. The shop is really cool, except of beer, you won't miss anything. You are able to spend the whole day there, even with your family ;) On summertime they have a big terrace outside, where you are able to enjoy your smoke. The terrace has the same size like the shop, and doubles the space in the hot months of summer. (No member-card by the way).
Positive Review Marco from Germany sent 6 Dec 2004
Roots and Oase were once the 2 most frequented coffeeshops in Venlo. Since end of November they're now in their new location some way outside the town. First the way-description: When coming from the Highway (A40 from Duisburg - Germany) (mhh :D) go "left" at the big circle at the McDonalds (straight is the way to the town centre). Then just follow the road some kilometres till the next circle, there go "right", and than again after 100 metres left and you're nearly on the parking. Huge shining "Oase + Roots" outside the building are a good guide for first time visitors. For me the whole parking and the building seem to be an old establishment. First surprise and the changings to the old shops: no dealers, parking 10 metres beside the door, and two shops under one roof. Perfect for lazy smokers :). The Roots entrance is somekind of hidden behind a door, and therefore there is much less traffic in the shop than in Oase. Roots is very chilly styled, a dark big room with lots of space to fly :). In general it has a very, very, very nice flair. The toilets are clean but small for a 1,95 guy :). The Oase-entrance is around the corner one level higher. It's dressed up like an American burger-store with lots of windows and light, so not as chilly as the Roots, but ok and a huge room with lots of space. So a very good idea by the two owners, all problems solved by one building.