coffeeshop in Amsterdam
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Negative Review Jennifer from Germany visited September 30th; sent 4 Oct 2023
Bought 2 cakes and 1 Blueberry joint. I was charged 29.00 euros for this. The price is not right. The cakes were 6.50 each = 13.00 euros + the joint for 8.00 euros = 21.00 euros.
Positive Review Rafiki from Germany visited April 2019; sent 29 May 2019
Went very early to the shop and talked with the owner and staff. Was told that the store gets very crowded at around 11AM due to locals and many hotels in the area. Also to bear in mind that the Bijlmer Ajax Arena is right around the corner, plus a IMAX cinema. So when events happen the place is extra packed. The shop is rather small but this is nothing uncommon for a typical Amsterdam shop. Beware of the metal detector, so leave all your weapons at home. There are around 8 different strains and 7-8 different hash sorts. Dr. Grinspoon, Amnesia, Gorilla Glue hash, Girl Scout Cookies amongst other. The toilet is very narrow and small and not suitable for handicapped people, same as the smoking area which is located a couple of flights above. The smoking area is however bigger than the bar and offers the standard things such as tips, papers and tobacco substitute. Drink is required to enter! Very friendly crew!
Positive Review mcgoo44 sent 2 Aug 2017
Next door to a Taco and a New York Pizza takeaway on the opposite side on the building to the bus station. The shop itself is very modern looking and very clean and bright inside, kind of looks like the inside of an Apple Store. The tables inside are quite large, probably catering for large groups when there is a game on at the stadium. I asked about the Candy Kush they had on the menu, BT said it was good but the OG Kush was better so I took the advice and went for the OG @€14 a gram, nice pungent smell with sticky buds. Overall a nice shop I would definitely recommend to anyone out in that area, perfect for anyone visiting the ArenA for a game or gig.