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coffeeshop Schagen
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Neutral Review Jesscass visited July 2019; sent 8 Jul 2019
Shop is modern and in fact just one room with a counter in the back and a couple of seats opposite, about twenty. Relatively much daylight due to a big window, also a kicker table. Menu wiet: Eco Wiet (6€/g), Purple Passion (6€/g), Jack Herer (10€/g), Zolder (10,5€/g), Amnesia (11€/g), 24K Gold (11€/g), Bubble Gum (11€/g), Cookie Kush (12€/g), White Widow (12€/g), Lemon Haze (13€/g), Tangerine Dreams (13€/g) and Cherry Haze (13€/g). Hash: Critical Lemon (10€/g), Ketama Gold (10€/g), Gorilla Glue (11€/g), Amnesia Haze (11€/g) and Citric Haze (12€/g). Guy on shift showed their best what ever weed to us which we refused due to average quality as well as their Ketama Gold which we went for then. Nice enough hash but wouldn't go out of my way returning here due to averageness and a bit steep prices probably caused by lack of competition.
Negative Review Paak from Netherlands sent 11 Feb 2011
A few years ago I loved the weed named Bubbles. I didn't go there for a while but I recently got some hash, Afghan for 6,50. Smells like burned coal and as a hash knower this is mess! Not a good coffeeshop anymore.
Negative Review Danny from Netherlands sent 22 Jan 2011
Our experience with this shop is unfortunately not so good. Compared to coffee shops in Alkmaar you get little weed here for a high price and of poor quality.
Positive Review Claud from Netherlands sent 15 Nov 2004
I was in Schagen because of a party going on nearby and I was looking for quality weed which is very rare in the top of northern Holland. So I dropped in the only coffeeshop Schagen counts which is a small and tidy shop where they sell high quality weed and hash for nice prices. They have nice music and some benches where you can look out the window and they have all kinda drinks which you can take with you. There's a lighter dispenser on the wall and they give you a free pack of cigarette papers or a pack of small or big filter tips if you buy for at least 15 euros I believe. I give this one an very big deserved 90/100 points.