closed coffeeshop in Middelburg
Reviews of Roxy Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 3
Negative Review Timothy from Belgium sent 2 Apr 2008
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 28 Sep 2006
One of two remaining shops in Middelburg (What did happen to Pascha?) The roomier of the two. Plenty of seating, but it can get packed in the early evening. Kind of a tile floor and mirror decor. Got a 7 Euro gram of Twisla Hash, a 6 Euro gram of Power plant, and a pre roll or two. All were excellent. On our 3rd visit the guy at the counter gave us our coffee/thee gratis. Very nice of him we thought. The resident dogs visited and between the mirrors and our thoroughly ripped condition it seemed like a pack of boxers (or whatever they were) tearing around the place. Not a problem for us, they were friendly. Welcoming shop with top notch product. Middelburg by the way is a top of the line town, at least to this US visitor.
Positive Review E&S from UK sent 12 May 2006
This coffeeshop is mostly frequented by locals and so there can be a bit of an atmosphere when first going into the shop. But having visited it several times I can say that the owner and dealers became very friendly. The deals were (for me} always a little overweight (on my scales), this together with the reasonable prices, and good dope, makes this place a very good deal. Give my regards to the 2 resident dogs.
Positive Review A.B. from UK/Belgium sent 10 Apr 2006
Were served three sorts of excellent hashish, although the place itself has a slightly wild-west atmosphere.
Positive Review Shelflife from USA sent 30 Dec 2005
After touring coffeeshops all over Nederland, I still look back on the Roxy as the place that had the best weed for the best price. While it's not much to look at, and has a sketchy vibe, this shop is the ultimate stop for the ganja connoisseur on a budget. For 5 to 6 Euro a gram, one can choose between several tasty varieties that are better than the 12 Euro buds in the cities. I was lying in my tent hallucinating thousands of video screens in the trees for hours after a visit to the Roxy. A place for serious stoners only.
Negative Review Ken and Mark from UK visited June 2003; sent 8 Aug 2003
Walked past this coffee shop 15th June 2003, seemed to be in a right mess inside, looked very closed down to me, about turn and back to Pascha.
Negative Review Aaron from UK sent 26 Mar 2002
There are four mediocre coffeeshops in Middleburg (including the poxy Roxy!)