The Plug XXX

coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of The Plug XXX Number of Positive Reviews 25 Number of Neutral Reviews 4 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Mr Incognito from UK sent 18 Aug 2022
We were made very welcome in Plug XXX, the former Rusland. A pretty stellar selection of weed with the emphasis on Cali.
Negative Review Davy Kushman from USA sent 28 Jul 2015
Very uncomfortable and unfriendly atmosphere. The staff kept asking me to buy drinks even though we already bought some green. Would not come back. They had a strain called White Russian, but it was nothing special.
Positive Review Marcel from Netherlands sent 9 Aug 2011
Best coffeeshop to chill out with by yourself or with a couple of friends. In the centre of Amsterdam with a very relaxed and cozy vibe, selling great and regular strains at very reasonable prices. Try the White Russian, which is very potent for its price at €8 a gram. They also serve great food and drinks, which are also very well priced. You can use their Volcano vaporizers and huge glass ice bongs for free. Highly recommended.
Positive Review THCproxy from USA sent 27 May 2010
Located on Rusland st. in the southern part of the Oudezijds Voorboorwal and Achterburwal red light district, this truly excellent shop is worth a visit and is in a safe and clean part of the red light district near the Kloveneirsburgwal canal. This coffeeshop is best visited during the day, particularly from the standpoint of safety as well as available seating. Luckily during the month of May in Holland the sun does not set until 2100 and even then Coffeeshop Rusland provides a positive and relaxing atmosphere. The budtender was very friendly and courteous. I chose another one of my favorite strains, White Russian for 9 Euros. I am very familiar with this strain going back to the days of Mr Nice and Greenhouse when they first began, and this bud was very similar although much more dense than its predecessor. The buds were full and dense, smelled wonderful and tasted even better. The trichomes were intact and covered a significant portion of the bud. Because I would never be so rude and out of place as to ask where it came from (a serious no-no in Amsterdam), I was able to deduce that the grower had taken the time to flush the plant of excess nutrients in the final days of flowering by the taste and clean white ash from the joint itself. It was very comforting to know that even in a commercial tourist market, they are still taking the time to produce connoisseur grade cannabis at decent prices. For quality atmosphere, customer service and cannabis, Coffeeshop Rusland gets an A+!
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 24 Jul 2008
Trust me, go here, try the "White Russian" (8e a gm.) and experience one of the most chilled hang outs in town. Rusland has a sister shop, Het Ballonnetje (by Artis/Zoo), which just happens to be my favorite shop, so the atmosphere and menus are the same. There is a type of Morrocan theme throughout, nice lighting, good music, and the shop itself is on three separate levels. On the street level is the wiet counter as you walk in, and then the room splits into three different areas, on the right a nice room with couches and pillows, tables with candles, and big windows looking out to the street. Up the stairs is the beverage counter with great cappuccinos and an amazing tea selection, there is table seating on a balcony over looking the lower room and out the windows, a very cozy little area. Downstairs is a separate room and chillout area with tables and chairs and a photo- play machine. They also have terras seating (outside) up front which is especially lekker (nice) at dusk. The staff is very friendly and will get you a bong, pipe, or volcano vaporizer with a smile. Just a wonderful place to hangout, hard to find perhaps, but worth the trek, also very close to coffee shops "Basjoe" and "Kadinsky Cum Laude."
Positive Review Kenny from UK sent 2 Apr 2008
This place is easily missed, and worth looking for, situated just round the corner from Greenhouse Centrum, it's a quiet dark place, I bought some blond morrocan hash, and some 9E ice-o-lator, and went upstairs to chill, and what a munchie bar they have! They have big fluffy cushions and separate rooms, overall a nice place to visit.
Positive Review bl0b from Germany sent 26 Jul 2007
Really nice and comfortable shop, I sampled some NL Ice 9euro/g and some Afghaan Bud 7euro/g. The Ice hash was ok, tasted a lil bit like dead people, but was ok :D The Afghaan weed was very sticky, very hairy and very tasty. Nothing is pre-weighted and you can see the scale-display. Overall really worth a visit!
Positive Review Grizz from Belgium sent 7 Jul 2007
When in Amsterdam, going to a coffeeshop, I always hope to find at least 2/3 of: 1. normal prices, 2. getting stoned, 3. good atmosphere. Well, Rusland has 2.5/3 of them, I usually take AK-47 or any White Widow kind alike, (cause I think I get most stoned of these kinds) and it was only 7 euro/gr, and special offer (I think 30) for 5/gr and the stoned level was more then good enough for that price. So it's quite cheap for good quality.
