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Positive Review Jesscass. Visited April 2018. Sent 14 Apr 2018.
You enter here and there is a turnstile to the left leading to that part of the bar where you get your weed and hash or you can straight follow that at least at this time open door after you passed the entrance to set foot into their other bar area where you can order drinks and stuff. Polite Moroccan guy recommended their blonde Moroccan 'Ruthless' (8€). Nice enough hashish but nothing special in itself and a bit expensive considering other coffeeshops in that general area; also it was quite weak. There were two other options, a cheaper one and something for 10€/g. Weed menu offered about eight strains, classic and newer ones. There were roughly about twenty-five seats; the ones near the bar looked relatively comfy and there were others in their smoking room behind glass. Relatively bright place was already busy around lunch during the week and full of locals seeming to have a really good time, nice!