Positive Review Got lost in Adam (s+f) from Germany sent 9 Oct 2006
Normally I like this shop. The staff is friendly and the hash is good. This time we tried to get NL Ice (9€), we knew from further times. But it was sold out the time we stayed in A'dam. Everybody should try to get some of this pressed Iceolator, which is very cheap for its quality. We bought a Nepalese for 7€ with a very good quality, but didn't stay in the shop. In summer 05 we smoked a bong there (and stayed downstairs, where it's very nice to chill). It was a very dirty acryl with horrible smell and taste. A friend of us also smoked a bong there in 2006, which was tidy and with fresh water. So bong smoking there seems to be a kind of gamble.
Positive Review Courtjester from USA sent 15 Aug 2006
We loved Rusland. Mrs. C.J. said the coffee milkshakes get a 10/10, and they have the best tea selection of any A'dam coffeeshop (along with Het Ballonetje, their sister shop, which has the same weed and drink menus). We smoked AK-47 (1G/E7), NLX (1G/E6), and soothed our budget with the Skunk Mix Shake special (5G/E15). Top-notch shop was maybe 300 meters from our apartment, yet it took us four days to discover it. A little tough to find but highly recommended.
Neutral Review Tyler H from USA sent 14 Aug 2006
High prices - didn't feel like dishing out that much cash! Bought nothing.
Positive Review Paulthewilk from UK sent 5 Aug 2006
I've been going to Amsterdam for the last four years and, so far it is my favourite place on earth I have had the privilege to travel to. Without any shadow of a doubt any marijuana enthusiast visiting Amsterdam should visit Rusland. The staff are friendly, calm and helpful and can knock-up some outstanding milkshakes. The place itself is quite a spacious coffeeshop and it has plenty tables unlike some snugger coffeeshops (i.e. Grey Area). The menu is one of my favourites and the 'N.I. Ice' Hash is worth more than gold to me! This hash is incredible. The kind dealer tried to keep the little 5g slab of this holy grail hash from snapping in half while he placed it neatly in its sealy-bag. This stuff crumbles like a dream and almost has a gingerbread taste to it. Ask the kind bar lady for the bong and get wrecked at Rusland.
Positive Review Hessenmob from Germany sent 18 Apr 2006
Didn't buy any smoke there but it is a very nice decorated and comfortable coffeeshop! They do also have a vaporizer.
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 8 Jan 2006
Friendly (Russland) guys this shop have a nice styling, you mean you are an other place are in Amsterdam! The weed wo are buy it was so good, that I don't know the name of this great stuff.
Positive Review Megan from Australia sent 29 Mar 2005
We have visited here over the years, and the vibe hasn't really changed, except these days you've got to get the toilet key from the bar. Cats and dogs and friendly staff. Big range of teas. It's opposite a big hotel, so it's a fairly busy street, but the crowd is local. The music seems to have changed recently - a bit louder than usual?
Positive Review Dave from UK sent 25 Mar 2005
Eventually found it! Wicked place though. Weed counter on the way in by the door and downstairs a weird smoking display. Sat down smoking a spliff I noticed a vapouriser on the bar so as we had tried to find one all weekend I asked the barman if we could have a go, he was well helpful as was the guy who stacked it for us, laughing as we told him none of us had ever done one, you should make the effort and find this place.
Positive Review James from USA sent 8 Jan 2005
We made this our last stop of the day before an early flight back to the States. This had to be one of the greats times we had in Europe, nice place and for being in a coffee/smoke shop for the first time every one and the product was great.
Positive Review Marius from Germany sent 28 Dec 2004
Very funny coffeeshop with Moroccan decor. They only sell 12€ packs with different weed. You get from 1,7g White Widdow to 3,4g Thai or Klabauter wiet. Did not notice the hash. I bought the Power Plant which was good but not very. The cat is very cool. Rating: 7/10
Neutral Review John & Jo from England sent 19 Dec 2004
Min 12 euro buy, didn't buy any, nice atmosphere with wooden seats and cushions. Probably one to visit again.
Neutral Review Patrick from USA visited March '04; sent 6 Nov 2004
A tri-level coffeeshop with the bud on top. The theme was hip-hop, with rap music playing rather loud. And a pit bull just ran freely in the shop. But if I were into the hip-hop theme, this would be a place to hang out.
Positive Review Ben from UK visited August 04; sent 8 Aug 2004
By far the best in town. Sold me the strongest hash that I bought in Amsterdam. The tea and coffee were good and the staff friendly. Nice to be able to sit outside! Big place for the locals - but you can see why! 10 out of 10 Rusland.
Positive Review Chris from UK visited 13-16/02/04; sent 8 Mar 2004
My favourite daytime coffeeshop - it's worth going to at night but it was an ideal oasis to escape shopping during the day. You can always find a place to sit on the three levels. The dealer bloke was very friendly and recognised me and my fiancé (I proposed by the canal near the Rusland whilst we were there) each time we visited, asking where we had been and giving us advice on where else we should go and visit. They don't sell alcohol here but the weed is far superior to stuff you will find 5 minutes up the road in the Red Light District, especially the hash, mmmmm the hash. There was a good variety on offer and the dealer even sold me a small piece from his personal stash that wasn't for sale anywhere else in Amsterdam. If you get chance, and if you can find it, then maybe you should visit the Rusland. Rating 10/10
Positive Review Stubbs from England sent 21 Feb 2004
Have been going to Amsterdam for 8 years but had never been to Rusland. I found Rusland the most relaxing coffeeshop in Amsterdam, it was so relaxing I past out. It was good. The weed is great, you have to go there! Rating 10/10.
Positive Review Will and mates from UK visited 4-7 Feb 04; sent 15 Feb 2004
Staggered upon this place while on the way to Smokey's bar, what a find. This place is now my favourite coffee shop, smoke here is very reasonable and munchies are available. A vaporiser is available and the staff where happy to help. A big thanks to the dealer at this place who helped me and my mates work the vaporiser and then drew us a map to follow to get back to our hotel.
Positive Review Ady from UK sent 2 Jan 2004
I liked Rusland a lot, it was close to my hostel as well as Bluebird was and it's very nice. It's got comfortable seating and is decorated very cool and mellow the smoke here is the good and the milkshakes are the best in Amsterdam!!!!! One of my favourites.
Positive Review Pat from USA sent 24 Jul 2003
The selection is great (try the AK- 47). Only one warning though, the smoke there, unlike what I smoke here, doesn't hit you totally until about 5 or 6 minuets after your done smoking so take it slow your first time or you'll end up pucking in a canal like I did. :).
Positive Review Jeremy from USA sent 15 Jul 2003
Another one you'll have to find on foot. About the closest you can get by public transport is the Waterlooplein and that's pretty far out of the way.
Once you get there you'll be glad you made the trek for the bar. Regarding the weed, I'm really not sure. I only bought one small packet of weed (can't remember the strain) and it wasn't very good. My notes say; "looked better than it was". However, the bar is cool. You kind of walk down as you enter to the left for the dealer and to the right for the bar. There's some type of head shop down further below while a full bar takes up the upper level complete with some video games, etc. The downstairs lounge area is done up in some cool middle-eastern type motif, and they do still have tables outside where you can roll and smoke for the moment.
Positive Review Rob from UK sent 6 Jul 2003
This was just opposite the hotel where I was staying, so it was a good place to have one last smoke before of the day. It is small and decorated in a Moroccan style with quiet dance music playing. On both nights I was there, t was quiet and the counter staff were very friendly and helpful when it came to choosing the right smoke - plus the girls at the bar make the best milkshakes ever! I wish I could have stayed longer here, and would highly recommend it - especially if you just want to relax and read a paper with your smoke.
Positive Review Petrone from UK
My first coffeeshop, visited four years ago. Plenty of space with an upstairs, downstairs and a basement area but cosily intimate. Barmaid service has always been courteous, and a couple of tables on a quiet street, add to the relaxed atmosphere. I can't really comment on the smoke presently available, but all things considered, for just feeling right for me, this has to be, my favourite Dutch coffeeshop.
Neutral Review Jason from UK sent 28 Mar 2000
Rusland was not busy during the day when we were there. It is decorated in a traditional style. It serves food and drinks. Though perhaps the first ever coffee shop in Amsterdam, the Rusland doesn't now have very much going for it.